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Asia » China » Sichuan » Sichuan-Tibet Highway June 27th 2012

I had a great day visiting an amazing and friendly village with a gorgeous monastery. The monks are very open and friendly there; I felt they liked to see us around. We witness their classes and debates. They open some of their building for us. I meditated while monks made their chanting on top of a mountain. Then I burn my school uniform covered with the dark red cloth from the monks uniforms. Some monks helped me to do it, while Marcelo shoot in video for me forgetting to do close ups and not managing well the focus over the fire in some scenes. But it was a great moment. Then he blamed me for not telling.What sort of director are you, if you are not telling me or asking me what you need, he ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Sichuan-Tibet Highway January 3rd 2012

It was a pretty old town.... read more
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Chinese Candy
Chinese Candy

Asia » China » Sichuan » Sichuan-Tibet Highway November 21st 2011

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past a couple of weeks, however this past weekend we got to travel to Western Sichuan and visited and stayed at a Ganbu Tibetan Fortress. However before we went to the Fortress, we all went to the Maoxian orphanage school (Jet Li founded and donated a lot of money this orphanage) they were around 90 Tibetan Orphans who were affected by the massive earthquake in 2008. We all pooled in our money to buy each child some winter gloves and hats. The kids were really excited to hang out us. We taught them some English songs and words like “Lizard” and “Monkey” then we played duck duck goose with them. We played with them for about 2-3 hours until we piled back into the bus and went to the Ganbu ... read more
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Asia » China » Sichuan » Sichuan-Tibet Highway September 24th 2010

It was getting to the end of my time in China and being familiar with the Chinese world of rice fields and mountains, I was eager to see some of the west of the country. Here, the landscape becomes harder, Chinese culture merges into Tibetan and the modern world hasn't quite kept up. To Visit Tibet proper, foreigners are currently required to obtain special permits, for which you are usually required to travel on an organized tour. To save time and money we decided to save 'real Tibet' for another time, and instead take a trip along the southern branch of the Sichuan-Tibet highway, through western Sichuan into Yunnan province, along some of the 'worlds most dangerous roads'. It’s a decision I don't regret and the awe inspiring, bum-numbing journey was both beautiful and interesting. It ... read more
High street
Tibetan world
Holy Mountain

Asia » China » Sichuan » Sichuan-Tibet Highway October 24th 2009

Nachdem ich auch in der zweiten Nacht auf 4000 m Höhe mit höllischen Kopfschmerzen aufwachte, zweifelte ich nicht mehr an meiner Entscheidung, den Rückzug anzutreten. Ich hatte am vorherigen Tag mein Ticket gekauft. Da hierbei die Verständigung hauptsächlich mit Händen und Füßen lief, war ich mir nicht sicher, ob die "700", die mir der Verkäufer auf dem Taschenrechner gezeigt hatte, wirklich für Abfahrtszeit 7 Uhr morgens stand. Sicherheitshalber war ich schon um 6 Uhr am Busbahnhof und konnte einen der klarsten Sternenhimmel betrachten, den ich je sehen durfte. Als der Bus schließlich um Punkt 7 seinen Motor startete war ich froh, dass er nur zu zwei Dritteln gefüllt war und ich zwei Sitze für mich hatte. Leider war das ein Trugschluss, denn nachdem der Bus nochmal eine Runde durch den Ort fuhr, stiegen an einer anderen ... read more

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