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Asia » China » Xinjiang » Korla June 28th 2014

TURPAN : WEDNESDAY 25.6.14. REST DAY. ( apologies if this first comment previously posted. Cannot recall!!) Western China has its own local time zone as well as Beijing time. Local time is 2 hours behind Beijing time. More confusing than Queensland Summer/ daylight saving time. TDA is working on Beijing time. Apparently the provided breakfast was beyond description in a negative way, so passed, and went to John's Place for a slow delivered meal of pancake and yogurt, mushroom omelette, banana smoothie. It sounds better than it was! Afterwards a few of us hired a van and went to the local winery, Chateau Tuoling, not far out of town. Very impressive operation, similar to the larger Barossa Valley wineries, in size and amenity. After viewing the cellar and displays we sampled their white and red wines. ... read more

Asia » China » Xinjiang » Turpan June 25th 2014

TURPAN TUESDAY 24 JUNE 14 Distance: 96 Kms SubT. 3,500 Kms Bal 8914 Kms Road Condition: highway. Good Weather: fine, cloudy and moderate wind. Time in Saddle: 4 hrs Av Speed: av. 25 kph. Elevation: 350 m : Decent 750 m Calories burned : 5000 Left our marvellous hotel at 7 am. Room was best on trip. Pity to leave it so early. The ride today was relatively short, good road, reasonable head wind. Today we road below sea level, meaning that the only meaningful direction is up! Within the next 3 weeks we climb to over 4,500 metres. Winding around the streets of TURPAN to the hotel was pleasant. The entrance was along a colonnaded, tiled road, with overhanging vines. Ate lunch at John's Cafe, a chain in DUNHUANG, TURPAN, & KASHGAR. No John in ... read more

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou June 25th 2014

Hi All, A cool 14 hour train ride from Guangzhou to Haikou. It was OK as I had a bed so I slept a good part of it. The coolest part of the journey was when they put the train on the ferry. I had a really relaxing few days here in Haikou. Although it is the provincial capital it has very much a small city feel with really chaotic traffic and markets and rubbish. I spend a great day on holiday beach and spent the other days relaxing and reading. On my last day I went to visit a temple. There's something strange about the Chinese architecture in this tropical setting. Enjoy the photos Jah Bless... read more
Beach (1)
Five Lords Temple (9)
Five Lords Temple (16)

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 25th 2014

Today was Grade 1's "goodbye/good luck/happy holidays" party!! The class teacher Miss Derly is leaving this summer, going back to USA and a lot of the children are leaving to go back to their home country for good. So tears all round!!!! A bitter sweet day......Happy to start the summer holidays but sad to say good byes!! We had a lovely party though, lots of much food, it's a Chinese thing!! The children were busy taking photo's and signing each others year books. Now we have 7 long weeks of summer fun!!!!... read more
New friends..........

Asia » China » Guangxi » Liuzhou June 25th 2014

Accidentially run into the Zhongdu Temple Fair when I was looking for a retreated place from the hot and humid weather, just wanted to lay low for a while from the heat! Zhongdu sound great from what I read from internet, an old village with small street and lane for wandering, especailly the piers along the river, huge trees with shade and quiet environment. the small hilltop in town where stood an old fort and provided superb viewpoint! The surrounding also claimed some wonderful landscape with caves and waterfalls, main aim for this journey is to watch the world-cup final, as there was no full broadcasting in Hongkong. beside...the heat really stop me from exposed myself in the open too much! The Lunar May 28th is a date for the Cheng-Huang Temple Fair in many ... read more
Temple scene
Temple scene
the parade


Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou June 24th 2014

Hi All, A pleasent trip up the river on the ferry, so cheap only 2 rmb, 20p, to The Canton Tower. The tallest building in China. I went with a fellow traveller, Hiro from Japan. Hiro's been coming to China since the 80s. He says when he first came here everyone wore Mao suits and there was no money just tickets to exchange for goods in the state run shops. How things have changed. He has travelled all over the world and told me some great stories. So I went up to the observation deck, Hiro said it was too pricey 150 rmb. There are some great views of the city and there's a glass floor you can walk on and look down, boy is that weird. Enjoy the photos Jah Bless... read more
20140620_1211062014-6-23 15.21.45

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou June 24th 2014

Hi All, I dusted of the museum walk whilst looking around The Mausoleum of The Nanyue King. First though an exhibition of ceramic pillows, which really look like a form of torture. Different designs were made and some were thought to influence dreams. How anyone got to sleep with their head on one of these I'll never know let alone dream. On to the tomb. A cousin of the Emperor was sent south in around 200BC to quell a rebellion. The cousin liked it so much that he stayed and made his own kingdom and called himself an Emperor. There's a splendid jade funeral suit, one of which I've also seen in Zhengzhou. His concubines were buried as a sacrifice along with some servants too. I'm not sure if these people were just buried alive or ... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 23rd 2014

Monday we had a tase of what water day at Teda Internation School was like............oh my goodness what a fun day it was!!! The staff worked so hard over the weekend to get everything ready, it was amazing!! There were 8 different areas or stations as they call them! 1 - The BIG swimming pool! 2- The House team activity...........4 large buckets/bins of water, they had cups, a small bucket and sponges to transfer water to small box only cups and bucket had holes in!! 3 - bench walk - children took turns to walk along while other children throw wet sponges at them!! 4 - water guns!! - 2 small pools each armed with water guns!! 5 - slippery Waterslide!! To fly like superman!! 6 - Get your friends and teachers!!! Take turns to throw ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Anshun June 23rd 2014

Předposlední víkend v semestru jsem chtěl věnovat buď poutní hoře Emeishan v Sichuanu, nebo oblasti u Shaxi kousek za Dali. Ale s čínským kamarádem Mingem jsme se dohodli, že pojedeme spolu do města Anshun v provincii Guizhou - je to jen šest hodin vlakem, na Čínu co by kamenem dohodil. Lístek jsme měli na sedm ráno, takže jsem musel vstávat v pět - kdo mě zná, tak tuší, jak jsem z něčeho takového nadšený. Na nádraží nám řekli, že vlak nejede. Sice je to neobvyklé, ale prostě nejede. Žádné zdůvodnění, žádné kompenzace. Naštěstí nám vyměnili lístek na nejbližší další, tj. v deset hodin. Takže jsem mohl spát do osmi, ach jo! O Guizhou (贵州) se dost trefně říká, že není tří dní, aby během nich nazapršelo, není tří mil, aby na nich nestál kopec, a není ... read more
Nejlepší ulicí v Anshunu
Jak jíst Siwawy (丝娃娃)

Asia » China » Tianjin » Zhunhua June 23rd 2014

ROCKY CAMP. 22.6.14 Distance: 150 Kms (73ks) SubT. 3266 Kms Bal 9,211 Kms Weather: fine, a little overcast making it pleasantly cooler. Time in Saddle: 3 hrs Av Speed: av. 22 kph. Elevation: 1,000 m : Decent 225 m Calories burned : 5000 The scenery today was inclined flat (3%), distant mountains some snow capped, and otherwise rocky, sandy riverbed looking land. Uninspiring. Laid awkwardly on my injured shoulder last night resulting in a bad neck and headache by mid morning, so retreated to the van, after all, that's its purpose. I believe I made the right decision, as head became worse as afternoon progressed. Consumed two cups of revitalising chicken broth with veg and rice, which helped the recovery. Starting to wonder whether I am up to this trip. Finding it very arduous, now that ... read more

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