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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 26th 2012

I am very tired today; staying up so late blogging is not good for me! After lectures us girls and Gift (pronounced "jift") and Duan went to pick up our saris from the tailor and buy some accessories. I got earrings and bangles, and will be wearing my dress sandals that I bought. Apparently it's going to take 2 hours for us to fully get ready so we're going to ditch the entire afternoon workshop session to have time to prepare. Don't tell on us, 'kay? I'm going to go to bed now--it may only be 9:45 but I need my sleep and the bus leaves at 7am tomorrow morning (ugh). 'Night.... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 25th 2012

Eventually there will be a day when nothing really out of the ordinary happens and I'll have to resort to summarizing little things that I've noticed here and there but haven't really been able to fit into any other post. Today is not that day. The first half of the day was pretty normal. Exact same breakfast buffet as described earlier (except I tried watermelon juice). Lectures weren't excessively noteworthy except for the fact that our second lecturer ran 40 minutes over because he had gotten the wrong stopping time. I got to unicycle during lunch, yay! My hand pump to inflate Tweaker broke while I was trying to inflate the tire--not surprising since I paid only $2 for it plus shipping--but Keshav's friend had an air compressor in his car so I was soon tooling ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala July 25th 2012

I'm posting this six days late, but below is my experience registering with the Foreign Regional Registration Office: Good day comrades! I am sitting in a cafe, "The French Loaf" in Indiranagar as I write this. I've just ordered myself a coffee and a donut (quiet, gays!). No one here seems to know what a black coffee is, and no matter what you order, it's a cappuccino. Le sigh. I arrived at the FRRO this morning at 8:35; twenty minutes late. My assistants (yes, plural) from ISO were already waiting for me. They saved me a spot in line and had all of my documents completed. My only job, as explained by Lohith, was to stand in line and get my token. After that, I was to promptly report back to him for further instruction. To ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala July 24th 2012

Bonjour mes amis, I'm going to attempt to fit about a week's worth of adventure into one entry (Wednesday 7/11-Thursday 7/19). Since work has started I've been a bit burnt out... My schedule has been irregular because of a long Friday night and several early work mornings. Here's my attempt at relaying nine days worth of events: Let me start with some advice I received from my boss before I left: to state the obvious, being gay in India is not like being gay in NYC (duh). I was told, essentially, to leave out some key details of my personal life so as not to let the proverbial cat out of the bag. This advice was given from the heart; my boss wanted to ensure that my work would be judged on its merits and not ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 24th 2012

This post might be a bit shorter than the others as I am pretty tired and my A/C has decided to go on the fritz. I talked to the front desk and they sent someone up, but unfortunately he and I couldn't communicate. It's terribly frustrating, since I was talking to some of the guys from India on the bus perfectly fine, yet I just couldn't grasp the what this man was trying to say. He did say something about it being cool for 5 minutes, or something, but i just could not understand what he wanted from me. And I think he was frustrated that I didn't understand him. So I have no idea if/when they'll fix my A/C. :( The day started out a bit earlier than I expected: my 7:30am wake-up call came ... read more


Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 23rd 2012

Today was another solid day in my Bangalore trip. It started out quite early, around 4:30am or so, because my body still hasn't quite adjusted and decided that it had had enough sleep, thank you very much. I actually wasn't tired because my brain had gotten into the habit of sinking straight into deep REM the instant I fell asleep (thanks to excessive sleep dep.) so even though I only slept for less than 5 hours I was awake. Around 4:40 or so the islamic prayer came over the outside loudspeakers--a man's voice in a wailing, ululating cry that echoed a bit eerily around outside. Not that I really heard it over the howling dogs. Yes, that's right. People who have been here for a couple days inform me that every morning around that time the ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 22nd 2012

Whew! So much has happened already on this trip to Bangalore (or Bengaluru if you prefer) that I've decided to write a blog about it. This way my mom can keep careful track of me, my friends can see what hijinks I get up to, and maybe other people can benefit from the experiences I had traveling from North Carolina, USA to Bangalore, Karnataka, India. My flight schedule was: 2-hour flight from NC to JFK (Friay afternoon), 7-hour flight to BRU (arrive Saturday morning), 8-hour flight to Delhi (arrive Saturday night), then (next Sunday morning) a 2-hour flight to Bangalore. Since I did not book my own tickets--they are courtesy of my Smart Structures program--I didn't even notice that I was overnighting in Delhi for about 7 hours. Luckily I was traveling with two other participants ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 22nd 2012

The weather when we arrived in Bangalore was beautiful, perfectly cool and perfectly humid. We had some drivers to chauffeur us from the airport to our hotel in Ganga Nagar. THANK GOODNESS. I'll explain why in a bit. The vehicle of choice was a van similar in style to a VW minibus, but with a bit more headroom and squishy seats that could seat 10 people comfortably. We six participants piled in the back to peer out the curtained windows, our guides hopped in the front and we were off on our road adventure. And what an adventure it was. Anyone who has traveled to India knows: the traffic there operates on completely different rules than it does in the states. The white lines mean basically nothing. You drive in a mostly-straight line, use your horn ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala July 10th 2012

I've made it here... in one piece. Thank the deity (also known more commonly as Ina). I had a couple of ideas last night for names of my first entry. They all came to me on my cab ride from the airport to my apartment. The country (this area at least) feels similar to the Western Caribbean, with blocky, cement dominated architecture, similar food and sporadic packs of wild dogs (they're not dangerous... from what I hear). There are many things here that are direct imports from the West: one block we drove down had a series of signs for a McDonald's placed every few steps... McDonald's, 149 steps ahead! McDonald's, 113 steps ahead! McDonald's 86 steps ahead! McDonald's, on your right! But my favorite: a sign for Hot in Cleveland, Betty White's new show (the ... read more
kitchen/dining nook
living room
my shower

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala July 7th 2012

I just came back from a trip to Divine Euphoria, one of the most attractive weekend destination near Bangalore. Whenever we travel to any vacation places or picnic spots around Bangalore, I take down a lot of notes hoping to blog about it, but I hardly get time time once I get back home. Even though we have visited most of the popular weekend destinations around Bangalore and have taken hundreds of photos, I have published only a few so far. I am hoping to write about them all in the coming few months, once our kids start going to school after the vacation. Divine Euphoria is our favorite weekend destination and picnic location around Bangalore. Yesterday was our third visit to this amazing farmland picnic place, after I purchased a small plot there to build ... read more
Birds in the farmland
The boat house being built in Divine Euphoria
Hanuman statue at the famland

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