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Lyn Barker

Here we are on our European cruise - July 2010 plus Ireland and Kota Kinabalu.

North America » United States » New York » New York October 16th 2013

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Bacchus next door now and what it looks like in Winter time. Red doorway on left is door to our apartment on the 1st floor. Waiting for the subway train - almost have it mastered!! Reproduction of lunchtime for the girder workers for the Empire State Building. Ellen's Stardust Diner - a must for every visitor to New York - all the waiters are very good singers - of all types of songs - apparently they have to do some in the 50s & 60s and some opera - we had the best time in there for a couple of hours or so. The waiters, or servers as they're called are waiting to be 'discovered' or working around auditions for acting around Broadway or films. Helicopter ride around Manhattan and over and ... read more
Statue of Liberty
Subway busker
In helicopter

North America » United States » New York » New York October 14th 2013

Saturday Must have been tired as we all slept in until pretty late. As Ken and Noveen were packing we decided to leave them to it and head into town to finish off some shopping. We caught the subway into town and found a couple of shops we hadn't been into yet... what a surprise, hey?! Banana Republic and Bloomingdales were the two most notable ones we went into. Have to say that many shops, pubs and cafes here have very little customer service and some are downright rude. Also will mention that many New Yorkers have no idea where a lot of places are or even care - just a dunno is often what we hear. Some give you any directions without really knowing where the place we're looking for is. So it was with ... read more
Buildings over 100 years old
Ready for Halloween
Christmas decorations

North America » United States » New York » New York October 11th 2013

Thursday was not a quiet day! We did a bit more shopping after catching the subway into town and then had some lunch - had a late start. We bought tickets to Mama Mia the Broadway show and ended up there later on that night - which meant filling in 5 hours before the show started. We went to the huge department store - Macy's where I had a makeup session - great fun and then moved on - we did a lot of walking and subway travelling in between times then had dinner at an Irish pub - yum - had Shepherd's Pie - just beautiful. Off to see Mama Mia which was really great but we all agreed that watching the Movie that we had been spoilt by that but still great to see. ... read more
In the theatre
Mama Mia
Mapreader Kenny

North America » United States » New York » New York October 10th 2013

New York Monday 7th - 10th October Over the last few days we've been shopping at UNI QLO and Victoria's Secret, Starbucks twice, and OMG and H & M - was good fun and had heaps of bags to get home. Got the underground there and back- much easier and not too much walking. It was raining on the way back with John and Noveen looking a bit weird in their bright yellow plastic ponchos - sorry no photos - too wet to get the camera out.. Ken used his poncho to cover his backpack. I had my bright red umbrella which John bought for me earlier in the day. A very easy day after all of our longer days sometimes arriving home around 8pm - 10pm. We heard on the news that there was going ... read more
Chandelier in Rockefeller Building
Chrysler Building Foyer
Family dressed for an outing

North America » United States » New York » New York October 7th 2013

Yesterday we bought a subway pass and went downtown like a local on a Sunday afternoon. First we went to Central Park Station - which is now 100 years old! Very large place with a lot of shops, supermarket and of course trains. Times Square was mad through the week, Sunday afternoon was just as busy as they had a parade. We think it was for some Polish holiday. The police had barricades up to control both the parade and the crowd. A lot of people weren't happy with the barricades as they had to walk back to go to a temporary walkway which meant going back a fair way to get to the point where they were told what they had to do. We went through a few shops around the parade, like Zara, and ... read more
Central Park Station
John and Ken in the G Force stimulator
John in engine room on submarine - Growler

North America » United States » New York » New York October 7th 2013

We have been through Central Park. It is lovely and green. There are 7 separate lakes and so many places to just sit and enjoy the weather. Plenty of playgrounds for children. I never knew that there would be so many large rocky outcrops. Apparently New York is built on rock. They have also reclaimed a lot of land especially in the early years. We went to the American Museum of Natural History. Quite amazing with all the stuffed animals and dinosaur types on show - a lot of work has gone into these exhibits. Went to the Guggenheim. Ticked off my bucket list by viewing a Renoir, Monet, Picasso, Gaugain and others Saw the Flatiron building. Also on the bus they showed us Millionaires Row where there are still mansions as they used be. Beautiful ... read more
Exhibit at Museum
Giant turtle
John with Gorilla exhibit

North America » United States » New York » New York October 7th 2013

New York We arrived last Wednesday in the early morning sailing under the Brooklyn Bridge and passed the Statue of Liberty and docked at 7am. We were very lucky to get some great photos of the Statue of Liberty at dawn. We disembarked after breakfast at 10am with the process running quite smoothly as we had already cleared immigration in Bar Harbour with scary Homeland Security. We caught a taxi to pick up the keys. That was a miracle with the number of our bags in one taxi! Once arrived at the apartment though not large at least it looked like what we thought it would. The only problem it is noisy because it is over the Irish pub! Live band plays each night! We bought some ear plugs! Once we dumped our luggage ... read more
John & I at the top of the Empire State building
Narrows Bridge
Empire State Buidling

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston October 3rd 2013

USA - Bar Harbour, Maine Prior to leaving the ship - we had to go through Immigration. Officers come to the ship to go through the procedure to enter the USA. We had already entered the USA on the beginning of our trip when we landed in Los Angeles on our way to New York and had had our photos and fingerprints done. So we didn't have to go through all that again. Today we went off the ship by tender to Bar Harbour - what a great little town it is very quaint as they all seem to be over this part of the world. We did a bus tour to Acadia National Park and up the to the top of one of the mountains where we had the most fantastic view of ... read more
Stunning views
Downtown Bar Harbo
people at Mt Cadilac

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor October 2nd 2013

to finish off the last story at Peggy's Cove - sorry - We were also shown the area where the Swissair plane crashed in 1997, we saw the memorial and where the remains were buried. We stopped at a cafe for lunch - had some really nice fish - haddock and chips and salad. Our hosts told us later that the owners of the cafe had lost their 23 year old daughter in the plane crash and had come overseas to the funeral and ended up staying. So they bought the diner and are happy being there but strangely enough they don't visit the memorial nor do they attend the annual service. We had a great time on the bikes and would do it again. We enjoyed the what we saw of Halifax and it was ... read more
A freezing Lyn
Memorial for plane crash
Peggys Cove (2)

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sydney October 2nd 2013

Sydney Today we are in Sydney, Nova Scotia - we decided to do a private tour to Louisburg Fortress which was a great tour. Louisburg has been perched on the edge of the continent for 300 years and was once a bustling seaport, a hub for trade and commerce on the Atlantic. A multi lingual, multicultural community and France's prize in the new world. The Fortress of Louisburg is North Americas largest historical reconstruction costing in excess of $160M. The tour guide was extremely enthusiastic about the history of Louisburg and was great to listen to. The guides and shop and other people there were dressed in period costume and you would think you were back in the 1800s'. It was a very cold, wet and windy day today and we were quite wet ... read more
Louisburg house
Lyn & Noveen at Louisburg

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