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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala March 27th 2013

So after overnighting at the brilliant campsite in Eldoret which involved enjoying a great Indian buffet and a few beers over a big wood fire, we were planned to make our way into Uganda. We awoke in the morning to hear poor Christine had been up all night, violently ill. I have never seen someone so ill like this in my life, and it was not a case of get in the truck and continue on. She was unable to walk without two people helping her. We were fortunate enough that there was a local hospital not too far away and we were there not soon enough for Christine. It was the first time Christine had ever been to hospital as a patient - she was used to being in the opposite situation to what she ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala December 7th 2012

hello again :) ok firstly i just wanna say - OH MY GOD INTERNET IS SOOOOO SLOW OUT HERE!!!! it is sad :( so yesterday we got our bags back - yey!!! it was proper Ugandan service, we got to the airport, they told us to 'take a seat for just a minute', and almost two hours later someone came to help us! bloody annoying (especially because when we finally got a pass to go 'backstage' into the luggage area we saw our bags in about 2 minutes flat) and even more especially because my bag had clearly been in some kind of large aeroplane puddle for the last two days and was soaked!!! but all is well now and we smell particularly peachy :) so we decided to leave the luscious, lazy, jungle style town ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala November 29th 2012 read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala October 22nd 2012

Uganda is enorm mooi, het leven voor de lokale bevolking daarentegen is hard。 Kindjes lopen rond in lompen, vrouwen werken in vele dorpjes het hardst, vnl op het land en uiteraard opvoeding van de kinderen. Hierbij dienen de meeste vrouwen ook te werken om geld te verdienen, voor schoolgeld, ... 3% van de vrouwen doet aan geboortebeperking, dit maakt een gemiddelde van 6,4 kinderen per vrouw, vaak zag ik de mannen letterlijk niets doen, of in sommige dorpjes dronken rondlopen, in deze dorpjes liggen de geboorteaantallen ook hoger。 Hebben deze vrouwen stemrecht .. uiteraard niet .. De man geniet hier een hoog aanzien, zo moeten vrouwen in bepaalde stammen steeds knielen als ze hun vader aanspreken, ze moeten hem tevens op zijn wenken bedienen. Deze stammen zijn ook onderhevig aan materialisme, als ze vroeger een geit ... read more
Sunset Murchison

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala September 12th 2012

I have a new blog site very kindly set up by my fabulous sister. I'm not exactly impressing anyone with the rate of my posting, but you can see the first one here--a general description of the life I have settled into in Kampala. More soon! read more


Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala September 9th 2012

Lake Mburo, Uganda – 27 July We woke at 5.00pm and away by 6.30am for our long drive to Lake Mburo National Park which is located in Kiruhura District in western Uganda. The park is situated about 30 kilometres by road, east of Mbarara, the largest city in the sub-region. This location is approximately 240 kilometres by road, west of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city. The roads in Uganda are something to experience (or not!). Many of the road works we came across are being funded by the European Union. Progress is being made. We travelled through several towns and villages, stopping at Mabarabab to access an ATM. We arrived at Lake Mburo at about 2.30 and did a game drive at 3.30pm after setting up camp and looking around at the bar and mini ... read more
1 On way to Mbarara 27 July (23)
1 On way to Mbarara 27 July (26)
2 At Mbarara 27 July (14)

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala September 3rd 2012

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Lake Nakura National Park  zerba (2)
Lake Nakura National Park (8)
Lake Nakura National Park (9)

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala August 14th 2012

Day 1. Flew in from Heathrow, loada whites actually! Didn't get a wink of sleep so got a transfer from Entebbe straight to the hotel in Kampala where I'm gonna relax today and pickup the gap tour tomorrow. Entebbe = Great, Kampala = Not so great. Speak to you tomorrow. x... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 9th 2012

Had an early morning start, since I had to get to the backpackers hostel before 8:30 for a safari to Murchison Falls. Got there and found there was no trip today. Bummer. I didn't confirm yesterday, because of the all day rafting. Now I have to wait at least another day, but most likely two. But hey! They have wifi. Slow, but it kind of works, though uploading photos is slow. So, it's a good time to update the travel blog. Went back to the booking office and to make a long story short ... there was a cancellation for Gorilla Tracking tomorrow. So, I took the opportunity and paid up. It's Expensive! The governments of Uganda and Rwanda charge $500 park fees per person, and the safari companies add enormous accomodation and transportation charges on ... read more
Portraits of Patriarchy
Drum Hut
Drum Hut Roof

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 8th 2012

Spent all day with Adrift, the original Nile rafting company, whitewater running the Victoria Nile starting from near its source in Jinja at Lake Victoria downstream (Northwards) roughly 45 km. It was loads of fun and got to meet some pretty interesting people. But, it was exhausting and took all day. I left the hotel at 07:30 and got back at 20:30. The company was very professional, and delivered on everything they promised. From excellent guides, to breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a very safe but adventure packed day. The bus came pretty well at the promised time for the 7:30 AM pickup. They had an ipad app for registration. Everyone registered while riding in the bus. No paper work! No messy hand writing to decipher. Don't know why I filled in marketing/anti-privacy fields such as ... read more
Team Tutu
A smiling Tutu
UN Peacekeeper A..

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