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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Legian February 27th 2014

We left Sanur and headed off to our next destination of Ubud, a town regarded as the cultural capital of Bali. An hour long taxi journey took us inland, climbing steadily all the way as it set at a high altitude (Ubud was the location of the book “Eat Pray Love”, later turned into a film starring Julia Roberts). As we made the gradual ascent, it was wonderful to look out over the endless green paddy fields rolling on and on between the steep jungle ravines. With a little trepidation, we opened the imposing gates into the grounds of our next accommodation, the Bali Breeze bungalows ( They are located just off the noisy main road, opposite a busy petrol station and it didn’t seem like the same location we had carefully researched and selected beforehand. ... read more
Duck Satay Anyone?
Mount Batur and Beyond
Bali By Bike

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 26th 2014

I showed some views of Ubud sixteen posts ago. I returned there in June 2012 and paid what must be my 4th or 5thvisit to Ubud, mindful of the town’s fame as the centre of Balinese art. I bought some traditional paintings there twenty-five years ago, and this year visited with the intention of studying the art properly. I head the name Bali for the first time back in London in the Swinging Sixties. A girlfriend recounted how, travelling the ‘Hippy Trail’ she and a friend arrived in a new place and were dropped off at the market. She said that the king looked out of his palace and sent a servant to fetch the visitors to stay in the palace: which they did … for at least a week. She described a paradise and my ... read more
... and my second.
My second teacher
Mid Twentieth Century Painting

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 26th 2014

Stair rods - trapped! Unable to go anywhere right now unless we wear our attractive ponchos! Important info for travellers: the ATMs are quite unlike those in the UK. Last night, discovered my debit card was missing, last used in the ATM on the main road. Must have forgotten to take it out, but how? Discovered today when resorting to taking out cash with my credit card that the money comes out first, then a delay, then it says transaction over and asks you to exit. No sign of card until you press it - stressful, as it looks like the machine has eaten it, and very easy when chatting with your travel buddy to get over-excited by the appearance of cash and forget that you haven't got your card. No warning beeping. Sad face!!!! No ... read more
Banana overload at breakfast!
In a restaurant
Scary artwork!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 25th 2014

Transport arrived to pick us up from the hotel. Oldest. Minibus. Ever. We meandered through Legian and Seminyak, picking up folks and their huuuuge bags as we went. there was a seat for all passengers (7) but not so much room for our luggage, so we had our feet on a Chilean backpack for the entire journey. No, Sam would not move and sit in the back. Mimicked retching noises to reinforce the point. On arrival in Ubud, the driver said he wouldn't go down Monkey Forest Road - too much traffic, and the very forthright and not-helpful-at-all Dutch lady in the front said she would pay him the 10,000 requested to do so. Chorus of disapproval at this, led by us. The agent had said he would stop at 3 places along it, and others ... read more
Ubud market
Poor birds in cages at the guesthouse
Rice paddy and buddha in the restaurant

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 23rd 2014

Arma was opened by the Indonesian Minister for education and culture. It is more than a museum, it is a centre for visual and performings arts and provides opportunities for the visitor to enjoy the collection of paintings and temporary exhibitions. To name just a few of the work exhibited: classical Kamasan paintings on tree bark; pieces by Banian artists of the '30 and '40's; the only works to be seen on Bali by 19th century Javanese artist Bastman and German painter, Walter Spies. Foreign artists who lived and worked in Bali are represented by, Willem Hofker, Rudolf Bonnet, Adrien Mayeur de Merpres and Willem Dooijewaard. The buildings are Balinese style, amidst gardens, lotus ponds and fountains. There is also an Arma Resort, located on the grounds along with two restaurants. It is surrounded by lush, ... read more
Making our way to the purification waters
Balinese firedancer


Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta February 23rd 2014

Bali is very near to Australia. It is cheap in comparison. The laundry list in the hotel features 'singlets'. Not everyone feels it necessary to wear this garment for breakfast! We are always asked if we are Australian. There are three main obvious differences: We lie and fry in the sun all day, they stay in the shade We do not drink bintang from 10am and everywhere - in the street and in the pool (glass bottles!) We READ as we fry, not one Australian appears to have brought a book with them Kuta is most definitely the Balinese equivalent of Benidorm for the Aussies. I still like it though! We went down to the beach for the sunset - great atmosphere, really chilled.The sea here looks great for bodyboarding - maybe another time. The swimmers ... read more
Crowd on Kuta Beach for the sunset

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur February 19th 2014

We were glad when the journey was over and we finally arrived in Bali, Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination. One major difference here is that around 90% of the island’s 4 million inhabitants are Hindu rather than Muslim like the rest of the country. It’s fascinating to observe how this religion manifests itself into everyday life; the air is often thick with the dense, delicious smell of burning incense and beautifully ornate temples abound. The ramshackle pavements are permanently carpeted with thousand upon thousand small, square boxes hand crafted from banana leaves and containing offerings to the gods. These offerings could be anything from fruit or flower petals but many also contain weird things like rice, coconuts, mentos, spliffs (!!) or mini cheddars - honestly!! Our first stop was the bustling town of Sanur, known for ... read more
Rock and Roll......!!
Sanur - A Beautiful, Colourful Start
I Was Only Half Listening........

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Amed February 18th 2014

I was invited, by a few neighbors at my home stay, to join them and go to Badang Bai, a small village and a dive destination. You can also get the ferry to Lombok, Gilis and Nusa Penida islands from here. Our driver took the scenic route from Ubud and I enjoyed the many villages we passed through, and green rice fields, with Mt Agung very prominant. Mt Aguing is one of the highest volcanoes on Bali and adds some drama to the scenery. We each got a room at the 'Kerti Beach Bungalow'. The rooms were very clean and comfortable, overlooking the sea; had lunch at Kerti's restaurant, which was good. We walked down the road and up a hill and came upon the 'Blue Lagoon', a good size lagoon with turquoise water, white sand ... read more
'Blue Lagoon
Enjoying swim with friends
Kerti Beach swimming pool

Asia » Indonesia » Bali February 11th 2014

Greg’s feeling no better this morning and thankfully for me I sleep through his diarrhoea trips during the night, especially as our toilet has no door on it! I spend the afternoon chilling at the pool by myself, evening out the red patches, whilst Greg makes himself acquaintances with the porcelain bowl. I check on him a while layer and he's still not doing particularly well. I manage to convince him to go out to get something to eat to keep his energy up, but unfortunately the thought of eating most foods are making him feel pretty disgusting. One of the few things he feels he can stomach is pizza, so we head into a little trattoria across from our hotel. We look like those typical couples on holiday who have nothing left to say to ... read more
Reunited at last, the Asian contingent
rocking the pool look
Tut tut, naughty boy. oh wait, its not real

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 10th 2014

About a week after Christmas holidays had ended, we had a mid week day off due to a Muslim holiday. It was nice to have a short week as it helped us settle into our routines again. I ended up spending the whole day going from one spa treatment to another unintentionally. The day was kicked off with a facial, followed by a cream bath and ended with watching a movie at the premiere theatre where we watched The Life of Walter Mitty. I often head into Kemang on weekends. I go with two others to visit friends who work at another campus apart of our school. We sometimes go to coffee shops to work which makes for a great way to get work done. When it rains, it becomes cozier, making it a ... read more

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