Photos from Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe

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Where will YOU go with a Bike Friday?
Looking for Dalkeith on the way down
A short rest on the way up
Is it all good, or is she hitchhiking?
Jim climbing the Moorfoot Hills east of Innerleithen
Visiting This Dude in His Country
Scotland Fans 10
In small town along road
Runway over highway
Black sheep of the family
Very windy day
Sheep in the road
More ponies
Hidden Dip
Quizzical sheep
A day at the coast
Beautiful cliffs
Lovely sheep
Boat in the Bay
Scottish Beers
Craggy Coastline
Rugged Coastline
Lamb Bologanese
A cute one
Our rental car looked like a big white egg
Oh the music
Fiddlers at Douglas Arms
Bryan Gear & Violet Tulloch
Fine fiddlers
Shetland Fiddle Society
Cobra Beer
Surf's up
Bay at the Burrastow house
The Ponies of Shetland
The Burrastow House
The Busta House
Road through the heather
Full Scottish Breakfast
Heavy Plant Crossing
Otter Crossing
Alder Lodge Guest House
Shetland Ponies
What the ?
Not your average sign
stirling and edinburgh 057
Eilean Donan Castle
Rainbow at Urquart Castle
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