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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv October 2nd 2013

Happy Wednesday everyone :) Lastnights adventures truly were a cultural experience, a Hebrew salsa dancing lesson. My friend Reuven is a salsa instructor here in Israel, so he took me out for a night of salsa lessons/dancing! We went to a salsa club in Tel Aviv, not far from Dizengoff (my street). I went with Reuven and a friend of his, who is one of his salsa students. The salsa lessons were divided into different sections (from beginning to advanced). I ofcourse, and Reuven agreed, that I start at beginners. Reuven told the instructor "English please!" at the beginning of the salsa lesson but this did not last through out the whole lesson. Gratefully, I had Reuven translating for me some of the lesson, but this did not make me an advanced salsa dancer! Despite the ... read more
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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv October 1st 2013

Shalom friends and family back home! So since I am a "free bird" for the remainder of the week, I have found myself being able to sleep in, wake up to eat a brunch, and than figure out my plans for the remainder of the day. I like to classify myself as a "free spirited" type of person when I am back home, and many of you might agree with that. So this "free bird" lifestyle is easily likeable for the time being....sababa. I sit here in my apartment, with the windows and doors wide open letting in the fresh air as I write this blog entry. It's beautiful, I must enjoy every moment here :) Is it snowing in Minnesota yet ;) SOO last night Reuven picked me up and we headed to Yaffo (Jaffa ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv September 30th 2013

Well today, or should I say this afternoon, was my first full experience of Tel Aviv, solo! I say this afternoon because I let the morning slip away in my slumber. So it turns out that the jet lag did get the best of me. I should have known I was going to sleep through the morning because I could not fall asleep until past 3 AM. So my day started at 1 when I woke up to loud music outside of my apartment, at first I was upset that I was awoken so early and than I realized it was past 1 PM, so I thanked that loud car that drove by :) I grabbed a bite to eat for breakfast in the apartment, which was cottage and cereal. While eating breakfast on my outside ... read more
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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv September 29th 2013

Well, I have made it to my new home in Tel Aviv! Dizengoff 89 will be my home for the next month. I landed in Tel Aviv today around 1:30 PM. The flight was eleven hours, and I was happy to be able to sleep a large portion of that time. I was also happy to met a new friend at the airport on our long layover. We met one another as we were sitting in the air Canada terminal, and even managed to switch seats on the airplane so we were able to sit by one another. My new friend is Leah from Herzilliya (apologizes in advance if I misspelled!) The Air Canada food was not to lunch was a small portion of chicken with veggies, bread, and a chocolate mousse dessert. Breakfast included ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv July 3rd 2013

Dear friends and family, This is mostly to write that after an exhausting trip, we have arrived safely in Tel-aviv. Our day in Zurich turned out to be very pleasent and long. We even had time to swim in the Lake, and take in some tourist attractions. The Fraumunster Church with itsits elegant spire and Marc Chagall windows are really something. But after the long wait in Zurich, we finally got on our late flight to Isreal were we arrived 4 AM last night. And after a car ride from the airport, were Adrian almost died of anxiety, since he had never driving with Nis before. (whom actually drove quite elegantly) We arrived at the Hotel at 5 pm. So now after a day of restitution, mindfulness and exercise, and a look around the 'touristic' city ... read more
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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv June 16th 2013

When my GBF (Gay Best Friend) Emanuel said flippantly that we should go to his homeland of Israel, I don’t think he quite thought that I was being serious when I excitedly said yes. Nevertheless, he had made the offer, albeit an offhand one and I had accepted. I would never turn down a guided tour of a country that I had previously put on the ‘too dangerous’ list. We booked the flights before he could back out. For an added bonus after we booked the flights we realised that the Gay Pride week was on for the last weekend that we were there. I’m going to mix it up a bit and start this story from the end. My last weekend in Israel was fabulous. Actually no it was Fabulous. It deserves a capital letter. ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv June 2nd 2013

Resumo: A única certeza que eu tinha era a minha passagem no dia 2 de junho; Perdi o vôo; estou bem. Hoje de manhã eu estava em Jerusalem na casa de um amigo (CouchSurfing) quando ele me pergunta: "O seu vôo para o Quirguistão não é no dia 2 de junho de manhã?" eu disse: "Sim. as 4am". "Pois é, hoje é dia 2 de junho" ... silêncio .. cara de nada ... um leve espanto. Eu não sabia que hoje era dia 2 de junho. Não sei que raios ocorreu para eu me 'perder' no tempo. Difícil explicar que ontem eu tive por diversas vezes a informação que era dia 1 de junho e mesmo assim não me liguei. Calmamente me despedi do meu amigo e vim em direção a Tel-Aviv. Durante a 1 hora ... read more
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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv May 8th 2013

Tel Aviv is an eminently walkable city. That is, if you keep a sharp eye out for bicycles, electric skateboards, electric scooters, and the occasional in-line skater. You also have to be able to ignore all the cars and buses honking at you if you have the nerve to cross the street when they want to make a turn when the crossing light is in your favor. The City of Tel Aviv dates its beginning to 1909 when a group of Zionists, wanting to leave the squalor of Jaffa, parceled out land on the sand dunes north that city. Meir Dizengoff, the first mayor of Tel Aviv, drew up the city’s first master plan. He envisioned it as an urban village, incorporating gardens and open spaces into urban life. The population of Tel Aviv grew dramatically ... read more
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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv May 5th 2013

OK, so it’s my own fault. When I was reading up on Tel Aviv before my trip I read about a large, open air fresh market. In my haste, I misread the name of the market as the Camel Market. Looking for it on the map, I also found the Camel Market south of Dizengoff Center. When I got here, I found that it is actually the Carmel Market on HaCarmel Street. Damn that tiny print on the map! Whatever its name, the Carmel Market is a treat. Stretching for about a quarter of a mile along a street closed to traffic, Carmel Market is crammed with small stalls selling all manner of fruits and vegetables, and cheese, and household goods, and fish, and souvenirs, and prepared foods, and underwear, and more. It’s crowded and noisy ... read more
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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 1st 2013

New foods and sensory overload The alarm wakes us well before our bodies should be wisely moved. But part of being a tourist is being foolishly heady about sightseeing so I drag myself out of bed and turn on the hot water heater. Most of the year, Israelis rely on solar panels to heat their showers but on the few rainy days, there is the timed heater. I blearily repack (we’re moving spaces this night) while the water temp nudges up to warm. After showering, we head off to market. Friday is like our Saturday and like many places in the US on Saturday, markets fill up to bursting with produce and wares for the weekend shoppers. Uri is actually going a’marketing but I’m more than happy to tag along since it’s all a vacation to ... read more
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