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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamal October 27th 2009

Just a very quick blog to let you all know I made it safely back to Kathmandu. I've got one more night here and then I'm heading back to Oz to my 2 beautiful girls!! Unfortunately I've run out of cash and my attempt to access more money from the ATM failed so I have about $4 left to keep me going till I leave in 24hrs...hopefully I don't have to resort to begging on the street. Last night was very scary - during the day I was feeling really tired and weak and was generally feeling quite dazed. As the day went on I got worse and worse and by dinner time I could barely speak. We were having our final group celebration dinner but I couldn't even concentrate on listening to conversation much less ... read more
Island Peak Summit Ridge
Ama Dablam
I'm applying for a job as a porter

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas October 21st 2009

We Summitted!!! Yesterday at 8am we reached the summit of Island Peak. I must apologise for the lack of updates to the blog - there hasn't been any internet access since Namche over a week ago. What a week it's been though. I'll write a proper blog entry when I get back to Kathmandu but we've climbed Gokyo Ri and Kala Pattar for magnificent views of Everest + many other mountains, we've crossed two quite difficult high passes around 5,500m and of course we climbed to the summit of Island Peak. We left Island Peak base camp at 2.45am and reached the summit at 8am and were the first to reach it for the day. Whilst on previous days their had been 50+ people attempting the summit and reported issues with queues for the fixed ropes, ... read more
Everest sunset
Summit of Island Peak (6189m)

Asia » Nepal » Namche October 8th 2009

Well after a very long walk uphill we've made it to Namche at an altitude of 3445m. I still haven't seen any Himalayan peaks as it's been cloudy and rainy the last few days but the scenery at ground level is still really nice. We followed a raging river the first couple of days that originates at Mt Everest. Today we had a "rest" day at Namche which involved a walk 400m to the Everest View Hotel which unfortunately today was the white cloud view hotel. it's at 3880m so its now the highest I've ever been and thankfully so far I don't have any signs of altitude sickness - only a slight headache this morning but a litre of water seemed to fix it. Namche is amazing - there's dozens of internet cafe's, bakeries, pool ... read more
Somewhere near Namche
Dodh Kosi

Asia October 6th 2009

I finally escaped the craziness of the city and am in the Himalaya's. The flight to Lukla was good but the clouds obscured the moutain views. It was pretty cool coming into land where we basically just flew into the airport on a horizontal flight level. The runway is so short but is sloped uphill to help stop the plane in time. The walk to Phakding was quite easy (only 2-3 hours) so a nice gentle introduction to what is to come. We had a nice lunch stop in a lodge overlooking a really steep valley with a raging river flowing throught the middle. It rained a little bit but even in the rain it was quite warm (I only had a t-shirt on for most of the way). It's absolutely amazing watching the porters walk ... read more

Asia October 3rd 2009

I've made it to Kathmandu - the flight yesterday was good - it was funny at Sing airport when I got to the departure gate as pretty much everyone was wearing trekking pants, boots and had a fancy North Face day pack on their back!! I sat next to a nice older couple from Sydney who are going trekking the Annapurna circuit.I got a window seat on the right side of the plane to see the mountains but unfortunately it was bit cloudy and we could only see a few snow covered peaks, but not clear enough to identify them or take photos - but I'm sure I'll get more than enough Himalayan views in the next month. Had a minor drama at the airport as my trekking company said they'd pick me up but nobody ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu September 30th 2009

Well it's been three long years since I've (Scott) left the country so it's soon time to head off on an adventure that I've been dreaming about for a long time. Unfortunately this means leaving Sara for a month which I think will be far harder than the climb itself! Firstly please feel free to unsubscribe from blog updates as most of you are still subscribed from Joy and my trip through the middle east in 2006. Others I've added your email address thinking you might care :-) So where am I going I hear you ask? I'm off to the Himalaya's in Nepal to climb Island Peak/Imje Tse. Most people haven't heard of it so here's what the brochure says about it: "Island Peak (6,189m/20,305ft) is one of the main climbing peaks of the Everest ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi September 30th 2006

We had an extremely brief stopover in Fiji...spending a grand total of 24 hours there!! The flight from LA to Fiji was memorable due to an extremely loud and annoying American guy sitting behind us who took a valium tablet and then proceded to down several beers to wash it down. He was sitting on the window seat but found the need to climb out every half hour or so to go get another beer (or in some cases 3) or go to the toilet, shaking our seats violently in the process and making heaps of noise. Then he just about passed out and was making really loud weird noises while everyone was trying to sleep. Anyway, we made it to Fiji and was picked up and taken to our Hotel which was right on the ... read more
Traditional fiji dance
View from our room

North America » United States » New York September 14th 2006

New York, New York - back to civilization!!! Flew into JFK and arrived at Manhattan Island around 9pm. Settled into our wonderful guesthouse (Hotel 31 in case you're planning a trip there). Up bright and early to the sound of rain on the roof. The first wet day on our whole trip so one can't complain! We were both dying to see Times Square so that was the first port of call. Armed with coffee, doughnuts and bagels, we stood in awe of the lights, lights and more lights - what can we say, wow!! Wandered around the shops - including Toys'r'Us - got to be the world's biggest! It has every toy from your childhood. Wandering around Times Square we got offered tickets to be in the audience of an NBC show - Dr Keith ... read more
Times Square
Joy and the Jetsons!

Europe » Netherlands September 13th 2006

Our flight arrived into Amsterdam 5 hours before our Dutch friends', JW and Tefke, who had joined us in Istanbul, so we headed into the city for a few hours. Joy visited the Anne Frank house, seeing where her family hid from the Nazi's during WW2. Meanwhile, Scott wandered around the canals trying a local beer or two. We spent a further few hours just meandering round the old part of Amsterdam - dodging hundreds of cyclists - and viewing the "nightlife". As we were in Holland, we had to sample the local cuisine (fries with mayonnaise!) before catching the train back to the airport. Met up with JW and Tefke and drove to their house, about an hour out of Amsterdam. After a dutch breakfast of poffertjes (little dutch pancakes...yum!!), had a great time being ... read more
JW Tefke and Scott
The big clogg
Amsterdam red light district

Middle East » Turkey September 12th 2006

Wow, what a week its been! We crossed the border from Syria into Turkey (eventually after a about a three hour wait!). Joy was EXTREMELY relieved to have survived the middle east and to have returned to a relatively "normal" country, where the toilets, food and shops are much more like at home. First stop in Turkey was Capadocia , the strange landscape that looks like another planet!! We spent 3 nights sleeping in a cave at a caravan park. The rock in the Capadocia area is so soft that caves can be created using just hand tools, and the locals have built cave houses for 1000's of years. Many of the houses are several stories built into the cliff faces with internal stairways. We spent a full day touring the area including some climbs to ... read more
Whirling dirvishes

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