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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 20th 2011

Today didn't really go to plan, not that I had much of a plan. The basic idea was to catch a bus into the city and try to find a road map and a pencil sharpener, however on getting to the bus stop I couldn't remember which number bus to get and as it was such a nice morning (the overnight rain had cooled everything down) I decided to go exploring instead. After following my nose for a couple of hours through the muddy streets of the Whitefields district of Bangalore I noticed that the temperature was rising sharply and the sun had burned through the hazy morning clouds so turned around and headed back. The pavements on the outskirts of Bangalore are pretty appalling so it had been a bit of a trek getting to ... read more
Team Photo
Friendly guy from reception

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 19th 2011

Day 2 in India and today was a lot hotter than yesterday 40 Celsius, sweltering! I've lost half a stone in sweat and I'm shattered, so this might not be a long entry. Today I went out around Bangalore which is a crazy place, so different from anything I've ever experienced, so many people, bikes and cars, it's manic. The hotel arranged for one of the hotel cars to take me out for the day, so I was guided around the city by Hemand who fortunately speaks very good English and is a friendly chap, so we got on. First stop was the Bangalore Botanical Gardens which is an amazing place which I haven't got the time or space to do justice to. The place is full of amazing plants, trees and birds, and strange people ... read more
Lalbagh Lake
Hindu Word for the Day
The Glass House

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 18th 2011

I’m here! Day one in India. Where should I start? The flights were pretty uneventful. The flight was delayed in Birmingham by an hour but arrived in Dubai on schedule (how do they do that?). I mostly slept through the four hour wait for the flight to Bangalore waking up only when they called my name over the tannoy, warning that the gate was closing! I was warned about Indian bureaucracy before I travelled, to expect to be checked several times getting into the country but I came in with no problem at all. No queues at immigration, my bag was waiting for me on the carousel, straight through customs and the first person I met was my escort to the hotel. This guy is the official meeter and greeter for the Zuri Whitefield where I’m ... read more
Terrace view West
Volvo Bus Depot
Manhole covers

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 14th 2011

With Bangalore playing Calcutta in Bangalore, the weekend I was in Mysore, I decided the opportunity was too good to miss and soon enough found myself inside the stadium after a quick early morning train ride. Well it wasn't that easy infact with all the tickets on-line and through agents selling out a couple of weeks before the game. But, I got lucky again, when while trying to purchase scalped tickets at 5 times their face value, a local informed me that they were about to sell 500 or so tickets that they always hold back until one hour before the game. Thanks to him I ended up getting two tickets at a cheaper price than what I had found on the internet. Bangalore and Calcutta were two top four teams and with the Jamaican Chris ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore April 17th 2011

We left you in the fort town of Kochin, an oasis of European flavoured, if very humid, calm. A very nice town but not an exciting one, we spent most of our time in cafes and tea shops watching the world go by. Shortly we trained our way to the town of Allepey slightly to the south, chatting on route to a middle aged Indian lady who had been in Channai to get a visa to visit her kids in America who told us about the Catholic church in Kerela. If there is one attractionsouth India is famous for, its the Kerelan Backwaters. So with as little ado as we could we hoped on a small chartered boat with with an Englishman we'd picked up at the hostel and spent a very pleasant morning weaving our ... read more


Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore April 11th 2011

10.April 2011 Reisebericht Nr.1 So, nach nun fast 3 Wochen unterwegs sein habe ich Zeit und Muse um meinen ersten Bericht zu schreiben. Die erste Woche diente einfach dem Ankommen, den ganzen Veränderungsstress hinter mir zu lassen und mich umzustellen auf Sonne und vor allem Wärme pur. Das erste Ziel nach der Ankunft am Flughafen Dabolim von Goa hieß Palolem. Während der Hochsaison zwischen Dez. und Feb. mittlerweile schon sehr überfüllt war es jetzt Ende März wundervoll ruhig und optimal. Wir fanden eine hübsche kleine Hütte direkt am Strand und das Rauschen der Wellen ließ uns die ersten beiden Nächte unruhig schlafen, doch nach kurzer Zeit waren wir daran gewöhnt und ich genoss die Kraft und den Klang des Meeres jeden Abend als ich im Bett lag. Als die Sonne unserer vom Winter geschwächten Haut zu ... read more
Palolem Beach
Krishna Tempel Hampi
Vitthala Tempel Hampi

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari April 2nd 2011

Having had a very disjointed night’s sleep on the train courtesy of our cabin mate the Indian lumber jack, I looked out the window, and surprise surprise saw more rubbish littering the line of the tracks. It was 6.30am and soon we would arrive in Bangalore City Junction station. It was time to mentally prepare myself for all the pleasures of the typical Indian city, the tour agents, hagglers, rickshaw drivers, all in sundry after a piece of my currency. By now I feel I have mastered the ability to be courteous and entertaining to them, yet stay firm and numb to their obvious poverty. I will never treat any person like a dog, yet I’m no Mother Teresa. Storm and I ventured off in hunt of a internet cafe, but being so early on a ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 19th 2011

You know, it is strange, but traveling on your own takes it out of you. And there comes a time you fed up of seeing dirt and garbage in the streets or seeing people just throwing it out of the train into nature, or having beggars following you all the time and Rickshaw drivers asking for three times the amount a journey would normally cost. If you face a troubled stomach on top of that, the culture shock is at its worst and you start hating everything around you. Especially getting into contact with people is so difficult as you never know what their intentions may be. In the end you get suspicious of everyone. BUT! I turned the corner now! I am so happy. Words cannot express how I feel right now. Because I have ... read more
Criket Mania

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 15th 2011

phheeewww, I finally got over health problems. You know, even if you just have stomach problems, it should not be too difficult. But if you have them in India, with hot and sticky weather it is just awful!!! We were staying in Mysore in this very nice hostel. After seeing the Maharadsha Palace, we had been to the temple on the top of the mountain the following day and we went to the Brindavan Gardens the next day. The usually film Bollywood movies there. Then we went to a restaurant and had dinner and did something we should not have done. We ordered fruits with ice cream. The ice cream was fine, but you should never order cut up fruit, not even in restaurants! And that was a mistake. All was still fine when we came ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore February 13th 2011

It was a bit of a spur-of-the-moment decision to visit Pyramid Valley, the "biggest meditation pyramid in the world" off Kanakapura Road. The parents had started getting a bit bored, and after the stresses of last week, I was ready for a little meditative therapy myself. We started off 15 minutes late as usual (I never can seem to get ready on time!). Left home (which is in JP Nagar 4th Phase) at 9.15. Our driver was driving, naturally - I don't have the guts to face Bangalore traffic! Cruised down Outer Ring Road, through the newly built and colorfully illustrated underpass at 15th cross. Really - is this what they took about 2.5 years to build? Down the road to where we turned into Kanakapura Road. Much of the middle of the road is taken ... read more
Meditation Pyramid
Shiva Pavilion

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