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Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 27th 2012

I went back to City Center Mall last night; taxis here are ridiculously expensive and most do not have meters. Make sure you know how much you're paying before you leave! I didn't want to drive myself because I'm still a little nervous about the traffic; judging by the traffic at the souk at night, I didn't even want to deal with it. When I arrived, it was significantly different than earlier. It was packed! I don't do well in crowds, and I could the grouch coming. I decided to check out the movies and picked Pitch Perfect; I had seen previews during the day and it looked entertaining. It was, though I really am not one for unnecessary vulgar humor. The worst part, was the people talking incessantly during the movie. It was worse than ... read more
my new water boiler
the torch and Aspire Zone
the torch and Aspire Zone

Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 26th 2012

Yesterday was amazing. Just amazing. I seriously never even left the room. I kept my shades drawn and the air cool. I took a nice long shower and ordered room service. Twice. The food was not good, and was expensive, but it did the trick. I watched movies, sent some emails to a few people I've talked to recently and slept and slept... Almost done with the Princess Bride as well! This morning I woke up early and decided to try driving around this city. Dubai is dead before noon on Fridays, and I was pretty sure Doha would be the same. It is. I travelled up to The Pearl, which is this new development they are constructing; there are a bunch of man made islands, high end hotels, and huge "villas" on the water. I ... read more
City Center Mall
City Center Mall
Eli France

Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 24th 2012

Today started bright and early, meeting my new boss at 7 to pick up a couple of other coworkers and head to our big kickoff meeting. I won't go into the specifics about a sensitive project, but it sounds interesting and the clients are... interesting as well. I'll be busy for the next few months! The meeting took up most of the day - well, the meeting itself was over in two hours (some good fattening munchies on hand as well - perfect since i had zero for breakfast), then we headed to the office (which took about an hour) and proceeded to recap and start organizing for this huge project. By then, it was time to go back into town, pick up some info, drop my boss back at the airport and head back to ... read more
Photo 7
Photo 12
Photo 8

Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 23rd 2012

I am going to try to keep this short as I'm exhausted, but a lot happened today, so I'm exhausted! I woke up this morning at 5:15 (Dubai time - one hour ahead of Doha) and finished my packing and cleaning from the previous night. I was able to fit all of my stuff for a month into my laptop bag and carryon. Go me!!!! I was also able to catch a cab immediately upon leaving my building at 6, and we made it to the airport with no troubles. I was travelling on Fly Dubai out of Terminal 2. Terminal 2 is a very different place from the main airport; definitely the budget area, but not so bad. Because I had plenty of time, I grabbed an iced coffee and finished my book, The Illustrated ... read more
View thru my dirty window

Middle East » Qatar » Doha July 25th 2012

There was no one on the flight and we managed to get 12 seats for the 3 of us, meaning we each had 4 to lie on. Who needs business class lie flat beds? Unfortunately we still didn't sleep too well and were pretty exhausted when we arrived in Doha airport. Even though we had been in an equatorial climate for 3 weeks we were hit by the heat in Doha. Luckily the airport has been updated and it is air conditioned and cool, but it is very small and there is very little to do. Not much fun when you have a 9 hour transit. We could have paid to go in elounge but once again Ramadan restrictions thwarted our plans. They were only serving snacks, no alcohol and for some reason there were no ... read more
Greek beer - no ramadan restrictions
Greek salad -yum!
Cool restaurant


Middle East » Qatar » Doha July 14th 2012

So last Thursday I was invited to attend the Intern Induction Day in Al Khor, which must be almost 50 miles north of Doha. Meeting in Doha at 7am so that was exciting, nice long lie. Then we were shuttled there in a coach. By we I mean to say the 20 odd national interns and me, the only international intern in the company. This is an interesting point actually as currently in Qatar there is a big push to get more nationals in the oil and gas sector and there is an ongoing project called "Qatarization" which aims to get nationals represent at least 40% of the workforce here. So this is why there is a huge focus on getting local students internships and scholarships. So it makes me wonder a little bit why I ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha June 30th 2012

More journal from the second week of work! Monday 11/06/2012 Work is getting much better now, but my temporary pass has ran out as it has been a week already! So I am getting my fingerprints tomorrow anyway so I won’t be at work but hoping I get my permanent pass tomorrow! (How naiive I was at this point!) I cannot wait to not have to jump off the bus at security and run back on before the bus leaves me stranded in the middle of nowhere again. Anyway. Getting a long lie tomorrow because of my prints so alarm set for 6am instead of 4am! MUCHOS EXCITEMENTO on my part, hence why I am still awake at 21.47!! This is a late night for me, enjoying this immensely! Not much chat otherwise, got my new ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha June 30th 2012

Here is an excerpt from my journal after I visited my friend Dina's house for dinner one Friday night, enjoy! This may be the most interesting one (genuine), so pay attention. Friday 15/06/2012 Got a phone call from someone called Dina who asked if I wanted to go for dinner so I agreed. I thought it would be a lot of students going out for a meal which would have been fun but actually it was so much better than I thought it would be! So Dina is lovely and she picked me up and took me on a wee drive around the city before heading back to her house. I had too much food but it was beautiful Arabic sweets and tea (Arabic tea is delish) and Arabic coffee (not so much) to get rid ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha June 30th 2012

More journal from last week, getting there now! Thursday 21/06/2012 So the last couple of days have been working in Doha still. Last night I went with Dina to the Souq and then a classical music concert (I know, right?) but it was actually really good. Starting to realise how rich everyone is here, they are all so generous though with paying for my meals and coffee and karak and chippati! LOVE those last 2 things fyi. Karak is sweet tea with evaporated milk and some spices, and chippati is indian thin bread, we had a sweet one which was really good. After the concert had karak and chippati (is that what it’s called?) with Dina, her Romanian friend who played in the show and a Romanian guy. It was really cool, just chilling discussing life., ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha June 30th 2012

OK so this is the last one today, honest. Thursday 28/06/2012 Got back to the Ras Laffan office on Tuesday which is good!! So I’m getting used to being the only girl, and ignoring looks. On Wednesday I went on the plant! It was really cool, got changed into all my PPE in the toilets and got some looks in it but not that bad actually. Got very hot at one point and felt like I was going to be sick or faint so I had to say to Nazri or it would have been TOO embarrassing. And then I was pretty thirsty the rest of the day. Just as we were going in to get out passes back and go back to the offices there was a warning on the speakers that it was heat ... read more

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