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Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand March 18th 2014

Disappointed in the previous night, the boys woke up at 7:30AM to go explore the early morning of Bangkok. I think we were the first people NOT to wake up hungover in "The Hangover Suite". Irony at its finest. After chowing down, we hit the early streets of Bangkok and man, the place is so different from Bali, cars everywhere, shops bustling, and the smell of city was abundant. Since we only had about 5 hours before our flight to Ko Samui, we decided to maximize our time by taking the quickest mode of transportation. We took a boat. Not just any boat. (see picture) This boat was the Forrest Gump REJECT boat. Poorly constructed motor, loud and obnoxious, this looks like the gutted muscle car that everyone hates in the neighborhood. Paying only 33 dollars ... read more
My Forrest Gump REJECT Boat
River Homes 1
River Homes 2

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai March 2nd 2014

The Festival of Lanterns in Hat Yai Park turned out to be lovely, we were the only 'Farang' (foreigners) to be there so attracted a lot of interest from the locals. It was almost like we were back in Ambon in 2011 when we really were the only two foreigners in town. Well from here it's time to say 'goodbye' to Thailand. Our visa runs out on the 5th March so we're heading off to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. We're not expecting to find internet there so this blog may be quiet for a week or so.... read more
Statue lit up by the setting sun
Darkness falls and the lanterns are turned on

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai March 1st 2014

After a long spell in a beach location it was time for a change. Hat Yai is an inland city that’s a transport hub, you can basically get buses, trains and planes from here to anywhere in Thailand or Malaysia being so close to the border.It was a natural choice for travellers leaving the peace of the islands behind who wanted to move on. We decided to spend some time here experiencing the real Thai way of life. It certainly is an eye opener, we checked into a central guesthouse with all amenities like air con and hot water showers all for less than £12 a night. We even had a window which is quite a luxury in budget hotels in these parts On our first night out I began to worry that I might slowly ... read more
Typical Street Scene
Piccolo Italian Restaurant, Hat Yai
Irish Bar ,Hat Yai

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat February 13th 2014

MORE PROOF OF TRAVEL (Pics) at the bottom Dear followers, dear friends, dearest, beloved family. This letter goes to those who encourage, promote and finally sustain my epic voyage, however encountered my leave with grief and mourning, who feared for my life when I had to find my way through the dark shadows of the ogress Bangkok. It goes to those whose hearts were fulfilled with relief when I overcame my adventure with the black road with both – sane mind and sane body. But it also goes to those, who are my worst enemies – the nine lords of the false things: (1) Lord of the envy – may your false protestations and your identities be revealed before I reach my destination, for you are not one but many. (2) Lord of responsibility – already ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 7th 2014

7th feb - Friday Reluctantly leaving Ayuthaya. Despite our intentions to travel first class rail, ha, ha, not always have such carriages. Hence, after much bartering with rail clerk, paid 250 baht (£5) for 2 very good 2nd class tickets to Bangkok. 'Very fast rapid train'. Of course it was running late, but only a mere 30 minutes, nothing to worry about. On arrival at our destination we tried to follow all the rules according to well laid guidelines :-Do not take taxi directly from train station, drivers rip you off-Insist upon air-conditioned taxi with meter-Insist driver turn meter on before you get in to car-Barter the fare or get out of cab-On no account take Very bad Tuk-Tuk- Walk away from station using hand signal like patting dog to attract meter taxi with honest driver ... read more
Wat Arun view across river from restaurant
Loft room at old bangkok inn


Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat February 6th 2014

Sorry, I won't give you the exact Location. It is a fantastic mix of great sand and impressive rocks (no sharp edges) which is hard to catch in a Foto. Meanwhile the weather has developed into perfect sunny days and the water gets clearer every week since there is no rain and less waves. However, the beach was even greater with waves. Then there was a pool in the middle of the rocks where you can sit (more or less) protected with the waves crashing all around you. I hope to post pics of it sometime later. As always the pics are at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!!!... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat February 2nd 2014

This was a bicycle Weekend trip to remember. For one Tanya accompanied me with a bike, that was too small for her. But further more we followed some roads, we found only with GPS. At one Point we wanted to take something that looked like a road according to some interruptions in the landscape. We asked some local Thais if we could go there. "Mei dei, mei dei". Well, we gave us new names (Indiana Jones and Indiana Jane) and tried anyway. It prooved to be a difficult ride. We had to go over closed gates, through water and through the Vegetation, using the GPS to find the next road. Again I was surprised what small "roads" Nokia maps knows. See some Highlights here in the pics at the bottom...... read more
Plam plantation

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat February 1st 2014

The pink dolphins are a big attraction here as there are not many (attractions - but also dolphins). A tour is usually 1200 Baht but it includes a lunch and pickup at the Resort. We however went to one of the launching Points of the tours and the german Restaurant guy helped us. A boat for 2h +- was 1000 Baht and we shared with two Thai People. We saw the famouse Pancake-rock and a temple and also pink dolphins. The older they are the pinker the get we were told. I could not take pics of them, the sightings were always just a second or so. Pics at the bottom.... read more
The pancake rock?

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Nakhon Si Thammarat January 31st 2014

Well this is certainly no Topic for a travel blog. However, so many friends reading, who never saw me with short hair in my life since I had it Long for the last 30 years. So here are the Images. Scroll to the bottom of the page... As to the hair Stylist: I just Chose the first we passed. And the cut: well - see the Picture of "The Bad" - that is what I wanted :-) Quoting the Stylist: "Ooooohh, mei dei. mei pom, mei pom. mei dei" Why did I do it? 1) Why not? 2) Girls used to like it. Well, can't comment that at the Moment, but seems it has changed 3) I don't Need to Show that I am a rebel anymore. I Change the things from inside the System now. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand January 26th 2014

Sorry, this blog entry will be German only. But there are MANY pics at the bottom of the page. So, mal in Deutsch. Ich habe heute eine unglaublich schöne Fahrradtour hinter mir - 62km durch immer wechselnde Landschaften - Strände, Wälder, Wasser. Fühlte mich wie im Herr der Ringe teilweise, bin hin und weg. Ich finde es klasse so lange an einem Ort zu bleiben - ich entdecke mehr und mehr die Details und immer wieder Neues und noch Schöneres. Vor Kurzem habe ich den schönsten Strand entdeckt, den ich je gesehen habe und davon gibt es auch bald Videos und Fotos. Gesundheitlich geht es mir immer besser, ich nehme ab und ja - die Haare sind ab. Und im Nachhinein bin ich darüber einfach nur happy. Auch dazu bald mehr Bilder. Heute habe ich deutsches ... read more

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