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Africa » Zambia September 24th 2012

A client lion walk to begin with today which have there good and bad points. Unfortunately your not allowed to take your camera on these and of course that's when the best opportunity of photos occur. But there's is a sense of importance as we have to lead the group out around the park. All the newbies got a tour of town in the mid session were I booked my rafting for Tuesday. After lunch it was time to say goodbye to Kim and Craig, a very nice couple from USA. Off to dambwa for enclosure cleaning to finish off with. Because I'm such a gent I let jess clean out and replace the water while I scooped up shit and old donkey bones. I don't wanna say the heat is unbearable because 38 degrees is ... read more

Africa » Zambia September 23rd 2012

I started the day with data training with Jacki, basically it involves taking hunting data from the lions and movement data and numbers of the elephants. The mid session was prepairing a lesson plan for the kids at a local school (god knows what I can teach them) its only a brief lesson with some play time as well so football is definitely on the cards. Every Wednesday all the staff andvolunteers get together to eat the local food for lunch. It's called shema and looks like mashed potato but tastes like loads of rice squashed together, I'm not a big fan but I'll get used to it... read more

Africa » Zambia September 23rd 2012

Now this first session might seem like a waste of time, it's called behaviour enrichment which involves using natural resources to make toys for the cubs/lions which get trashed within minutes. After breakfast it was time for our 2nd training walk with dendi and damara in which you need to show a lot of confidence and probe your more dominant than them. The first part was to approach damara and stroke her head (which is a complete no no unless they know you well) and cover her eyes briefly. The second part was to ankle tap her when she's walking as if to trip her up. The final session was another lion walk but this time I was on hunting data so I was hoping for a kill. At one point dendi climbed a tree about ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Songwe Point September 21st 2012

Livingstone – 18 – 21 August 2012: is to Zambia what the town of Victoria Falls is to Zimbabwe. Also known as Maramba, it was once the capital of Zambia before it was moved to Lusaka. Livingstone is in the Southern Province of Zambia. We arrived at 1.00pm. It was our plan to arrive as early as possible as there were 4 people leaving the tour, so this gave them 1 ½ days to look around and be involved in some of the activities associated with the Falls.....and there was plenty to do – helicopter and ultra light plane rides over the falls, bungy jumping, flying fox rides and swings, canoeing, white-water rafting, game and rino walks, elephant back rides etc etc. and of course not forgetting to actually walk around the Falls. What did we ... read more
Livingstone Falls Zimbabwe side (136)
Bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe
Livingstone Falls Interpretive Centre Zimbabwe side (1)

Africa » Zambia September 21st 2012

The best of photos i took... read more
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10


Africa » Zambia » Lusaka » Kabwata September 20th 2012

Lusaka, Zambia 17 August 2012: After a 12 hour drive, some bumpy, some not, we drove through a beautiful valley and came to a bridge that we were not allowed to take a photo of, and there was an army guy with a gun there making sure there were no photos taken!! We arrived just before sunset, to the camp site that was actually a wildlife farm. The owner several years ago decided to take in rescued and injured animals. We only saw gazelles, zebras and giraffes. Giraffes are not native to Zambia. Several of our group took their cameras out at dusk and got some lovely photos of the family of 5 giraffes. The bar had a pool table and the England/South African 3rd game of a test match was being screened on the TV ... read more
Eureka Camping Ground Lusaka Zambia (3)
Eureka Camping Ground Lusaka Zambia (7)
Eureka Camping Ground Lusaka Zambia (8)

Africa » Zambia September 20th 2012

I'll start off by saying sorry for the lack of pictures but this is due to Internet problems with my bloody laptop AGAIN. Anyway up the next day for 6am and after the morning meeting it was off on a training lion walk, we are given a stick (not to beat the lions) to distract the lions if they get a bit too aggressive. In the afternoon we got a tour of the dambwa enclosures were the 7 adult lions live which are part of the breeding programme. We also got to meet the awesome hero an ultra aggressive totally wild 10 year old male who was rescued by lion encounter to prevent him being killed (he has an amazing back story which I won't go into now) after feeding the dambwa pride we helped the ... read more

Africa » Zambia September 18th 2012

Finally arrived after a day of travelling, only managed 2 movies on my long haul flight. Got picked up around 2pm and taken to the lion encounter resort. No time for a rest so me and the 5 other newbies were off straight out on a client lion walk (were paying visitors come for a walk with thehandlers and volunteers) with the 2 Z's. These 2 lions are about 21 months old and fairly big but still classed as cubs. After that it was back to the white house (the main house were everyone eats and chills out) to meet the staff and the rest of the volunteers of which there are 18 in total so I'm struggling to remember everyone's names. After something to eat and a chat with some of the volunteers (and somehow ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone September 6th 2012

7/28 Well we certainly left Lilongwe on a high note last night. Everyone came out to Harry's for the Olympics opening ceremony. It was wild watching with electricity in the air as Malawi came on screen amidst a jam-packed bar full of locals, ex-pats and aid workers going crazy, cheering with pride. Though as I write to you now I gotta give a shout out to Penn State Crew as an old friend and teammate of mine Ms. Natalie Dell brought home the bronze medal for the Women's Rowing 4 event. Let's Go State! A little later in the night, Alex and I ran into Francis, the founder of MEJN, who revealed to us that he was just hired as MEJN's outside consultant to begin the evaluation of all the projects we've been researching and that ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone September 1st 2012

Saturday September 1 It's the third evening of a five night stay in Livingstone, Zambia and although The Cough is back (thought I was on the mend after Round One but I've seemingly picked it up again in Round Two), it's been surreal so far. Not only have I white water rafted the 'mighty Zambezi', I've survived. Yes, fancy that. That was followed by an unexpected ride in a jet boat, a rather sedate Booze Cruise and a drum lesson! I was so tired by 9pm that I was unable to construct sentences! Then today it was another early start and I spent the morning with lions and this arvo with white rhino in the smallest of Zambia's national parks which I think all that went agreed is the best guided walk we've done on the ... read more

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