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Palo Duro Canyon to Colorado Springs: After swallowing the bitter reality that our food stash had been man-handled by the local wildlife, we took inventory of what we had. Turns out only our Clif bars and some penne rigate were touched. So we fired up the camp stove, made some oatmeal and coffee and packed up just after dawn. We drove until the town of Dumas, where we decided to stop for a more proper breakfast at a time-worn little diner. The foyer had a big bulletin board filled with important community news like an upcoming fundraiser for a local boy and an announcement that Poptart the cat has gone missing. Then we entered the formica-tabled, thread-bare carpeted, tacky decorated diner to find... you guessed it... the predictable table of toothless old men who obviously convene ... read more
Still uncracked...
Lots and lots

Today was a fun day! We started it with bacon, eggs, and grilled cheese cooked on the grill. That is Mike's contribution to the dinner plan. We used up the rest of the bacon with BLTs for lunch. Tonight is Chicken Parmeasean. After breakfast we headed out on our travels and Maggie got to stay in the rig for a nap. Our first stop of the morning was the AF Academy Cadet Chapel, what an amazing building and a beautiful icon for the academy. Then it was on to Pikes Peak...snow capped pikes peak! Mi Hyon loved the sights from 14110 feet, it was snowing on one side of the mountain and sunny on the other. Pictures just don't do justice to the vistas from the top. We were lucky to be up there since they ... read more
Day 5 Co Springs 018 - Copy
Day 5 Co Springs 009 - Copy

This is an unexpected but very personal blog. Steve and I have been on a brief road trip for the past ten days - exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, enjoying red rock country in Moab, UT with friends with lots of hiking at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, drinking in the beauty of Colorado and indulging in a sybaritic weekend at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. But today this road trip turned into something very different that has caused us to pause, think about and honor some important American heroes. Tonight we had the opportunity of seeing some real American heroes. The Warrior Games - - are an annual celebration of the spirit, tenacity and grit of America's wounded warriors. The carnage of war is no respecter of gender, ethnicity, size, education or background and ... read more
Air Force sitting volleyball
A family affair
General Shelton with his wounded warriors

It was a fiarly uneventful trip from Wakeeney to Co Springs, we attached a couple pictures to give you an idea of our view, and what a the song says "we could see for miles and miles". The down side is, guess you could say there wasn't much to see in those miles. Going into Colorado our the Rig dropped from 8.5 MPG to 8.4, not too bad considering we went from about 300 feet to about 6000. It was another windy day, but sunny with barely a cloud in the sky. Finally we made it to our first destination the AF Academy, and early...only 1400. The down side is the Academy closed the road we needed to travel on to get the FamCamp, for a bike race, and did not plan to reopen it ... read more
Day 4 008
Day 4 013
Day 4 015

THE BASICS Linda flew to NH on April 2, and was able to spend some time with Susie between Korea and Colorado. On Friday, April 5, though, John and Linda's plans took a detour. Linda found a lump in her groin area, which caused cancelation of her return flight for the next day and led to outpatient hernia surgery on the following Tuesday. She rested very quietly and comfortably at home, and then took a flight the following Saturday, and now we are reunited in Colorado Springs. Just one week lost, but what's one week when you're retired. MEANWHILE, John had planned to pick Linda up in Denver on April 6 and they would go visit his cousin Donald and wife Nancy in Fort Collins. Instead, he went alone to his cousin's, stayed longer than planned, ... read more


We were off on a nine-day tour of Colorado with Adventure Tours. Our tour manager was Kathy Ruble and our driver Dale Worden. Near Fort Collins, we encountered a forest fire that forced us to take a detour to Denver. Later we learned this was the Hyde Park Forest Fire that would consume 118,000 square miles and 346 buildings. The devastation was caused by a lightning strike during a drought. After we reached Denver, we toured the beautiful State Capitol building with a gold dome. Then we went to the Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs. Built in 1955, the Academy is famous for its inspiring Chapel. The Protestant Chapel holds 1200 people. There are Roman Catholic, Buddhist, and All-Faith Chapels as well. Our self-guided tour took us into the gift shop, classrooms, and airplanes from ... read more
Hyde Park Forest Fire
Denver, Colorado
Air Force Chapel

4/21/2012 - This morning, started the day off with a ride on the Pike's Peak Cog Train to the top of Pike's Peak. It was worth the $35.00 per person just to be able to enjoy the view while not driving and the wear and tear on the brakes coming back down. At the top there is a gift shop and also a small cafeteria where you can get Pike's Peak Donuts - think about it - - - - - - - yeast does not rise at over 14,000 feet. The donuts were different, but pretty good. It was very cold at the summit - 25 degrees with a wind. The snow is beginning to melt at the summit. Later we rode to the Air Force Academy and visited the Chapel, probably the best recognized ... read more

4/20/2012 - This morning we rode to Helen Hunt Falls, a falls not on any map that we saw. Trent, at Goldfield RV Park told us that he likes to go up there. We took High Road up to the falls, another of those roads that climb up the mountain to dizzying heights and no guardrails. Made it to the falls, not a big waterfall, but a pretty one. We then rode to Seven Falls which is a private owned canyon/waterfall. The cost of admittance was $18.50. The scenery was ok, they had an elevator inside the mountain which took you up 140 feet to overlook the waterfall. The waterfall fell through 7 different levels before reaching the bottom. Not a good value for the price of admission even though we did see a wedding party ... read more

4/19/2012 - Left Montrose, CO headed to Colorado Springs, CO. Got some good pics of Lake Fork. At the top of the devil's ride today we reached 11,312 ft in altitude. This was on the way from Montrose to Salida on HWY 50. Got to Goldfield RV Park in Colorado Springs, sat around outside discussing the days ride until time to start supper. Aleta cooked fried porkchops, beans, corn on the cob, and biscuits - - we do eat good on the road!! Jack made mashed potatoes. Afterwards we sat around at our RV and watched TV.... read more

Today was New Year's Eve! It was actually a nice day, not much of a party at all but still fun. We headed off for Garden of the Gods park today, which is right near Colorado Springs, around 1 hour from Denver. It was spectacular, there was some amazing scenery and completely different from what I had seen so far. The rock formations were amazing and to top it off, Pike's Peak was in the background. Unfortunately e couldnt do any hikes as the wind was just so overowering we could barely walk straight. Once we arrived back home, we met up with Anna's sister Laura and went out for a nice Mexican dinner. Anna's dad had recommended I try a couple of dishes, so I did. One was a chili based dish and one was ... read more
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Pike's Peak

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