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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » San Cristóbal Island December 29th 2013

I've flown quite a bit but one thing I've never had happen is for the crew to spray an entire enclosed airplane while it's in the air with bug spray before landing. I know the Galápagos Islands are uber protected but they really go to the extreme. They checked our luggage prior to the flight to make sure we didn't have any fruits or seeds with us. And then, as I mentioned, the fumigation of the airplane while we're still passengers. Anyway, we were shuttled about 3 minutes from their open air, one room airport on San Cristobal island to wait for our boat...while waiting for the boat at the dock we encountered wildlife everywhere. Sea lions were abundant, coming right up to us, as well as the most colorful crabs I've ever seen in my ... read more
marine iguana
super cute baby sea lion
blue footed booby

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island September 6th 2013

Currently in Huarez, Peru (Sept. 12th) Started Sept.5th: in puerto moreno on san cristobal, preparing to fly to guayaquil tomorrow... Happy Birthday, Lisa! We flew into the Island of Santa Cruz (Baltra) on aug. Wed 28th and took the island bus from the ferry to Puerto Ayora (easy transfer). We ended up at the Elizabeth hotel, which is right on the main drag (charles darwin) for $55/night, which is about the lowest of the low end. Wilmer is trying hard to spruce up the place; there was alot of painting going on and new matresses being delivered but our room was very tight and damp. But, we wanted to spend our money on tours rather than on our hotel and for the 3days we spent on Santa Cruz it was adequate. And wilma was very accomodating. ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island August 16th 2013

We awoke early and headed to breakfast for 4am. We met up with the other 14 people that would be going on this adventure to the Galapagos Islands with us. I am so excited, I've always wanted to go here to see all the animals. We boarded a mini bus and headed to the airport. Here we checked in and flew to Santa Cruz Island. We were met by our guide Dannielle. The 16 of us then boarded another bus, boat, bus then dingy to take us to our boat. This would be home for the next 4 days of our cruise around the islands. After a lovely lunch we headed back to Santa cruise to see the Galapagos giant land Turtles. They were huge and we all spent time taking many photos. We even got ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Puerto Ayora June 9th 2013

We have just got back from our 8 days cruise through the Galapagos Islands. Leading up to the cruise we researched a lot of websites and options, everything is so expensive! They keep the prices high to eliminate mass tourists, which would impact negatively on the nature. I emailed a company, which claimed the lowest prices guaranteed and was able to get quoted a much more reasonable price! And the flights from Rio (Brazil) to the Galapagos only where $500 – was a long journey though 30 hours of travel but we had meals and entertainment on every flight, which always helps! Surprisingly how good you can get at sleeping in airports., often I would fall asleep at around 3am and no one around and when my alarm goes off the whole airports full and people ... read more

It was so nice today to wake up on our own as lovely as olly's voice is in the mornings! We only slept till about 8.30 but it was still really nice to get a lie in! Unfortunately last night a giant group of American students arrived at our hotel and were so loud! We could hear every detail of their trip so far and girlfriend troubles etc as they all tried skyping home at once! Also meaning we had to leave and go to a restaurant up the road to use wifi!! So this am you can imagine our delight as we both awoke to their lovely sound again! If you can't beat them join them I guess so we showered an changed and went down for breakfast. They had pretty much eaten it all ... read more


South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island May 31st 2013

Ok, so it may appear that we are getting a little behind on our blogs but its only because we've been isolated deep in the amazon rainforest, lucky to have running water let alone wi-fi! So I'm writing this blog in our private transport on our way to Shell on the iPhone.We wandered down and met our tour agent at 7.45am who took us down to the dock to catch our boat down to Floreana Island. While waiting for our boat, we noticed a sea-lion getting some early morning suntanning in, resting on the little floating dock. Unfortunately it was quite overcast and cold this morning so he wasn't catching ... read more
Floreana Island (grey and gloomy)

We spent the last 5 nights of our Galapagos adventure on Santa Cruz island, the most populated of all the islands containing many travel agencies, shops, restaurants and houses. Our first day was spend visiting the highlands in a taxi with Miriam from our cruise, she happened to be spending a couple of days in the same hostel as us. We payed $35 for the taxi for the day and split it three ways. Our first stop was the twin craters, two very large craters in the earth that had been created when old lava tunnels collapsed due to erosion and movement of the earth, opening up gaping craters. The land is lush and green in the highlands, and we felt again like we had stepped into the Jurassic period, the trees smothered with moss and ... read more
Lava tunnel

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island May 30th 2013

After a long night of sailing we woke up early to a beautiful sunrise over the devils crown, an old volcano that is slowly decaying and sinking into the ocean. But first was another large buffet breakfast before heading to Punta cormorant, a wet landing from our zodiacs we walked out of the water and onto the dark sandy beach. Galo, our wonderful guide for the cruise, pointed out that the beach had infact a slight green tinge to it due to the olivine in the sand. Crossing the island we came to the large lagoon in the centre which it home to some of the galapagos Flamingoes. We were lucky to see 3 whilst we were there, tricky birds to find! The beach on the opposite side of the island has nice white sand though ... read more
Post office bay
Frigate bird on our boat

Another amazing day today! We had a bit more of a sleep in today as we werent getting picked up till 8am! I am starting to get used to these early starts! Not that I am really functioning much better! Thankfully we just have to get up and put clothes on then go sit on a bus and then boat for a few hours! We woke up and opened the curtains to a gorgeous morning! Clear skies and sunny! Wahhoo! Good start! Up we got, had breakie down in the restaurant and waited out the front for our pick up. There was about 7 people from our tour yesterday so that was nice cos we all knew each other, and a few other older ladies. We had a 50 min drive on the bus to get ... read more

After a restless sleep in rough seas we picked at our buffet breakfast. I loaded up my plate with the fresh fruit and enjoyed having scrambled eggs. Our first destination for the day was española island, we were loaded up in the 2 zodiacs which are small blow up speed boats which would take us to and from the boat. Española quickly become one of my favourite islands as we arrived on a beautiful white sand beach. The first animals we saw were more of the Marine iguanas, though not as large as the ones in isabela they were actually red in colour! This is due to the fact that on española there is more red algae rather than green for them to eat, giving them a red appearance. Walking along the path further we stumbled ... read more
Beautiful albatross
Nazca boobies
Blue footed boobie

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