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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Karamea December 25th 2008

So after we made it to Karamea and stayed the night Niv and Danielle decided that because it was raining that they didn't want to go walk to see the Caves so we headed back to Westport. Kinda a dumb idea if you ask me and I wasn't very happy about it. Anyways we stayed at the place we had checked into because they let us switch our night and we ended up having a good time that night. We left early the Next morning because Danielle had left her USB memory stick in the computer in Karamea so we ended up going to look at the caves anyways. They were really neat because you could find your own way thru them and the arches we pretty neat to. After that we got back in the ... read more
Inside the caves 2
Inside the caves
The limestone arches

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast November 11th 2008

welcome again to another update of our serious trip report, so get yourself a decent drink, buckle up and enjoy a closer look behind the curtain of Kiwiland. Before we take off, we'd just like to let u know that u'r always on our minds no matter where we are and what we're doing. Winter is slowly approaching in your hemisphere, provided you are based north of the equator. So, don't give coldness much of a chance, keep your hearts warm. Yep, still floating thru NZ, still tryin' to find out why people make such fuss about it. We colonized the south island 10 days ago, have been to incredibely beautiful places including jewel-like coasts and bays, majestic mountain ranges, breathtaking fiordlands, dense forests where Tony got lost several times trying to burn some energy on ... read more
Keep distance
Running out of budget
Hollywood is everywhere

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast November 7th 2008

When you're a birder there are always certain birds that just refuse to let you find them. One of my nemesis birds is the great spotted kiwi, the largest of the kiwi species and the one voted at Kiwi High School as the one most likely to remain hidden from sight. My latest attempt of many to find this bird in the wild was at Bullock Creek in the mountains above Punakaiki on the West Coast. I'd been there before and heard only calls and seen only footprints ; this time I was hoping for better luck. But a story isn't worth telling if everything goes dawdling along according to plan. You either need to succeed and succeed well, or fail and fail spectacularly. I got the latter. There is of course a sort of perverse ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast October 30th 2008

The last night that I had in Queenstown turned out to be a great evening, although I got quite drunk and didn’t go to bed till 5.30am, which consequently gave me 1.5 hours of sleep before I had to get up again, pack my bags and head of to the bus station to catch the bus up the West coast to Fox Glacier. I woke up feeling so rough and wished straight away that I had gone to bed earlier - but what the hell I’m travelling!!! So I just jumped on the bus and slept for the first few hours. I luckily woke up just before we went through this beautiful area, which is called the Haast pass. The Haast pass is an incredibly scenic drive through the Southern Alps where the road winds its ... read more
Our transport
Our group hiking through the ice
Franz Glacier forcing it way through the mountain

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Franz Josef October 25th 2008

After working for the vineyard, ARA, I decided to take a little road trip down the South Island for the weekend, via the West Coast. One of the more spectacular road trips Ive ever taken. Almost crashed the car a few times trying to get the best shots and just staring at awe under the mountainous glory of the Southern Alps, or for the LOR dorks, Mt. Doom and Helms Deep. Made my way to Wanaka to visit a few friends and catch up on some fly fishing. I wanted to quote some "River Runs though it", but I think I already did in a previous blog entry. The fishing is amazing, even if you skunk out, you're still garanteed a beautiful time. Climbing has also been a persuit Im endevouring. Hopefully Ill be able to ... read more
beach ride
just so we dont forget


Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Reefton September 29th 2008

Awoke to another fine sunny morning at Fox Glacier Holiday Park. Because we arrived so late the previous night, it was a pleasant surprise to step outside the motorhome to the magnificent vistas of the snowed capped mountains surrounding the small township of Fox Glacier. The Fox Glacier Holiday Park was under extensive renovations, the recently opened new amenities centre were absolutely first class, as were the spacious motorhome sites that surrounded the centre. Each site had easy access to all amenities. We had breakfast, and I went to the office to pay for our site, after spending 20 minutes trying to find somebody to take my money, I found the Manager cleaning the bathrooms. He was very appreciative of my honesty considering he did not even realise that we were on a site was ... read more
Fox Glacier
Franz Josef township
Walkway to Franz Josef Glacier

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast September 28th 2008

Leg 5: The Top of the South Island We decided to drive along the Queen Charlotte drive, another narrow and windy road with some amazing views of the sounds at the north of the island. Having driven a little too far and not found how to get on to it we doubled back and asked for directions only to be wished 'luck'! Feeling slightly apprehensive we started the climb up the hillside and stopped at many of the viewpoints to look out over the blue waters. After about an hour we arrived at our planned campsite where we settled for the evening with a Readers' Digest (the second we had acquired on a long term basis) and some noodles on toast (we had planned to have soup, unfortunately we had brought the condensed stuff with no ... read more
Abel Tasman
Little and Large
Seal Colony

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast September 21st 2008

Day 540 (19.09.08) Waking pretty early to a deserted campground and clear blue skies, we quickly packed the van to get on the road as quickly as possible - destination Lake Matheson. Arriving to a packed carpark, if there is a clear still day this is the place to go, we put off the idea of brekkie just incase any clouds floated into the frame. Arriving at the reflection island we were treated to the postcard view you see accross the south island with a clear reflection of the southern alps in the lake. Simply amazing. We stuck around for a little while taking in the majesty of it all before finishing off the circular walk back to the van. 9.30am and we had an hours walk under our belt - not bad! North again retracing ... read more
Okarito Lagoon
White Heron
Kayaking in the Okarito Lagoon

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast September 5th 2008

Day 523 (02.09.08) It had rained throughout the night and it was still raining in the morning yet we still needed to head south. With high winds and the rain easing we stopped on the side of the road by Bruce Bay to take in the awesome power of the sea as it buffeted the coast. Mid-morning rolled around and we stopped in at a salmon farm along the way where we were able to feed the fish, enthralled as they jumped and thrashed around to reach the food. We don't usually do this but decided to stop for some coffee and cake in front of the roaring log fire as a respite from the rain. We couldn't resit buying a little bit of salmon for our food stores as well! Conitnuing along the coast we ... read more
Salmon farm
Feeding the fish
Coffee 'not something we usually do'

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast September 5th 2008

Day 520 (30.08.08) Following the Buller Gorge we left our little pad and were soon at the Buller Swing Bridge. Keeping it cheap we both decided to pay for our ticket to go across on the impressive 110m bridge and do the bush walk the other side, however Mum and Dad splashed out the little extra for the 'flying fox' route back - Extreme NZ fever was hitting the olds! Walking across the bridge gave us a great view and the walk was fantastic, however when it came to the zip wire - Mum had a bout of nerves and passed her ticket onto Mark! It was great fun and if we get the chance we'll upload a video for you guys. Pushing on we stopped at the beach in Westport for yet another stunning picnic ... read more
Buller Gorge
Buller Gorge
Buller Gorge

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