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September 14th 2007
Published: September 16th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

J. "Wild at Heart"J. "Wild at Heart"J. "Wild at Heart"

The Bourne Leader
This week Natalie flew to N. Carolina to drive back to WA with a friend. In the meantime I've been tying up loose ends and enjoying Bellingham just a bit longer. I also managed to squeeze in a climbing trip to squamish. Which is a beautiful little village about an hour north of Vancouver. The rock there is unbelievable and I had a friend to show me some of his favorite routes. John (wild at heart) W. was amazing to watch climb and to learn from. I can't believe in all the years I've lived in Bellingham I never visited Squamish. I'll be back there for sure, however, I don't think it will ever be the same development is going crazy there because of the upcoming Olympics in the area. I recommend getting there now while it's still a little pristine. Although according to John who's been visiting there for decades, it's already lost some of its quaint small town feel. Apparently McSkankies and Taco Hell haven't been there very long. Anyway, regardless the rock was amazing.

After climbing John and I went into Seattle for a bite to eat. We parked and decided on Indian food. When John suggested we ask a local we turned to face the first shop we came to. It was the "Rubber Rainbow Condom Shop." John said, "perfect she'll be impartial." We stepped inside and asked about a good Indian restaurant. The delightful woman pointed us toward a place she swore would be good. She hadn't eaten there but she was sure it was gonna' be great and told us we had to report back. She couldn't wait to get our good report. The wonderful lady at the condom shop locked the door and walked us up the street to the upstairs Indian restaurant.

After we ate we had to report back. We walked back up the street to the condom shop and looked through the window. The woman was talking to group of young people so we just knocked on the window. We both started praising the food we'd just had by yelling and shouting enthusiastically. "It was great! Thanks for the tip. We loved it!" we carried on like this for a minute without ever mentioning what she'd done for us. Of course that was understood. Anyway, we turned and walked away and John noted that it must have looked funny two guys in the gay district, waving and shouting praises to a condom seller. That was a funny conclusion to a great day.


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