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Asia » China » Shanghai » Xuhui March 25th 2014

Most people who share a deep lust for travel tend to be extraordinarily optimistic, especially when it involves an adventure. As wanderers we're open-minded; seekers of the unknown whose thirst for the new and unfamiliar is nearly unquenchable! I admire this optimism: Once a few years ago on an island off Panama's Caribbean coast my friend and I were caught in a torrential downpour. I was sopping wet, a little cold, and pretty sure my camera was ruined. Yet, it was PERFECT. So perfect in fact that I stretched my arms outward, droplets bouncing off my palms, and raised my grinning face to the clouds. Without a care, my friend and I casted our drenched clothes aside and plunged into the warm dotted bay. Fast-forward to today. Location: Shanghai. It rained pretty much nonstop, I complained ... read more
Pagoda in Qibao
canals in Qibao
Guard dog

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen March 25th 2014

Last 6AM of this week as the class drove towards Shenzhen, immigration stop, blah blah blah. Today was different though. We went further into mainland China and there definitely is a different vibe. (see pictures) The places seemed a few years behind from Hong Kong and the immediate city of Shenzhen. Buildings just seemed a bit off and the infrastructure just was not all there. (see pictures) Our first company was Payton Technology and their parent company is Kingston. If that name sounds familiar, the company multinational computer technology corporation that develops, manufactures, sells and supports flash memory products and other related memory products. They gave us a tour of the facility of how to make memory and circuit boards. But it wasn't the biggest surprise... Our second company was TCL Multimedia and the company designs, ... read more
Mainland China 2
Mainland China 3
110 Inch TV PLEASE!

Asia » China » Guangdong March 24th 2014

February Apart from September (when we didn’t have a clue where we were and what we were doing), February has been one of the bleakest months in our Chinese travels so far. Why? I hear you ask. Well, let me explain. Firstly, we have the holiday blues after having a great time in Bali with great weather and great company (most of the time anyway lol). We only had 2 actual weeks holiday off compared to everyone else here who had a full month off, but that’s still long enough for us to get lazy and out of the habit of teaching. Secondly, our kids came back after the holidays as enthusiastic as we are, and it seems every classroom rule and word of English we have taught them has completely vanished into thin air. So ... read more
BBQ with friends
Panyu park for a day out

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen March 24th 2014

6AM. The alarm rings and I cannot believe I have a 2 hour bus ride, We had two classmates that showed up late to the bus and they had to sing for us. I included their American Idol tryouts here. I apologize in advance, but the videos are sideways as the phone was held sideways. GUN CLIFTON So we drove towards Shenzhen and we had to go through TWO immigration checkpoints. The Hong Kong side was all happy and loud, and as soon as you walk into the mainland China side, everything is organized, color oriented, quiet, and very strict. No smiles here and the officials went through each passport immaculately. NO PICTURES HERE. I was stopped at immigration because my middle name "K" appeared on the list and they did not like... read more
Shenzhen Smog
Booming Shenzhen 1
Booming Shenzhen 2

Asia » China » Hainan » Sanya March 24th 2014

Thursday March 20th, left Hong Kong for an hour and 30 min plane ride to Sanya China. Sanya is located on the Southern Tip of China and is the Florida/ Arizona of China. I stayed at The Renaissance Hotel. Beautiful hotel, it is isolated and about 50 minutes from the airport and 40 minutes from downtown Sanya. If you are new to traveling to China, I highly recommend you hire a driver who speaks english and book tours. The locals at the resort speak limited English and when hailing taxi's or in downtown china besides Hello or Bye Bye there is no English. Or start brushing up on your Mandarin :) .. The goal of this holiday was to see more of Asia and to just relax and enjoy the sun and beach. I did make ... read more
cucumber martini


Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA March 23rd 2014

We have experienced our first trip to the SOS clinic and hospital with Matthew. I had the dreaded phone call from Matthew's school on Friday afternoon to say he has had a little accident at school. He fell off the monkey bars in the playground and he can't move his arm, hand or fingers and his wrist is very swollen, they think he needs to go to hospital to see a doctor and get an Xray. I felt like challenge Anneka!!! Get passports, enough money, find a taxi......there is always a taxi outside of our apartments but today he was nowhere to be seen so I had to walk all the way to the main road and flag one down!! Then when I got to the school I couldn't find the sick bay sign on ... read more
Summer is here!!

Asia » China March 22nd 2014

We made a trip to Dalian today via driver to pick up three packages. It was all makeup and all wonderful. I know that a few family members that read this blog are makeup/beauty world/skincare fanatics as I am so I'm posting a few pictures. Ron bought me a Vegan Cuts (an awesome company with wondrous products) beauty sampler (they have a monthly vegan snack box and a monthly vegan beauty box, like Birchbox etc). They only ship their sets and boxes internationally. There's a new one up that we want badly, but we're being pretty tight fisted while saving up for our galavanting on both coasts of the U.S. Anyways, there's also a picture of our delicious Thai coconut curry. It's unreal. We're excited Colbert and Jon Stewart will resume their respective shows this Monday, ... read more
Wondrous brand
The aesthetics *_*

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou March 22nd 2014

Hello Everyone It’s been a month since the last blog but not much has really happened in that time that has been overly exciting to write about. I’ve been covering some classes for people on holiday which have all gone well. For most of April I will be covering holiday at the other center in Hangzhou the Wulin center where I did the first lot of Winter Phonics Camp. It has made me slightly stressed as I have to plan lessons for classes I don’t know but I guess once they are done, they are done and if they are good I don’t have to worry about planning that lesson again. I got my confirmation a few weeks back about my transfer to Guangzhou. So my last day at the Xiaoshan center will be Monday 12th ... read more
On the pretty bridge
Leifeng Pagoda
Leifeng Pagoda

Asia » China » Hunan » Xiangxi March 21st 2014

Introduction The Phoenix Ancient Town is located in Xiangxi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture,Hunan Province,and also border on the southwestern Guizhou Province and the West Songtao, Tongren County.It is one of the smaller counties in Hunan,but now it is known as the most beautiful ancient town for its long history and well-preserved appearances.The name of Phoenix town mainly derived from the Phoenix Mountain which is in a phoenix shape. The Phoenix town today consist of 5 zones and 27 townships. With 300,000 people, which is a multi-ethnic County with Miao, Han, Tujia, and so on. The County is in sub-tropical moist monsoon climate,and the average annual temperature is 15.9 ℃. Phoenix is not only rich in natural resources,beautiful mountains and rivers, but also possessing many scenic and historical sites. Next are 9 famous spots in the ... read more
Phoneix Town
Phoneix Town

Asia » China » Xinjiang March 21st 2014

I still can’t believe it’s over. It’s actually been a while now. After cycling from Gansu Province to Xinjiang, then on to the Stans , Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, I am back with Becky in Beijing, China. I have a good job (back to teaching) and surprisingly often enough the sky is amazingly blue over the city. Of course there isn’t a single day when I don’t day-dream of being back on the saddle, with the wind in my hair, the sun baking my forearms. I miss the road and everything that came with it: the spectacular mountains, the never-ending deserts, the silent nights of camping behind a dune or by a blue river at high altitude, the elements I faced alone in my poncho (ha!), the flabbergasted looks on people’s faces when ... read more
I could stop my bike anywhere I wanted to enjoy the scenery
best place to camp!
a group of Uzbek students around my bike

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