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Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands February 7th 2011

Today Geoffrey and I took a guided tour to see the world's largest flower which is found deep in the jungle. Sounds pretty cool right? Well, we both came away from the experience with mixed emotions. Here's why... Our group of 16 travelers were picked up in 2 Land Rovers at about 9am this morning. Our 1st stop was at a village of a local tribe, the Orang Asi, who's main attraction is the blow dart. It turns out this "village" is actually a small construction site of numerous cookie cutter 3 bedroom brick homes that the government has kindly "given" to the tribe so that they can move out of their traditional rattan and bamboo huts. The government asked the tribe to come out of the jungle and into these new homes. Why? Well the ... read more
That's one big fleur!
Geoff and the Giant Flower

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands February 6th 2011

Selamat Petang! Good evening from Malaysia! We have finally made it to the Cameron highlands in Malaysia! It was a bit rough getting here but we made it. We left Ko Lipe in Thailand on a ferry at 9am on the 4th of Feb. Our 1st ferry was 2&1/2 hours and took us to the island of Langkawi. Lucky for us this ferry had a/c and traveled direct. Thank Jeebus! After a slap in the face of culture shock and a few confusing moments at the ferry port on Langkawi we boarded our 2nd ferry to the island of Penang. The travel agent in Ko Lipe told us this would be a 1/2 hour ferry but it was actually 3 hours! This meant that we would miss the last bus to the Cameron Highlands that day ... read more
Geoff on the Bus
Just some of the many plantations of the road up to Tanah Rata
Flowers hanging down in the front enterance to the guest house

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands January 27th 2011

We set off on our first bit of real traveling on Thursday Jan 20th, after a bit of a mixup with the location of the bus (note for the future, look up the day before we move on!!) we set off on 2 buses to get us to the Cameron Highlands. We arrived at around 6pm and chose Father's Guesthouse at 15 RM (around 3 pounds something) each per night in a dorm. The Cameron Highlands as the name suggests is highup in the hills so is a bit colder than KL but is still very warm during the day. It has beautiful scenary and is surrounded by rainforest. The next day we went on an organised tour in the afternoon which consisted of just Hayley and I!! This involved taking us around a tea plantation/factory ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands January 4th 2011

I arrived in the Cameron Highlands and it was cold and raining. When I booked the ticket the lady told me it was going to be cold. I laughed because I figured to the people of Malaysia 60degrees was cold. It's snowing where I'm from so I didn't think anything of the comment. Well I must have adapted to the warm temperatures myself because it was cold. The highlands are popular for trekking in the rain forest of Malaysia, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that it was raining either. I booked a tour to see the worlds largest flower. On the tour they told me it was actually a fungus, I felt betrayed, I'm not sure you can really classify that as the world's largest flower anymore. I smelled the flower, it smelt ... read more
Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands December 13th 2010

Having arrived safe and sound after 6 hours on a bus from KL, we arrived in the cooler climate of the Cameron Highlands. The Highlands are on a Plateau made up largley of tea plantations and strawberry farms - this was apparent as the days went on as there was strawberry teddy bears, keyrings, earmuffs you name it they loved their strawberrys! We stayed in a town called Tanah Ratare and managed to get upgraded from our hostel to stay in a brand new swanky apartment for a few nights. The Highlands were experiencing the start of the Monsoon Season so its like a rainy day in Belfast. Friday night we just took it easy and had a few beers as we booked to go into the Malaysian Rainforest jungle trekking on the Saturday. This was ... read more
Our jungle truck getting bogged down in the mud in the Rainforest
Carl in the jungle
Our Orang Alsi guide arriving by moped


Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands December 13th 2010

I headed to the Cameron Highlands via the river this time, so had a nice leisurely 3 hour boat ride down stream, which was really nice and the surrounding jungle was stunning. Cameron Highlands is home to trekking and tea plantations, so I ventured out on 3 days of trekking and trail one was the best, it was a little muddy, but I managed to avoid it by walking the tree roots as all I heard was people sinking in the mud. At the end of the trail you have to do a bit of tree climbing as it gets a little steep. Unfortunately when I reached the top the clouds had gathered so saw absolutely nothing. The only problem with trek one is that it finishes in no mans land. After walking a few km's ... read more
Old England
Trail 1

