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October 30th 2010
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El ZanJonEl ZanJonEl ZanJon

Our tour guide, Mathilde to Kay's right
Yesterday it rained pretty much all day so Trey wisely recommended that we do inside stuff. There is a wonderful museum called El ZanJon that is a short walk from Trey & Andrew’s. We had a tour in (in English) with the 4 of us & a couple from Australia. Our tour guides name was Mathilde (as in waltzing Mathilde for any of you who are old enough to remember that tune.) I remembered my camera so I have included some pictures & also a link to their website:

We next went to another museum, The Square of Enlightenment - Four Centuries of History. This tour was in Spanish so Trey would have to translate at regular intervals. Not as interesting as El ZanJon but still good. Part of the tour at the end was through some VERY small tunnels. I decided I could best enjoy this part of the tour back at the entrance so I waited for every back there (I am claustrophobic) More tomorrow!

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An old pharmacyAn old pharmacy
An old pharmacy

This old scale in the pharmacy weighed in kilograms. This is the first time in years that I weighed under 200. (unfortunately it was in kg's)

31st October 2010

Like You
I'm like you, Butch. I would have waited by the entrance too, not to mention I may not have fit through those small I had to read your 4-day blog cause I've been busy, but plan on keeping up with it now. That plane flight over the mountains made me too flasback to a movie about the soccer players. You and Kay would have been their 'rocks' for survival. The pictures are great, keep it up.

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