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May 12th 2010
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Crown PrincessCrown PrincessCrown Princess

Movies on Deck Under the Stars
Dear Jean and Cope…

Q1: What’s the name of your ship so we can follow it on the internet ;-)
A: Cruise#1 is the Crown Princess out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, May 1, arriving Civitavecchia, Italy (Rome) on May 15.
Cruise #2 the Crown Princess out of Civitavecchia, Italy (Rome) on May 15th, arriving in Venice, May 27.

Q2: One of my friends loves to travel and wants to follow your blog, can I give them the web address to subscribe?
A: Of Course…the more the merrier ;-) then have them subscribe to the blog on the lower left hand side. We have many friends that we just didn’t have time to contact, so if you come across anyone you think might enjoy hearing of our adventures just send them the website ;-)

Q3: What’s the outcome of the Man Overboard saga?
A: Well, the Captain tells us that all passengers and crew were accounted for… it “appears” from scuttlebutt around the ship that someone picked up a phone and reported someone falling over the side. The person who made the call has not been found but the Captain has to take every report seriously (as well he should!) so back we went and the whole ship turned upside down, as they accounted for every person! Can you imagine anyone doing that? Geez! Evidently if you’re caught there are major fines and possibly jail time. We heard that when the ship was in Puerto Rico some idiot thought he’d dive off the 7th deck of the ship, some 70 or more feet in the air. He did it and the authorities picked him up, $5000 fine and 3 days in a Puerto Rican jail (no refund on the cruise )!

Q4: Do you get seasick?
A: No, but this was such a smooth crossing (for the most part) that we don’t know of anyone who got sick. Lot’s of folks dancing, swimming, hot tubbing, eating, eating, eating…did I mention eating? ;-)

Q5: Do you have a balcony room?
A: Nope… we have an inside room that is quite spacious with a Queen bed, desk, cabinets, large closet, hair dryer, bathroom with shower… all the things you need. Without a porthole we watch the flat screen TV in our room and the folks on the “Morning Show” which is broadcast on the ship to let us know what the weather is outside. Cope just headed up on deck to see the ship dock in Alicante and he’ll let me know what the weather is today.

Q6: Is there anything to do on the ship? What?
A: There is no shortage of things to do on the ship no matter your age or preferences. There are always 2 or three things to choose from or do nothing. We always say we are going to “do nothing” but it never works out that way. Typical at sea day… get up around 7 am, take a walk around the jogging deck or go to the fitness center (there is a dry and steam sauna on board as well as all the normal fitness machines), come back, dress, go up to the grill on the 15th deck (huge windows overlooking the sea), have breakfast from about 100 selections or more in the buffet. Around 9 am there is usually a port lecture or some other type of lecture. For instance we have the former Director of the Kennedy Space Center aboard who has been telling us all about Kennedy, the space program and the astronauts. Then of course it’s time to see what’s happening on deck so we might check out the shops or go to the coffee bar or read on deck. Then, guess what? Lunch time!
After lunch we might watch a movie or sunbathe or read or nap.
Mid afternoon there are trivia games in one of the lounges, or the golf driving range, or miniature golf or ping pong, or movies outdoors (very cool-crossing the Atlantic and watching movies outside on deck!!!!) or going to the great “coffee bar” in the Atrium of the ship or a tour of the galley, or, or…
Dinner is at 6 pm for us and lasts till about 7:30. The food is excellent on this ship. Then about 8:15 off to a live show in the Princess Lounge till about 9:30. After that you can go to the casino or find some wonderful snacks in the coffee bar area, check on tours, write to folks ;-) And we’re in bed about 10 or 11.
I’ll tell you about a “Port” day another time.


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