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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 18th 2014

Several weeks before Balinese New Year or Nyepi, youth groups get together and plan the construction of 'Ogoh-Ogoh'. They are giant, scary figures formed on bamboo frames, intricately woven with wire and then covered with paper mache. They are made in the form of creatures of the underworld known in Balinese as 'buta kala'. The creatures are based on characters taken from traditional myths and legends, however, in modern times many also take the form of modern characters. It is a challenging project and the first step is to raise the funds to pay for the project. On the eve of Nyepi, the figures are paraded around the streets, with main roads closed off, many people come to see the parade. It can take up to 30 people to carry one figure.Often electric wires have to ... read more
End of the parade
Gamelon and cymbal musicians

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Lembongan March 17th 2014

Wake up was at 6:30AM as we all decided to go snorkeling and scuba diving We got picked up at 8AM and headed out, and guess what, I went to my first international McDonald's. YUP, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER! McDonald's here in Bali is actually a classy restaurant as this place was 2 stories tall for people to sit in and eat. At 8:30AM, the place was packed when we got to it. But they had some items on the menu that made me curious (see pictures) CHICKEN MUFFIN and CHICKEN MCMUFFIN...I don't even. We headed east towards Lembongan Island and had to take a 40 minute boat ride in this dingy boat to get to the other island. The water is crystal blue (see pictures) like you see in the travel brochures. These roads ... read more
Prosperity Burger...
Semi Crystal Blue

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 17th 2014

The group decided today to go somewhere not on the beach but towards the mountains and we came across an activity where we can bike 25 KM's which is around 14-16 miles through Ubud's rice paddy fields. We left the house around 10AM and unfortunately, traffic was so bad through the island that it took about 3 hours + lunch to get to the destination. I like to take a moment and point out why EVERY DAMN BUG in this country is huge. I saw centipedes 6 inches and now this. Look at the was about 7 inches in length and chilling there. (see picture) We pick up our tour guide which was in charge of the bike tour and we agree to give him a ride anyway to the destination. As we are driving ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali March 16th 2014

Tyzden po navrate z mojho australskeho tripu vyrazam na svoj posledny. Cestou domov to beriem cez Indoneziu. Zo Sydney letim priamou linkou do Denpasaru - hlavneho mesta ostrova Bali, na ktorom zacinam svoje cestovanie. V Denpasare som sa rozhodla ostat par dni a pozriet si okolie. Ako prvu som navstivila najslavnejsiu a najkomercnejsiu plaz ostrova - Kuta Beach. Kedze som sa sem vybrala v marci, teda mimo hlavnej turistickej sezony, nebolo tu vela ludi. Plaz krasna, obrovska a pokojna. Trochu sice spinava vdaka vyplavenym odpadkom, ale nebolo to az take zle. Jedine, co mi tu naozaj prekazalo boli neskutocne otravni obchodnici, ktori sa snazia predat naozaj vsetko a za kazdu cenu. Ale toto patri k Indonezii, takze som si na to musela rychlo zvyknut. Oproti tomu velmi prijemnym zazitkom boli turisti z inych casti Indonezie, ktorych ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 15th 2014

Our holiday in Bali continues! This week we had the chance to catch a glimpse of family life in Bali. We were very fortunate and honoured to be invited to Ane's home (Ane is the lovely lady who sells drinks on the beach and supplies chairs and umbrellas to the tourists). She has become a friend and we enjoy sitting at her place for a few hours everyday and have some good conversations. She has picked up some english just by dealing with the tourists so we are able to visit quite well. Anyway, she wondered if we would like to come to her home and visit her family. Of course we jumped at the chance. Her husband and older son (17 yrs) picked us up at the beach and drove us a few kilometres on ... read more
Youngest son playing the drum
Ulundanu Temple
Tanah Lot Temple


