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19th June 2014
Grand Central Station

I've long been a fan of your fabulous photos and fun, informative blogs. My camera was just nicked in La Paz, Bolivia, and I'm trying to decide on a new one. Could you tell me what camera you use--your photos are so striking! And glad you weren't exactly caught in the hurricane, but had a fine tale out of it. Thanks, Tara
10th July 2014
Grand Central Station

Hi, I use a rather old Canon 450D. what gives the photos that 'look' is a post processing technique called HDR. Ther is software available to do this although now I think some modern cameras can actually do it on camera, my phone actually has a HDR function although how 'real' that is I don't know... Happy snapping... mike.
29th April 2014
Moon hill - Yangshuo

That is really a gorgeous photo. Well done.
15th April 2014

Hi, Thanks for the interest. Sorry for the delay... I log on to Travelblog so infrequently now as although it's great to get lost in the memories of previous travels, those same memories make us want to up sticks again which is getting harder and harder to do... :) Before we left on our big trip with the kids we did a few trips here and there with them just to see how viable it was (Japan, Thailand and California), and when we left the UK for the 14 month trip they were aged 1 and 2. everyone said we were mad but we knew we could do it and proved that we could. As for the travelling itself, it's very different from travelling without kids that's for sure. I can't lie, someday's you feel so low you just want to jump on a plane and head home, straight into the arms of waiting family. They have their moments on the road (as do I) where it's just not fun any more. Being a parent 24/7 with no break is exhausting. That being said, the good times DO far outweigh the bad. I spent a couple of years with my children during key developmental changes unhindered by work or home routines, something which isn't normal for Fathers. I've played with them on beaches that inhabit peoples dreams, clambered over monuments and explored ruins that populate most dreamers bucket lists... Sadly they'll remember none of it... But... they're 4 and 5 now and my oldest is in school, I know everyone thinks their own kids are marvellous, but mine do show a level of patience and consideration that blows me away almost weekly. they're also incredibly adaptable, if their routine changes they don't even blink, they just get on with it. I couldn't recommend travel with kids enough, it's incredibly trying at times but having kids at home is too. I'm off to read your blog now... Safe travels.. :)
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27th February 2014

Travel with kids
Hi, I was just logging onto travelblog to write my latest blog, entitled, "And we said having kids won't change the way we travel..." and saw your blog. When I saw you were travelling with kids, it made me intrigued. We have backpacked around the world three times (a year or so at a time) and after having our first baby we took her backpacking in Indonesia (Bali, Flores, and Sulawesi) for three weeks and it went amazingly well. She was 10 months old at the time. Well, our recent trip was an all-inclusive Club Med resort in Mexico - a serious far cry from anything else we have ever done! We have baby #2 on the way in May and we are constantly walking about trying to squeeze in one more big backpacking trip before they start school... wondering how old your kids were on this trip? Also, did the highs outweigh the lows? I admire you for doing this - great experience for the kids! It is bound the affect them in a positive way.
From Blog: 1 Year On...
17th September 2013

Wonderful Photos!
We're going to Mongolia next week and I was wondering what hostel did you stay in >? Loved the photographs ! I hardly remember travelling with my parents when I was as old as your kids are now. But we did travel a lot in the Kashmir valley. And I feel a kind of special bond with those places, even though I have no conscious memory of them. :)
27th September 2013

Hi, TBH, as it's been a couple of years since we were there I cant remember it's name. It was in our guide book though and was fairly central. Have a great time, it is an amazing country! Mike.
8th August 2013

IT´S on my list, of course. I still don´t know when but I will go. Your pictures are perfect, profesional style.
24th July 2013

Good job
Very good. I am interested in learning what route and method as well as how long the trip from Berlin to Vietnam was. Cheers, Roger My blog address: www.mytb.org/whirl-traveller
24th May 2013

When it comes to Asia I've been to most parts of town but Yangshuo stands out there as one of the most beautiful places I've ever been too, your photos clearly documenting this!
19th March 2013

Ever the brave
Great to see you pushing the boundries into the wild. Your bravery reaps its rewards by the look of it! Superb photos. Look after the kids, David and Janice The Grey-haired-nomads
18th February 2013

I really enjoyed this entry :) Both Warsaw and Krakow are very beautiful cities, full of mystery and suprises :) Your stay was probably too short to fully discover their's marvel but I am really glad that you liked it.
From Blog: Polish Sausage
13th January 2013
Lower Manhatten from the Top of the Empire State Building

This is an epic shot. Nice work!
21st November 2012

Bloody weather!
I started to feel a bit sad for you both when I read that you'd got caught up in Sandy but it really sounds like you still made the most of it even if you didn't get to do all the things you wanted... just gives you an excuse to go back again :o) You must have been so releived you didn't take the kids as that would have been a very worrying few days for you all. You've got some awesome photos as always and it was great to read what you've been up to again, hope to hear some more soon x
26th November 2012

Thanks Guys... Am eagerly looking forward to reading all about your trip next year. Even though it will make me jealous as hell!!! :) Safe travels.
21st November 2012

Great story!
Of all the times to be in NYC...
26th November 2012

Ah well, what will be, will be... Just means we'll have to make a repeat trip to see it at its finest! :)
21st November 2012
Ger camp in Terelj National Park

Just came across this photo....
Absolutely beautiful!
26th November 2012
Ger camp in Terelj National Park

Thank you... It would have been hard to take a bad photo of that park though to be honest... It was stuuuuning! :)
18th November 2012

You got back safely!! That is the main thing.
Great blog Michael.Made me smile the comments you made about the art work in the gallery.You and Faye made the best of your trip, that is the main thing.
16th November 2012

Glad you both made the best of the weather (and that you weren't stranded somewhere due to all the airport closures - yikes!). In many ways, Sandy probably made your visit exceptional. Anyone can come to Manhattan to cross off seeing xyz, but to experience the city in such an atypical state makes for a much more interesting adventure, in my opinion. The true charm of NYC can only be experienced without a plan, after-all. And hey: no power + no kids = so many opportunities for candlelight romance, yes? :)
26th November 2012

Thanks guys.... It did make for an interesting trip that's for sure. We've suffered power cuts, for sure, but a whole city without power, no communication at either... Was very very strange. Seeing the national guard speeding about as well was certainly reminiscent of all those apocalyptic movies and shows on TV. Dare I say it though, there's only so long the romance can last in a darkened room before it all gets a bit boring! ;) Mike
16th November 2012

What a time to travel to NY!!!... definitely an experience to tell your grandchildren :o) I'm glad you guys are ok and writing again, I've missed your blogs! Deni
26th November 2012

Thanks... Now we're back I'm finding it increasingly difficult to browse TB let alone catch up on all the backlog of blogs I need to write. It's just too depressing to thing that our adventures have finished... For now! :)

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