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Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou June 23rd 2014

Hi All, I think I may have walked a little too far yesterday as my legs were aching today. A short ferry ride away, over the Pearl River, from my hostel is Shamian Island. This is a man made island. As with a lot of the older buildings in this part of China they all date from the European colonization of Asia. This part of the city was given as a concession to The British and The French after the 2nd Opium Wars. Britain had long been illegally importing opium into China, as the Emperor made it illegal towards the end of the 18th Century. In the early 19th century the Qing government finally put a stop to the trade by blockading Guangzhou and burning the opium. The British furious at the loss of income sent ... read more
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Asia » China » Xinjiang » Kashgar June 23rd 2014

Hey everybody! This is my first blog entry, so it is not perfect, photos will follow soon! I am right now still in Kashgar at the extreme west of China, and it seriously doesnt really feel like the good old China back in Nanjing. This is Central Asia in all but name. Turkish population, desert landscape, islamic prayer calls all over the day and dont even try to get your get your Gong Bao Chicken around here! But i am staying at this lovely Hostel just across the street from the main mosque, which offers an amazing rooftop perfectly fit for engaging in late night disussions about the capitalism, happiness and virtue...if you know me well, you will understand I find it hard to leave! The Road to Och in Kirgyztan will be a little bumpy, ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu June 23rd 2014

18/6/14 I went 2 a chinese physio who works wih meridian lines, acupoints and the flow of energy. He was pushing his elbows into my knees and then did a weird toe thing (I hate ppl touching my feet) he pulls the ties till they nearly pop out then clicks his fingers on them. It was horrible. But just b4 going in he made me walk up some stairs. It was hard and I was limping.Then after the massage/pain I fliction he made we walk up them again and there was no limp. It was incredible.Well worth the pain and 100rmb (£10). 19/6/14 Did another circuit with chris the mma guy, its high heart rate and big fat burning. So doing this regularly shud make a huge difference. He is doing a class 2moz after power ... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 23rd 2014

Monday we had a tase of what water day at Teda Internation School was like............oh my goodness what a fun day it was!!! The staff worked so hard over the weekend to get everything ready, it was amazing!! There were 8 different areas or stations as they call them! 1 - The BIG swimming pool! 2- The House team activity...........4 large buckets/bins of water, they had cups, a small bucket and sponges to transfer water to small box only cups and bucket had holes in!! 3 - bench walk - children took turns to walk along while other children throw wet sponges at them!! 4 - water guns!! - 2 small pools each armed with water guns!! 5 - slippery Waterslide!! To fly like superman!! 6 - Get your friends and teachers!!! Take turns to throw ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Anshun June 23rd 2014

Předposlední víkend v semestru jsem chtěl věnovat buď poutní hoře Emeishan v Sichuanu, nebo oblasti u Shaxi kousek za Dali. Ale s čínským kamarádem Mingem jsme se dohodli, že pojedeme spolu do města Anshun v provincii Guizhou - je to jen šest hodin vlakem, na Čínu co by kamenem dohodil. Lístek jsme měli na sedm ráno, takže jsem musel vstávat v pět - kdo mě zná, tak tuší, jak jsem z něčeho takového nadšený. Na nádraží nám řekli, že vlak nejede. Sice je to neobvyklé, ale prostě nejede. Žádné zdůvodnění, žádné kompenzace. Naštěstí nám vyměnili lístek na nejbližší další, tj. v deset hodin. Takže jsem mohl spát do osmi, ach jo! O Guizhou (贵州) se dost trefně říká, že není tří dní, aby během nich nazapršelo, není tří mil, aby na nich nestál kopec, a není ... read more
Nejlepší ulicí v Anshunu
Jak jíst Siwawy (丝娃娃)


Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 21st 2014

(part 1) This is our second time living as an expat. Our first place was in Ghana, West Africa - we were there 2 years. It was a totally different experience to here in China. For starters we did not live in an expat community. This was very hard as we stood out being the only white family living there - everyone knew us!! we lived in a big house, all one level. But we had no running water or electricity so had to rely on a very noisy generator. It was not a safe place for me to drive around. I used one of the drivers from my husbands company once a week but the rest of the time I spent at home with Matthew who at the time was 6 months old, 2 years ... read more
Our new fish tank

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 21st 2014

(part 2) We like taking the boys out to play areas or park/grass areas and tonight we found a new place to play - I have no idea how we missed this place. There is some very tall buildings with a shopping malls and restaurants, almost in a square shaped area and there was a large garden area with a little river running though right in the middle of all these tall buildings! There were lots of Chinese families out, children playing and running around. It was so nice to see. The boys spent an hour running around with the other children, crowds of people watching the boys running!! Everyone was so friendly. we are very lucky to have our driver Mr Lv. He has been a God send. He takes us to and from school/nursery ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Hami June 21st 2014

18.6.14 DUNHUANG UPDATE: This afternoon visited the famed sand dunes 6 km out of town. Quite spectacular against the vibrant blue sky. The focal point is the Crescent Lake and Oasis. Quite beautiful. The were camel trains for tourists to climb the dunes. The camels in convoy looked impressive, picture Lawrence of Arabia! GRAVEL CAMP: 19.6.14 Distance: 120 Kms SubT. 2826 Kms Bal 9,655 Kms Road Condition: ok, then gravel strewn by last night's storm. Strong and constant head wind. Weather: pleasant early, then storm. Campsite hot, reflected off rock! Time in Saddle: 6.5 hrs Av Speed: av. 18 kph. Av Cadence. Rpm Elevation: 1000 m : Decent 150m Calories burned : excessive. Now a shadow of my former self. Am eating but makes little difference! Last night we ate dinner at the market, tasty skewers ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 19th 2014

French concession Communist party history museum Propaganda museum Silk factory/store Old Shanghai market space Acrobatic show... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 19th 2014

White House art gallery and center Buddha temple Shanghai museum and urban planning center... read more

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