Asia » Indonesia » Bali March 15th 2014

As I stepped off the plane at Denpasar Airport, I noticed it is absolutely humid with 55% and it was 90 degrees with chances of rain. We were all picked up by another friend and the first thing like in all Asian countries, people DO NOT obey traffic laws. There is constant honking and merging of lanes. For anyone that tells me ALL "INSERT STEREOTYPE" ARE BAD DRIVERS...come to Bali and tell me that. The city is very poor, dirt roads everywhere, stray dogs and cattle roam around the roads. People here acknowledge them, but no one bats an eye after these animals. (see pictures) On a side note, the bugs here are huge...size of half-dollars if you know what they are. After driving around for about 2 hours, we finally reached the villa here called ... read more
Streets 2
Streets 3
Streets 4

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida March 13th 2014

I boarded the fast ferry at Sanur to Nusa Penida, an island off Bali, upon the suggestion of a couple I met at my homestay in Ubud. They rented a villa there and thought we could spend time together. I had wanted to go to Nusa Penida and this was my big chance. The ferry is a fast, modern boat and takes 40 minutes to make the crossing, if the sea is calm. There is no pier at either end, so you roll up your pants, put your shoes in a big container, wade in and climb on the swim platform of the boat!!!! The island is green & lush, with tropical plants and flowers, white sand beaches and only one small inn, The Ring Sameton Inn, and bungalows near Crystal Bay. The Inn, where I ... read more
3 boys in a boat!
Fisherman collecting seaweed
lounge area at Ring Sameton Inn

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Lovina March 11th 2014

7 mars (Encore a Ubud...) A mon reveil, je decouvre un immense cafard pattes en l'air au pied de mon lit. Ouaip. C'est la deuxieme que je vois depuis mon arrive en Indonesie. La premiere etait minuscule et sortait de sous les chaudrons dans un restaurant de Kuta. Je me rappelle qu'a ce resto, on m'avait fait passer par les cuisines pour rejoindre les chiottes derriere. Bref. La lourde bete dont il est question ici est la, sur le plancher de ma grande chambre d'Ubud, morte de je ne sais quelle facon. Reglement de comptes probablement. Ca joue dur chez les blattes ici. Dommage que ca ne soit pas le cas chez les poulets colores aussi... car a 5h30AM, ils etaient tous a leur poste les poulets, les coqs en premiere ligne, comme la veille, a ... read more
Journee de priere
Couche de soleil a Lovina

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 8th 2014

Hello again from Bali! After a few weeks of hanging out at Kuta Beach, we find ourselves into a daily routine. It's funny how even on a holiday a routine seems to develop for us! We spend the morning enjoying our patio and pool while we do our social media and phone calls to family and friends. Next, we make the 20 minute walk to our place at the beach where we enjoy people watching, reading, talking with the local people and vendors and enjoying a few beverages. I had my eyebrows plucked the other day. You can get absolutely any service on the beach. Warren even had his ears plucked!! We have a late lunch on the beach at a local stand (noodle soup, rice & veggies etc). Some days I walk across the street ... read more
Hindu Offerings
Cremation Bed
Balinese musicians

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 7th 2014

5 mars Je quitte le quartier touristique de Kuta ce matin, alors que je me colle sur d'autres voyageurs dans un minibus inconfortable. Le vehicule s'eloigne de Kuta en traversant la cite mouvemente de Denpasar... pour se rendre a Ubud, un peu plus au nord de l'ile. Ubud. Il parait qu'on en parle dans le livre "Mange, Prie, Aime" de cet endroit, mais bon. Comme je ne l'ai pas lu et que je ne suis aucunement influence par ce bouquin... je ne pourrai pas vous dire si on y mange, y prie ou y aime. Bref. Mais je peux vous dire qu'on y voyage par contre. ... C'est apres une bonne heure et demie de transport que je pose mon corps suant devant le portique de chez "Donald Home Stay". Aucune idee c'est qui Donald en ... read more
Fontaines sacrees

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