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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan June 22nd 2014

An hour and a halves boat trip from Bali and a stones throw away from Lombok, Gili Trawangan is one of the most amazing places I have been; it has everything: tranquility, peace, a good atmosphere, nightlife and crystal blue beaches. The seafood here is equally as good, which we have both adored. We went on an all day snorkelling trip around Gili Meno and Gili Air which was a highlight- swimming with three turtles literally 5 metres away from us and an array of fish. Gili Air is beautiful too, a lot quieter than Gili T and a bit more "honeymoon-esque", so naturally we stayed put on Gili T! Our snorkelling trip was £5 for a whole day 10.30-3pm and allowed us an hour for lunch/exploring on Gili Air. We've met some really lovely people, ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan May 11th 2014

Hello :) So I haven't written a blog in absolutely ages! Korea is now just my everyday life, so I never really feel like I've done anything exciting enough to blog about, and my previous holiday was Boracay where I'd been before and all I did was sit on a beach for 4 days so it would've been extremely similar to the Guam and previous Boracay blogs. So I've been waiting to do something that is worth writing about, and Indoensia was it! I hope you enjoy it :) We finished school on the Friday and as my friend Matt was staying, I went to the baseball and rank beer instead of packing! We got home around 9pm (Matt had already dug my rucksack out for me) and I had another beer whilst throwing clothes all ... read more
Katharine attracting all the sellers!
Peeky Owl chilling in the hotel
Sunset in Bali

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan April 4th 2014

Finally I am able to share the photos with you guys. Look for more photos of my trip last year. read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan March 30th 2014

We arrived from Bali on the speed boat safe and sound to the island of Gili Trawangan last Tuesday. The Gilis Islands actually consists of three small islands of which we are on the largest and most developed. Gili Trawangan is a very cool little island. Only a few kilometres long there are no cars or motorbikes. The only modes of transportation are foot, bike and horse & buggy! There is only one rough road that goes around the island with a few narrow lanes branching off. We rented bikes the other day and rode around the island. It was fun except there were a few spots where we had to push the bikes through sand so it was a good workout. When we arrived we hired a horse and buggy to take us to our ... read more
Our Lovely Pool
Horse and Buggy
Entrance to Our Little Courtyard

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan March 2nd 2014

Yesterday was very lazy. We walked towards the northern end of the island (took about 10 minutes) to the beach opposite the Horizontal Hotel, where our hotel said the best snorkelling was to be had. There were some very comfortable-looking sunbeds in front of a beach restaurant called Gili Café (wifi worked fabulously on the beach too) and we could use them for free if we bought drinks, lunch etc. No problem with this plan, except that the reef was quite dead there and so we had to walk a little bit further north, then drift down with the current. They are trying to encourage new coral growth with sunken metal cages through which an electric current is passed, which speeds the process up X4. Hothot day reading and swimming, fantastic views to Gili Meno, and ... read more
Bali7 008
Bali7 010
Bali7 012


Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan February 28th 2014

ATM info Part 2! If you do as I did and forget to take your card out it will be eaten by the machine, but do not panic! If you are sure this has happened, you can go into the bank (if it is attached to one) and they will open the machine for you and give it back. It won’t be cancelled. Of course, not a good idea if you think someone has taken it, although a UK debit card isn’t really any use to anyone. Sam still can’t remember her number ( and has been giving herself a hard time about it), and as the bank has reset it twice now she is all out of attempts and it is dead! She still knows the numbers, but not the order……. Ditto her credit card. ... read more
Funeral procession
Speedboat to Gilis
Sarong seller and customers

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan January 12th 2014

Tip: Do - go snorkelling Don't - attempt to find a place to swim. A wasted effort as the island is surrounded by coral! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When we got off the speed boat onto Gilli T we thought... yes - no cars or mopeds! The best way to travel is on foot or in our case, we hired bicycles. Again, we booked our accommodation on the last night in Uluwatu using - we spent the first two nights on the party side of the island (east) in a homestay. We scoped the island out and decided to try staying the last two nights on the quiet side (west - aka sunset beach). We went for dinner in Samba on our first evening, they did a lovely Indonesian noodle soup - Sean had chicken satay and nasi ... read more
Food market

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan October 30th 2013

Today we went on a snorkelling trip around the islands. This is about the strenuous thing we've done since being here. We had 3 separate sessions of the boat and saw lots of colourful fish although the reef itself wasn't too colourful. We also some turtles swimming under water which made it quite special. At lunch the girls ordered a potato salad that took the best part of an hour to arrive and when it did finally get to the table it was just a plate of boiled potatoes with some herbs sprinkled on them... Apparently this is an Indonesian version of a potato salad. We were tired after the snorkelling so we went back to the pool for a short rest before going out some drinks. It was an an early night though as the ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan October 29th 2013

Today we spent the afternoon topping up our tans by the pool. It's nice to relax a bit after doing so many activities. In the late afternoon we wen t paddle boarding which is a bit like an enlarged surf board that at first you sit on and then later stand up on and row yourself along with an oar. Louise did well at this and we went alone and also did it together. In the evening we went back to the good market for some authentic food before going and watching a band. At one point they did the limbo song and me and Louise both had a go, although Louise wasn't too successful at it.... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan October 28th 2013

The days on Gili are following a nice pattern, resting in the day and catching rays followed by an activity in the afternoon. The weather is so hot that it's too much to do anything else. So it was sunbathing poolside again today and then in the late afternoon we hired bikes for about 80p and went on a ride around the island. It's a very pretty landscape surrounded by clear blue waters. We had some lunch partway round and the cycled in to a spot called the Sunset bar. We spent an hour and a half here watching the sky change slowing from blue to orange, to purple and then black and got some fantastic photos during the time. That night Louise and I had a date night where she treated meal. We sat at ... read more

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