Meryl Dunton-Rose


Meryl Dunton-Rose

A long time traveller with a father with itchy feet who encouraged me to see all.

Looking to travel more extensively in the next few years and do some volunteer work too.

Back in Oz but with still some posts to add on Czech Republic and Malaysia. I suspect there will always be somewhere else for us to visit but no plans as of yet.

A shorter version of this piece was featured on ABC 500 word project. url= We nearly miss the whole walk. The pilot’s garbled message yesterday hadn’t penetrated our holiday brains. ‘It’s a disaster, the bus has left us! Lord Howe is half an hour ahead.’ But the bus returns and we are on the trek, one of Australia’s best day walks. ‘We still need to challenge ourselves as we get older,’ Margaret, one of the walkers tells me. 'Yes, but we also need to know our limits,’ I retort as we scramble up through the forest- covered Mount Gower. Whatever made me think I could do this? Clinging to the cliff face, helmet clad. Why did I lis... read more
A petrel at home
It sure is spectacular

Europe » Czech Republic » Karlovy Vary Region » Bozi Dar March 23rd 2013

Bozi Dar a small town almost straddling the old Czech /East German border is not known for its culinary specialities. Family friendly skiing, inexpensive lodging, cheap beer and a somewhat more Bohemian experience shall we say, are amongst its most endearing qualities. Our late arrival at the old Zeleny Dum or Green Hotel narrowed our choices to a gigantic pork hock with dumplings or for the vegetarians, fried cheese. This was clearly not going to be a low cholesterol holiday! Neither was it going to be a late night hot spot as we were thrown out of both dining rooms at 10pm in order for the staff to set the tables for breakfast. We sheepishly trooped across the lobby sadly devoid of skis and sat and giggled in our room making plans. Unseasonal warm and rainy ... read more
Cakes and wafers galore
If you can't ski, eat!
Rolf's marvellous moustaches!

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona February 18th 2013

Barcelona – history and history in the making. Swingent cuts to education and health due to the economic crisis in Spain gave rise to a well attended nighttime protest outside city hall. The Christmas decorations and lights lent a surreal touch. The Catalonians are not that happy at propping up the rest of the country. They are campaigning strongly for secession. Historically Catalonia was unified first with Aragon and then Castile. Ferdinand and Isabella had a summer palace here but otherwise did not do much to keep the Catalans happy, introducing a form of the inquisition which drove the Jewish merchants out of the town taking all their money and business acumen with them. Seven centuries later they once again wish for autonomy; flavour of the month in the world today. But the protest we witnessed ... read more
Hotel Vela
Out riding
Homage to Barceloneta

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona February 8th 2013

No, there is no such thing as eco jet-setting. I remind myself of this and squirm slightly in my Easyjet seat en route to Barcelona. We had managed to traverse most of the globe by train on our outward journey to England from Australia but now we were once again seduced by the cheap flights to 'must-see' European destinations. The best way to see a city certainly must be with a bicycle tour, a miniscule recoup of emissions, in a city so bicycle friendly as Barcelona. The bikes we see everywhere for rent aren't actually for us as travellers and tourists. You need to be resident to use bicing and used they certainly are. Cyclists whizz past the traffic, whizz along the pavements, bike trail or no bike trail, up the lanes and alleys, dodging pedestrians ... read more
Bicing and biking
Gaudi's lizard
Reflections of Gaudi

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Ourika Valley December 21st 2012

Plastic bags and bottles littered the road and tossed and bubbled in the river. Blue, green, plastic flags snagged on branches brought down by the last flow from the mountains. Icily grey water was not in fact cold, just plastic strewn. Omar, father of 3 boys who lives 20km out of Marrakech and doesn’t see his wife much, was driving us up to the Atlas Mountains through the Ourika valley. This job meant that he might have to sleep in his shared taxi as he might not be able to get home tonight. As we passed the Formula 2 racing track built on former agricultural land he told us about the new developments and new occupations created by the new King to bring in money. As pleasant as Omar is, he is of course beholden to ... read more
Anyone for lunch?
Mint tea
Preparing argan nuts

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech December 19th 2012

I can dampen most people’s spirits. I can see the possible catch in the ‘too good to be true.’ I am the wary one with eyes in the back of my head, scamometer on alert when being spoken to, guided by etc. but I didn’t see this one coming. Seasoned travellers beware. There is always a new scam even for the most suspecting of tourists. Number 15 stall on the Djemaa el-Fna did themselves proud. An engaging young man with a large smile and a small koala keyring in his pocket together with a charming sense of humour elicited our promise to return to dine after a perusal of the covered market. He laughed when we came back and sat down. The maitre-d if you could call him that gesticulated wildly at the array of vegetables, ... read more
Rogue chefs
Berber hut
Sharing mint tea

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Begur November 19th 2012

And so to Empuriabrava -another beachside experience – a resort town built for the tourists, Floridian in style and aspect. Built 40 years ago on the alluvial flats of the Muga river the canals slice through the land choc-a-bloc with luxury yachts. Millions of Euros locked up in hulls which could possibly staunch the financial wounds of Spain! Built cycleways make easy, flat riding through the town up over a bridge and along dusty roads past apple tree orchards towards the old town of Castello d'Empurias. A ghost town on Sunday – we cycled the narrow streets and alleyways stopping to look at the gothic church built like a cathedral with a massive double granite font and at a local football match until half time was called. At breakfast on our pitch Graeme noticed some ant ... read more
Setting sun
Early morning Sa Riera
Illa Roja

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Limeuil October 24th 2012

Drifting down the Dordogne, the banks giving hints of Autumn colour. A yellowing green here, an orange tree there, flaming red bushes or cascading Boston ivy on the buildings as you pass under the bridge at Le Buisson. Limeuil had been a great find. Calm and peaceful overlooking the incredible medieval buildings piled up the hill we sited the Bongo along the river bank. The town itself was a bit disappointing, quiet beyond belief with doors and shutters barred. A few tourists wandered around looking for entertainment but mostly – there was none. A small cafe at the base of the cobbled street leading up to the gardens served basic takeaway food and endeavoured to serve the passing trade for coffee and cake on a terrace taking in the two arched bridges over the confluence of ... read more
Paddling away
Perfect site

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Avranches October 19th 2012

So that was France and Spain then? Well all we had time for in our four week journey fitted in between saying goodbye to a daughter and hello to in-laws. We have been travelling not blogging. Surprisingly wifi in France was not ubiquitous. We struggled to get contact with the outside world. Graeme thought it was great. I, of course was not so happy. No travel blogs! So after our return and a quick trip to Morocco squeezed in I find some time to bring the travel tales up to date. Our first camping site was parked outside an elementary school in Dannes after following signs to three camping sites all of which were closed. Not only closed but shut and barred.. We realised we were late, not only timewise but for the end of the ... read more
Perusing menus
School camping!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria October 11th 2012

Beautiful, wet and cold. The last of the Great British Summer. At least Graeme has stopped asking, ‘Is this Summer?’ Oh wait, I wrote that too soon. Sitting in the café at the bottom of the Aira Force waterfall Graeme spotted a film showing some of the most exquisite lakeside scenery in the sun. ‘Oh well, of course that’s in summer,’ he said laughing, ‘oh wait it is summer!’ The bank holiday weekend had ended the summer as it began. Wet and windy. Actually as the whole summer has been. Records keep being broken. The wettest summer since records began. Ullswater is high, trees swim at the edge, streams and puddles flood the lakeside roads. We hop on a bus, the expense makes us gasp. 5.40 for a 10 minute return ride. What a way to ... read more
Storms above Aera Force
From the pub at Dockray
The waterfall

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