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Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou June 19th 2014

Hi All, It seems like an age since I've done a blog. So the summer holidays are here 10 weeks off... Yay ! So places to go and people to see. I'm going to travel around southern China to see new places and to meet up with friends who are working in Guangdong province First port of call Guangzhou. The train from Shaoyang arrived on time at 8a.m. Checked into the hostel and then out and about. I went off in search of the Guangxiao Temple. A pretty buddhist temple with some really spectacular trees. I don't think I've seen trees so big. A busy temple with lots of people praying and burning insence. I then went off in search of the mosque. This is the site of the oldest mosque in China and was apparently ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Shunyi » Baixinzhang June 19th 2014

On Monday, May 19th, 2014, we had a nice field trip, we went to HuNan, HuNan is a city of China, we took 3-4 hours bus to the train station, and took 5-6 hours train, then we final arrived ChangSha of HuNan. We just slept in ChangSha a night, so we didn't play at ChangSha. The second day, we got up very early, because we needed go to Phoenix Town quickly. Phoenix Town is a busy town, a lot of people lived there. When we arrived Phoenix Town the first thing we saw is a big phoenix sculpture. There had many delicious snacks in Phoenix Town, like ginger candy, dry kiwi...we also saw them making ginger candy, it looks very interesting. In Phoenix Town, there had a lot shop beside the load, so it was very ... read more
Hong Bridge
Cable Car
Hong Long Cave

Asia » China » Qinghai » Xining June 19th 2014

Xining It was another cold day, but no rain. There was a huge traffic jam getting out of town due to a car-truck crash blocking most of the road. Then there was the slow Chinese Army convoy of about 500 trucks going down the road. We spent about 40 miles passing the trucks. The road crossed high yak pastures and two 12,000 ft. passes and a 12,200 ft. tunnel. There was new snow from yesterday and the temperature on top was 36 F. Fortunately, we traveled a day ahead of schedule, or we would have been caught in the next snow storm. This area is near Tibet, and the terrain and people look like Tibet. Xining is a large city with strong Tibetan influence. We visited a Tibetan style monastery with huge golden Budas and a ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 19th 2014

French concession Communist party history museum Propaganda museum Silk factory/store Old Shanghai market space Acrobatic show... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 19th 2014

White House art gallery and center Buddha temple Shanghai museum and urban planning center... read more


Asia » China » Gansu » Zhangye June 18th 2014

Zhanghe After a few desert days we got to ride in cold and rain to Zhanghe. It was probably the coldest day of the entire trip. (The next day was noticeably colder, but dry). There is a nicely restored fort and the western end of the Great Wall. The western end is small and unimpressive compared to the wall further east.... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu June 18th 2014

18/6/14 Well I am taking the morning off due to my knees being buggered and also I have the shits. I feel pathetic coz I have taken time off but i guess I have 2 do this 2 recover. Every1 tells me 2 take the time off but I feel like I will miss vital training time and also I feel like I will loose respect from the master. I think we r bonding well just now and I dont want him 2 think im slacking, coz im not, im just in quite alot of pain. I can hear every1 training outside. So I am outting headphones on and watching V for Vendetta. I hope every1 is well.... read more

Asia » China » Gansu » Dunhuang June 18th 2014

DUNHUANG. WEDNESDAY. 18.6.14 Dunhuang is an appealing city, a small, modern central CBD, offering reasonable fashion shopping, a variety of supermarkets and liquor stores, and a few outdoor shops. It is promoted as the gateway to the Silk Road and pictures of camels abound. The city didn't appear to be very busy, perhaps it was siesta time. Western China does gave a two hour siesta period in mid afternoon. Many shops appear to stay open until 10 pm. There is a tourist dining street, with the roadway lined with tables and chairs, bordered by hot coals' BBQs grilling lamb and chicken skewers, selling recently baked hot bread and veg. You must eat the bread when it is served hot, as when it 's cooled it is hard like concrete. This street food wasn't cheap. The lamb ... read more

Asia » China » Gansu » Dunhuang June 18th 2014

18.6.14 DUNHUANG UPDATE: This afternoon visited the famed sand dunes 6 km out of town. Quite spectacular against the vibrant blue sky. The focal point is the Crescent Lake and Oasis. Quite beautiful. The were camel trains for tourists to climb the dunes. The camels in convoy looked impressive, picture Lawrence of Arabia!... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 17th 2014

Since living in China, the only real problem we have had is Matthew (who is 7) not willing to try new foods here. We have been to some lovely restaurants both Chinese and western but the only thing he eats is pizza and pasta. We have been to MacDonalds so many times we could buy shares with them!! When in supermarkets back in England it is easy to find new and exciting things to eat and cook but here its a new world to me.....I have no idea of most packets, jars and containers etc in Tesco here!! After speaking with other parents at school and where we live it seems we are not the only ones with this problem. A lot of the parents hire someone to come to there home and cook Chinese food ... read more

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