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Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Songwe Village April 15th 2014

So I travelled with John, a friend from Ireland who I met in Lilongwe from Lusaka to Livingstone, which took approximately 8 hours on a comfortable "luxury" bus. Now I've been on a number of buses which class their service as luxurious and of a high quality, but it more often than not, is anything but. However, the Mazhandu bus we caught was just like a Western bus and made for an enjoyable journey, especially as John and I booked the front two seats meaning we had more leg room and a decent view. Vic Falls - Wow!! Victoria Falls is an unbelievable sight, the power and size of the river is extremely impressive. With the rainy season having just ended, the river is at it's highest which meant that the view of the falls was ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Kabwe March 28th 2014

Inmiddels ben ik mijn eerste dagen aan t vertoeven bij de Department of Provincial Planners and Housing dus lijkt me een update op zijn plaats om jullie mee te nemen in de eerste (werk)ervaringen die ik hier opbouw. VSO Allereerst een korte omschrijving van VSO. Zij zijn immers degene die mij de opdracht in Zambia hebben gegeven. VSO staat voor Volunteering Services Overseas. Het is een ontwikkelingsorganisatie die vrijwilligers uitzendt naar de ontwikkelingslanden waarin zij actief is. In deze landen heeft zij een aantal beleidsprogramma’s (meestal op het gebied van Education, Health (HIV/Aids), Gender-issues, Governance en Monitoring & Evaluation). Op deze gebieden worden vrijwilligers geselecteerd voor uitzending en aan een opdracht gekoppeld. Met behulp van onze inzet proberen we de landen waarin zij actief zijn uit de a... read more

Africa » Zambia » Kabwe March 23rd 2014

Beste familie, vrienden en collega’s, Welkom op mijn travelblog! Dit travelblog beschouw ik zelf als mijn dagboek, waarin jullie mogen meelezen. Ter introductie zal ik enige feitenkennis, wist-je-datjes van het land met jullie delen. De specifieke info van mijn opdracht en de eerste kennismaking met Zambianen en de andere vrijwilligers van VSO volgt. Zambia Zambia, vroeger Noord-Rhodesië genoemd, is een Afrikaans land dat grenst aan Congo, Malawi, Namibië, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique en Angola. Het is met meer dan 750.000 km2 twintig keer zo groot als Nederland. Het land telt anno 2013 14,2 mln inwoners. Deze inwoners zijn voor 80% sterk christelijk. De officiële taal is Engels. Klimaat en weer/b... read more

Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone March 11th 2014

Let's see...there was the night in Croc River camp, an un fenced campsite in lush Zambia, where all day monkeys had terrorized us stealing sandwiches, water bottles, lens caps...anything that wasn't nailed down. Where hippos (and hopefully not crocs) had wallowed in the river not far from where we were camped and lions roared mightily in the not so distant distance That evening we were briefed on proper night time safety protocol: 1. Walking to the toilets at night always hold your headlamp in your hand and sweep the area far in front of you 180% from side to side with the don't want to surprise or be surprised by anything large and aggressive on its way to some important rendezvous. 2. If possible let someone know where you are going or go with a ... read more
Hippo wallows nearby
Zambian village
Break time for Mayhem!

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone February 10th 2014

Victoria Falls Zambia Livingstone, my last stop in beautiful Zambia and the end of my 5 week overland camping trip, the home of Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, has the buzz and energy of border towns everywhere. (One side of the falls is in Zambia the other in Zimbabwe) Hawkers and hustlers on bicycles ply their wares on both sides of the border, cooking oil from Zimbabwe in big yellow jugs, art, trinkets and fabric from Zambia crisscross the border all day long. Entrepreneurs on both sides rent rain ponchos and plastic slippers (50 Kwacha or $1 each) to visitors to the falls...wisely I took this option as without rain gear the spray from the falls soon drenches one to the skin! It's like a tropical downpour! Who knew? The ... read more
Beautiful grasses
Zambezi river
Vic Falls


Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa February 9th 2014

At the border BAM! Zambia is on and poppin! Efficient and correct, not overly nice...we were all done in half an hour. Money collected, passports stamped...Next! This is definitely another country. Auto parts shops, bicycles for sale....they want to keep moving forward And are hustling for it. Driving deep into the countryside: high school boys and girls make their way home from school, crisp white shirts, pleated skirts, ties flying in the wind. Packs of little children run long distances barefoot to and from school ...they race against all odds to make it... This is the bright side... Many of these are the children with sponsors.... Zambia has the worlds 3rd highest death rate with life expectancy of only 38 years. 86% of Zambians live below the accepted poverty line of $1 per day Only 57% ... read more
Working women
Well tended village
Children get football

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka » Kafue December 25th 2013

So we rocked up to Kafue on Christmas Eve without any reservation or plan. The place we really wanted to stay was three hours into the park on roads we weren’t even sure were passable in the rainy season, so we compromised with something a little more accessible. Right away we signed up to do a night drive, hoping we could replicate the luck we’d had in South Luangwa. Kafue is weird. The park is huge, with a decent sized tarmac road running directly through the centre which sees a reasonable amount of traffic. It feels like cheating to do a safari on what is essentially a highway by African standards, but a lot of animals like to hang around by the road at this time of year because it’s a firm dry surface, easier to ... read more

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa December 23rd 2013

A while ago we discovered that many of the posh, all inclusive luxury safari lodges allow less financially well endowed customers (such as ourselves) to bring their own tents and camp for a small fee. This means you can stay somewhere absolutely beautiful, in a fantastic location complete with swimming pools and lovely things, for about $7. It also means you won’t be able to afford to eat in the restaurant, so will have to live on peanut butter and smuggle your own wine into the tastefully appointed riverside bar. This doesn’t bother us at all, because we have no shame. We took this approach in South Luangwa National Park, a few days before Christmas. The place we chose, Track and Trail Safari Lodge, had a beautiful curvy swimming pool placed high on a wooden platform ... read more
? Crane

Africa » Zambia November 11th 2013

Another long blog again as internet access is difficult in the areas we are travelling through - this one covers our time in Zimbabwe and Zambia. We left Botswana crossing the mighty Zambezi River by ferry and headed into Zambia, we were to cross this river many times during our stay in the country. Zambia is a thinly populated country with a large percentage of its land designated wildlife reserves with open unspoiled woodland and floodplains attracting large numbers of wildlife. Zambia borders six countries - Congo/Angola/Namibia/Tanzania/Malawi and Mozambique. Acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world to visit, its very welcoming people live in peace and harmony and we encountered this throughout our travels. Here, in the warm heart of Africa we found so many warm smiling faces everywhere. It is also notable ... read more
Craft Market - Zimbabwe
Entrance to Vic Falls
Goodbye to Eeehh Group

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone August 1st 2013

Our last morning in Livingstone and we were sad to leave. Jollyboys had been a good place to stay. With our last few hours in Livingstone, we went to buy the bus tickets for the journey to Lusaka from the small hut on the main road. We popped back to the Curios market, as I had wanted a wooden zebra-striped fruit bowl. Previously, people had asked us if we were willing to trade things with them. I had actually packed a pair of slip on shoes that I had planned on leaving at the end of my trip - and thus far had not even worn - so I took them along to the market with me. I successfully negotiated a lower price for my wooden bowl in exchange for my pair of shoes, and the ... read more
Nshima and Meat
On the road
En route

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