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Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA February 19th 2014

I made it across the road in one piece!!! It took me 10mins to cross the road but I got there in the end!!! I was hoping to follow some people across the road but typical no one was walking!! I took a few photo's as the road as it is so wide! It has been a really nice day, had a good look around Tesco as there were less people there today. I found some great books today to help us learn some Chinese words and then I found a great little play area. it was like a mini Wear M Out like back home. William had a great time running around, it was a little like being in a fish bowl though!!! Crowds of people watching him, the more they spoke to him the ... read more
Busy Road!
Busy Road!
The same busy road!!

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA February 17th 2014

I think it is going to be one of those days or even weeks! Here are a couple of things that I would not have thought of it hadn't happened today!!! I thought I would adventure out today after the school run without my driver as I know he is quite busy so I got him to drop me off at a shopping Mall that I knew quite well to buy the only best bread we can find in Teda then I would get a taxi to a supermarket Tesco (same as UK) which I probably could walk but the roads are soooooo busy early in the morning, safer to get taxi. Then from Tesco it is about a 10-15min walk back to apartment. Easy.............. NO NO NO..........That would be easy! My driver dropped me and ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Qingdao February 16th 2014

Introduction Lying on the south coast of the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is a city of picturesque red-tiled roofs nestled between green hills and blue sea. The mild climate, the bathing beach, and Mount Laoshan make Qingdao a popular health and holiday resort, particularly in summer when visitors come here in droves for sightseeing and escaping the heat.Qingdao is also an industrial city and a major foreign trade port. Its mineral water, wine, and excellent Tsingtao Beer are world-famous. Among the local arts and crafts, shell carvings are especially popular with tourists. Geographic Location and Natural Environment Qingdao is located at the southern tip of the Shandong Peninsula (35'35' ~ 37'09'N, 119'30'~ 121'00'E). It is characterized by a unique blend of sea and mountains and a pleasant climate. Qingdao has a total coastline (including its isl... read more
Sailing boat
Zhanqiao pier
May 4th squre

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA February 15th 2014

It has been a really busy first week in China! We went for our medical on Monday.........NEVER AGAIN! It was not an experience I would like to do again. We had a nice Chinese lady that came with us to help fill out all of the many forms. Our fantastic driver also came with us to help. It was a busy waiting room, we felt and looked like a fish out of water!! Then we followed the lady out to a very long and busy corridor, she pointed to me to enter a room. I went in and was faced with my worst fear! Blood test room was first. The lady did not look gentle and proved me right! She couldn't find my veins and ended up just sticking needle in after a few hard slaps ... read more
First day

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA February 15th 2014

A few photos of things we have seen for the Chinese new Year............ read more


Asia » China » Shanghai February 14th 2014

Hi All, I had a short layover in Shanghai last night, before travelling back home to Shaoyang, so I took the opportunity to see the lovely lanterns in The Old Town. The colours were really amazing but boy was it busy! I was slightly mystified as to why there was The Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and even God makes an appearance dressed in red robes! It's good to be finally home after a long trip. Enjoy the photos Jah Bless... read more
Pudong Skyline

Asia » China » Hangzhou February 13th 2014

I’m really not sure where to start. Having 2 weeks off for Chinese New year couldn’t have come at a better time. I was able to switch off reground myself (before flying up and down the country haha) and actually start to settle into the Chinese life that I have been thrown into. So let’s begin this week’s blog of events/trials and tribulations Home is where the heart is: It always happens that when you are the furthest from home, when there’s nothing you can do but watch/read things happening that you really feel at the lowest point. Receiving the email that my mum went in for surgery and there were complications but then having to email a million different people to find out what is actually going on creates an uncontrollably panic deep ... read more
Hong Kong Island
heading in

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou February 11th 2014

Omdat wij geen toegang tot Facebook hebben (verboden in China), proberen we familie en vrienden op deze manier op de hoogte te houden. Zoals jullie weten hebben wij besloten om een jaar lang op avontuur te gaan in China. Het woord avontuur betekent volgens de Van Dale een reeks spannende belevenissen. Spannend begon al op Schiphol. Wij hadden namelijk te veel kilo’s ingepakt. Een aantal koffers moesten helaas achterblijven. Toen we aankwamen in China was het overdag 6 graden. Nu denk je dat valt wel mee. Maar in het zuiden van China is er geen verwarming, dan is het overal 6 graden. Het is in 5 jaar niet meer zo koud geweest. Onze dochter van net 1 jaar hield het niet uit. Zij moest steeds huilen en wij maakten ons erg veel zorgen. Dus hebben we ... read more

Asia » China February 10th 2014

Alright, I'm not uploading all of the ones that Graham sent but picked ones with us in it and a few so you could maybe put a few names and faces together. Also, some of them were way too embarrassing. Ennnnjooooyyyyy... read more
A few of us
Graham & Cassie
Graham's cake

Asia » China » Guizhou » Guiyang February 9th 2014

Aqui os copio la informacion general de Guiyang , y podeis ver tambien el mapa de China y donde voy. Parte sur, cerca de la provincia de Yunnan (China) y tambien cerca de Vietnam. - ------------------------------------- IMPORTANTE: si quieres saber cuando actualizo mi blog, te puedes suscribir para recibir notificaciones automaticas: Para ello, en la parte derecha de la pantalla, debajo del cuadro donde aparece mi foto y mis datos, hay otro cuadro que pone: BLOG OPTIONS, pinchar en SUBSCRIBE. Te pide tu nombre, y confirmacion de tu email. En principio creo que no tendreis problemas para recibirlos pero sino me decis. Por fin hoy, ya tengo internet en el laptop en mi habitación. Me ha ayudado un mexicano de mi clase a configurarlo. Hay muchas cosas que contar, por lo que cuento desde que ... read more
en la ciudad de GUIYANG

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