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Hi all

I'm Steph, and this summer (2009) I'm going to be backpacking in both South America and Africa.

I'm starting in South America. I'll fly into Rio de Janeiro, meet a friend, and together we will travel down the coast (with a few inland stops on the way) down to Buenos Aires. I'm flying back from Buenos on the 7th July.

After a 3 week break I'll be off to Africa for 8 weeks. I'll join an Oasis Overland tour from Nairobi to Cape Town, returning on the 23rd September. for 3 days before I go off to Uni in Bristol to study Politics!


until I leave to go travelling

Please see below for my trips.

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe August 17th 2009

Hi all, Firstly, massive apologies for not writing sooner. The internet here is hard to find and extremely temperamental so I've been sticking to email so far. I don't have much time here at all so this is just a very quick message to let you all know that I am well and having a blast. I'm writing to you from Lilongwe, capital of the poorest African country I am visiting on this trip. We have visited Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi so far. As I don't have any time I am going to direct you towards the Oasis website ( i think). The trip I am on is called Coast to Coast (Nairobi to Cape Town) and the website/itinerary should tell you generally what I am up to. Love to all, know that I am safe ... read more

Africa » Kenya July 28th 2009

This is my route map for Africa. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Haywards Heath July 16th 2009

Apologies for the week delay in this post! I want to update you on the last couple of days of my trip then provide a summary :) So my last few days were spent visiting Recoleta Cemetry, La Boca and the amazing weekend markets of Palermo and San Telmo. The atmosphere on a weekend is truly amazing...the whole city has roads blocked off for the huge markets that take place. I also decided to try my hand at tango. Turned up on the Sunday to a Milonga/lesson...was given a partner and with no instruction told to get on with it! The teacher didn't speak any English but luckily I was paired with a rather nice young Argentinian gentleman called Facundo who also spoke French! So he taught me the basics and we went from there! The ... read more

Wow. The last leg of my South American journey. Writing to you from the centre of Buenos Aires, party capital of the world! The atmosphere here is electric. But it has been a while since I wrote so will update you on the last week first. Left San Pedro de Atacama last Friday with an American traveller towards Salta. The bus ride was...interesting. The scenery on the way was just incredible. We travelled through the desert and the mountains into Argentina then along to Salvador de Jujuy. When we got there the bus stopped in an odd looking compound. The bus driver got off and we had no idea what was going on. After an hour of waiting, we all had to get off and be searched for drugs with dogs etc. Apparently someone had tipped ... read more

Hi, Apologiews for the long time inbetween posts! I am writing to you from San Pedro de Atacama on the border between Chile and Bolivia. I spent one day in Uyuni after leaving Sucre in a hurry (escaping an English drunk at the hostel who tried to force himself on me...not nice) and found myself in the company of two extremely crazy Australian travellers. We decided upon spending a little more for a hotel with hot water and heaters as temps can drop well below freezing at night. The hotel we ended up at was 18 pounds per night, and PLUSH. So plush i had to take a picture. We left in the morning after booking a private tour of the Salt Flats and desert. We saw many things, which I will have to show in ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 20th 2009

Hola, I travelled from Santa Cruz to Sucre last night and the journey was TERRIBLE. Proper roads do not exist here. In terms of luxury of buses it seems that BoliviaBrazilArgentina. Argentinian buses are supposed to be plush which is something to look forward to! So the bus was bad. No toilet, only 2 stops in 18 hours. The seats went most of the way back (almost 180degrees) but were pretty solid. The roads were unbelievable. Much worse than the train, you couldnt sleep for the rocking and bouncing. I was sitting near a woman with a new baby, I would be pretty surprised if the baby didn´t have concussion from the trip. The landscape was pretty dire at points too. Very dusty, dry, barren. Many of the houses we passed in little villages were derelict ... read more

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Corumbá June 19th 2009

Hi all, I have to keep this fairly short so apologies for lack of detail. So I ended up staying for 4 days in the Pantanal. It was an incredible experience. The tour was with ecological expeditions. We stayed on a farm in the middle of nowhere, about 15 mins from the main road and quite close to a long river. 1st day was mostly taken up with travel. 2nd day we went on a morning boat trip down the river and saw many colourful animals and birds. The river was littered with Caimen and they took the boat really close! We then went pihrana fishing after lunch (i caught the most - 6 pihrana and 4 other fish!) before cleaning and gutting them and sending them to be cooked for dinner. We then went on ... read more

Hi all, So Iguacu was indescribable, my pictures don´t do it justice. Speaking of, I will post a link to these at the bottom (they are uploading as I type onto Photobucket as everything else takes too long). I saw the Brazilian side yesterday before grabbing anoher overnight bus to Campo Grande. What an eventful few hours. My Grand Adventure I spent about 3 hours at the Brazilian side fo the falls and headed back by bus to Foz do Iguacu. There are two bus stations at Foz and I needed to get tothe other one. I am trying to budget and didn´t want a taxi so I asked at information and then hopped onto a bus to the other station, with about two hours to go until my bus departs. The bus is packed. Half ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú June 11th 2009

Ah I love it here. Arrived here yesterday. Took a little while to get through Border control but I now have a shiny Argentinian stamp in my passport. I wanted a whole day to see Iguazu falls so for the afternoon I went on a walk to see the three frontiers (point where you can see Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil all seperated by a river). I then went to La Aripuca whice is a set of native buildings. The main attraction is a massive version of an Aripuca, which is a trap the natives used to catch small animals. It took 9 years to find the trees and 1 year to build. I also tried playing an Native harp. Today I ventured out to the falls, which has now replaced Sugar Loaf as Best Thing So ... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » São Paulo June 9th 2009

Sao Paulo could be seen as a very European City. But that is all it is. A city. Just like any other city. The skyscrapers are tall, and the people are busy. There are a couple of things that set it apart though. I arrived here yesterday afternoon after a 6 hour bus journey from Paraty. I left the hostel with another traveller, Andrei, who is studying for his PHD in violence in Columbia at Sussex University, of all places! He got on a bus to Rio and I was left alone at the bus station. Setting out on my own has been a little intimidating but also very liberating. Maybe Sao Paulo wasnt the best of places to go but I wanted a day shopping to find a new camera before heading up to Iguazu. ... read more

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