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Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Hoa Binh » Mai Chau November 17th 2013

And so a few more weeks into my Hanoi Holiday and I've found the time and energy away from my vietnamese classes on the weekdays to embark on another provincial escapade during the weekend. Last time round i headed south towards Ninh Binh, so this time round I decided to head west towards Mai Chau. Now although I'd never been there before, thinking about the destination brings back some memories because I still remember looking at the map and wondering whether I could go there en route during the Lao-Vietnam border crossing I did late last year, from Vieng Xai to Na Meo. That was a painful, near 10h bus ride through the winding highlands, all the way to Thanh Hoa, Unfortunately, the detour to Mai Chau was not possible, or at least not on the ... read more
Pom Coong Village
Old Vietnamese Banknotes
Mai Chau Market

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Hoa Binh » Mai Chau September 14th 2013

Moc Chau Während wir auf Jan's Visa warteten, packten wir die nötigsten Sachen für einen 2 Wöchigen Ausflug und liessen den Rest bei Hang und Sa stehen. Auf dem Weg Richtung Moc Chau genossen wir die schöne Landschaft mit Reisfeldern, Bergen/Hügel und die verschiedene Einheimischen. Wir haben in Vietnam bereits so viele Zuckerrohrdrinks getrunken und nun haben wir zum 1. Mal die Pflanzen selbst gesehen. Wir waren uns nicht einmal sicher, bis wir die Verkäuferin gefragt haben. Man muss das Zuckerrohr zuerst schälen, bevor man es benutzen kann. Wir haben ein ganzes Zuckerrohr für 10000d gekauft. Die Verkäuferin schnitt es in kleine Stücke für uns, damit wir einfach den Saft heraus kauen können. Auch sahen wir, dass sehr junge Kinder (ca. 6 oder 7) schon die Büffelherde bewachen. Ganz kleine Kindern werden in einem Korb hinter ... read more
Blick auf unseren Weg
Jan geniesst die Aussicht
Mai Chau von oben

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Hoa Binh » Mai Chau December 19th 2012

From December 16 through the 19, Scott and I decided to venture slightly south to the small village of Mai Chau rather than spend a few more days in Hanoi waiting for our Christmas excursion to Sapa. We called ahead and booked 3 nights at a traditional homestay with stilt houses and bungalows, located a little off the beaten path from Mai Chau's "city center" - basically a few shops, street-food restaurants and a gas station. We planned our journey, intending to take an 8:00 a.m. public bus, but, after taking a taxi all the way across town and arriving at the bus station, we were informed that the bus had left earlier than we thought, and the next one wasn't leaving until 1:30 p.m. Great. With no other choice aside from camping out in the ... read more
Stilt house/ common area
Water lilies

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Hoa Binh July 25th 2012

So Arrive in Hanoi no less than 24 hours (ish) late. The taxi driver was waiting for us though (good day!) got to our first hostel however and they had given our room away and the taxi driver didnt work for the company he was just a dodgey guy. (who would have known) found a second hostel though and when we arrived there down a tiny little alley te people were so nice (too ice maybe) (at this point in the story id like to say my unhappieness was back and I am now grumpy) This didnt last long however (yay) I thought the room was really good air con and it worked out really well.Nam howeer upon arrival is loud noisey smelly and the roads are amazingly difficult to cross. for people who havnt been ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Hoa Binh April 4th 2012

Friday, 30 March 2012 - My company organized a one day trip, so I traveled with my colleagues to Thung Nai which is located 100km northwest of Hanoi. Thung Nai means "valley of deer" as deer were coming to this valley in the old days. When Hòa Bình hydropower plant was built in the 1980s, the valley became a reservoir. The mountains were partly submerged in the water and they became islands, as a result the landscape is similar to Hạ Long bay. We left Hanoi at 7am and back to the city at 7:30pm. When we arrived at Thung Nai commune, we rented a boat (about US$60) and cruised on the reservoir. We visited a couple of temples and I saw some interesting things there. Along the way to the temples, the Mường and Dzao ... read more
View from our boat (stairs to Đền Trình temple)
Baking fishes over a wood fire
View from our boat (cruising on the reservoir)

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