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Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City February 24th 2009

I’m not a religious man, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect religion. And it certainly doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the sometimes magnificent architecture that comes with places of worship. To be truthful, I have often stated that “if you’ve seen one cathedral you’ve seen them all”. This is obviously not true, they are all unique in various ways, but many churches and cathedrals resemble each other. A lot. Same shape, same exterior, same interior, same purpose. A lot of the things that can be found in most churches can be found in St. Peter’s Basilica as well. And then some. This is the boss of all churches. The mothership. Naturally in the sense of its administrative, historical, religious, spiritual, or what have you power as a seat for Christianity. But also and equally important ... read more

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City November 19th 2008

Although we had an incredibly long day the day before, the girls and I were up bright and early. Learning from our mistakes, we did not stop by breakfast this morning. Instead, we headed to the little cafe we had seen that had everything a girl could want. My breakfast consisted of a chocolate croissant and a double shot of espresso. Amazing. I was finished before we even got out the door. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! For the second day in a row, we headed to the Colisseum but this time, to go in. We walked the same way we had the day before and so we had to stop to take the always-necessary leaping photo (round 2 for this particular photo). The tickets we had bought the day before was a dual ticket ... read more
A leaping photo
Inside the Colosseum

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City November 6th 2008

We spent a day at the Vatican, where we got a tour of the museum, saw the basilica, and the Sistine Chapel filled with Michaelangelo's paintings. ... read more
Fountain with the Vatican in the Background
St Peter's Square

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City November 6th 2008

Passport Canada e-mailed me and said that my passport was ready to pick up. So we caught the train from Florence into the train station in Rome (Termini). We decided to try a different hostel and were recommended the Yellow Hostel which was a lot cheaper than the Pop Inn we stayed in last time. The night we got in we toured around the ancient part of Rome armed with our camera this time. The Coliseum was tricky to get good photos of at night. There were a few genious venders there selling tripods. But (partly due to our cheapness again) we avoided the vendors by using some 2000 year old ruins as a tripod. Hey, it worked! On our way back to the hostel we saw a bit of a crowd gathering around some giant ... read more
Vatican City

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City September 15th 2008

Next on the agenda was Vatican City. The tour we did through the Colosseum and the Forum also did tours of the Vatican and as we enjoyed that sooo much we thought we'd jump on board. Especially as they told us we'd jump the queue, we'll we were to find out that that depended on what you mean by jump. We arrived at the meeting point and went to sign in and pay at the office. Then a guy took us to meet our guide. We waited across from the queuing masses and he seemed a bit lost, constantly looking for someone and talking on the phone. We then found out what he was doing. Our tour guide had lined up and was 'holding a spot for us'. So as you can imagine the people behind ... read more
Europe Trip 459
Our guide Susan
The Vatican


Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City July 31st 2008

Vatican City is a very small country in the world ! At this little country live a papa Benedykt XVI . In my opinion Vatican is vary preety, and historical . " Vaticano è una figura della mitologia romana, è lo spirito nume che apre la bocca al neonato, permettendogli di emettere il primo vagito. " ... read more
Qui vengono coordinate le iniziative per comporre

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City July 28th 2008

hey mates, we spent our last day in switz :( with cheese and as of our return from interlaken we went to the blue balls music festival in luzern. it was really crowded with people, not so much music, but very popular with the locals. i talked a street vendor down from 80 franks to 30 franks for a wooden mask but then decided i didnt have anywhere to pack it so i opted not to get it. cheese made us a great dinner our last night there consisting of pork spare ribs, macaroni salad, and 2 types of sausage. it was the best!!!! cheese and his parents really took care of us over there it was a shame to leave. the next morning we caught a 1st class train ride from luzern to rome with ... read more
trevi fountain
Out side the sistine chappel

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City July 19th 2008

The Vatican City, known as the Holy See is a sovereign city-state that came into existence in 1929. It is ruled by the Pope and is the central authority of the Roman Catholic Church. The city itself is a walled enclave within the city of Rome. Approximately 110 acres and with a population of around 800, it is the smallest independent state in the world. The Pope has absolute monarchy over the Vatican; meaning, he has total legislative, executive and judicial power. Every Wednesday, Pope Benedict XVI gives his weekly service in Saint Peter’s Square around 9.30 am. I knew this and wanted to go, as it was a Wednesday. But again, I want to do “everything”, while Rajesh doesn’t. He didn’t want to be mobbed just for a glimpse of the Pope from far away ... read more
Inside Vatican city
St. Peter's square
Handsome Swiss guards dressed in Michelangelo's fashion design

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City June 24th 2008

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Everyone... Well I crossed over two countries today... Rome and Vatican City... Did yous all know Vatican City was a whole other country... HAHA I didnt until Rowdy (our tour manager) told us... Cool hey... We only had to line up for like 10 minutes for the Vatican too... Which was the best ever Rowdy said... OMG the Vatican is AMAZING... I seen Pope John Paul the 2nd in his coffin... Pretty cool but pretty gross... I bought some beautiful Rosemary beads... Ummmmm everything was soooooooooooo cool... LOVED IT... We also went to the Spanish steps which were unreal and this church that had all monks bones decorated on the walls and roof and everything... Quite freaky coz they had full skeletons aswell... GROSS... Ummmmm we went to the Collosium yesterday... now that is MASSIVE... ... read more

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