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands November 29th 2010

Was für angenehme 21 Grad hat es hier in der Höhe der Cameron Highlands! Es regnet auch viel, aber nach langer Zeit in den Tropen kann man hier mal richtig durchatmen. Die Halsschmerzen, die ich seit 4 Wochen habe von den Klimaanlagen waren am ersten Tag wie weggeblasen. Jede Nacht kann man durchschlafen ohne Schweissperlen auf dem Körper. Herrlich. Und noch viel besser war die Unterkunft im nagelneuen Guesthouse 8 Mentigi in Tanah Rata. Saubere Zimmer und ein gemütliches Bett mit vernünftigem Bad zu einem ordentlichen Preis. Dabei wurde man so herzlich begrüsst, als würde man zur Familie gehören. Ein Dank an Smith, dem Chef! Es ist ein echtes Paradies. Dazu gab es kostenlos WIFI, eine gemütliche Fernsehecke (inklusive Erklärung von Smith zu den Bollywoodserien) und viel Unterhaltung. Am ersten Tag erkundete ich mit einer Tour ... read more
unser lustiger Guide Bob erklärt uns gerade in der Plantage alles Mögliche über Tee
Mein geniales Zuhause für 4 Nächte: Guesthouse 8 Mentigi
Auf dem Gunung Brinchang, dem höchsten Berg der Cameron Highlands

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Tanah Rata November 16th 2010

Bright and early, at 6am, our bus arrives to take us on the 4 hour journey to Cameron Highlands. We get on the minibus, very tired, and are pleasantly surprised to find out that we are the ONLY passengers on the bus for the entire ride! After Vietnam and Thailand, where they cram as many bodies on any moving vehicle as is humanly possible, this is a dream! We quickly separate, each taking a row of seats and dose off. After a couple hours the road gets windy and we enter the mountainous area. Luckily the winding road wakes us up because this is some beautiful scenery here! Our driver, not wanting to wake us, waits until we are awake before stopping for a break. Here, we sample strawberry coffee, which is not bad, as we ... read more
Workers in the field
Give me a 'T'
Look at this!

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands November 14th 2010

Mijn vorige blog, die met de foto's vanuit Singapore dan niet mee gerekend, vertelde ik dat ik het alleen reizen niet altijd even leuk vond. Aan de andere kant maakt je ook weer zoveel leuke dingen mee. Zo loop je in de Cameron Highlands en wil je de jugletrek niet in je eentje maken dus vraag je aan de mensen die voor je lopen of je met hun mee mag, blijkt het een enorme groep Christenen te zijn die een 'father and son' kamp aan het volgen zijn. Samen met de 25 vaders en zonen beklim je in ruim drie en een half uur een berg, allemaal zijn ze hartstikke lief en uiteraard wordt hun heerlijke lunch met jou gedeeld. Ook heeft er een, na mij te vragen of ik thuis naar de kerk ging en ... read more
Waar is die tropische storm dan?
Deepavali @ Batu Caves KL
Hoezo lekker??

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands November 14th 2010

Hi Guys, Penang to Cameron Highlands, Rickety old bus 2pm - 7pm 1500m above sea level, digs booked Father's Guest house! The last hour on the bus constantly climbing so high we were in the clouds. ( I think it's the closest Paddy's going to get to heaven ) The view was spectacular whilst watching the sunset through the window. When it got dark I was starting to get the nerves, it looked so remote and our lack of homework for this destination had that feeling of driving into the unknown!! Eventually we arrived at Tanah Rata, The driver from the guest house was waiting to pick us up from the bus station. Upon arrival to the guest house the driver said " your room is open get settled in first before checking in." The room ... read more
Tea Plantation
Tea Plantation
Tea Plantation

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