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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 23rd 2005

I got up at 7. After a quick shower I left the flat as soon as possible, after a polite, insincere thankyou to Marina Ivanovna. It was still dark outside, and a very cold minus 12. I arrived at Yartek at 8, half an hour before Clare, Michael, Chris J, Chris W, Emma and Chiara who were saying real goodbyes to their hozyaikas. Our minibus left at 9. Viktor, Olga, Nina the art teacher and Natasha came to wave us off. The five hour journey to Moscow was boring, and the heating was turned up so it was also uncomfortable. When we got to the south-west Emma left to go to the airport for her flight home and the rest of us were dropped off at the hotel, which is irritatingly named 'The Central House of ... read more
On Red Square.

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 21st 2005

This morning i went back to the Red Square to see it in a bit more depth. Went to the historical muesum which was pretty cool, they had some amazing exhibits with many artifacts dating back as far as 30,000 years ago. One of the best exhibits included two skeletons believed to have been that of teenagers who were presumed to have been buried some 25,000 years ago and still pretty much fully intact! Then went to Basil Cathedral which is made up of 10 churches and walked around inside in between all the towers, wasn't much to see inside but its always funny how peaceful it feels to walk inside a church of any kind. Took lots of pics and bought my ushunka (russian fur hat) then made my way back to the hotel to ... read more
Me looking very russian like

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 20th 2005

I arrived into Moscow early afternoon and had to endure a crammed 2 hour bus ride to the Renaissance Hotel. I couldn't get over how cold it was, especially after coming from winter in Dubai which is usually around 30 degrees to winter in Moscow where it was about minus 10 degrees! It was a bit of a shock to the system! Moscow seems like a really big city, i couldn't believe how grey everything was. The sky was grey, the buildings were grey, even the snow looked grey. Ventured off into town with one of the other cabin crew, poor wee thing could not handle the cold at all, she didn't last long before she had to go back to the hotel. The traffic in town was unbelieveble, we were crawling along at a snails ... read more
Christmas lights
Voskresenskiye Gate

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow November 14th 2005

I promised myself I would put an end to this arriving at stations at obscene hours in the morning without a room reservation. But, once again, Gerry and I found ourselves at Moscow Station at 4 am. We huddled in a corner of the station with our bags, avoiding eye contact with all the city "riff-raff" that wondered in - most of which consisted of men smelling of vodka and body odor with freshly bruised faces. When we finally discoverd that we COULD enter the restricted station waiting room we were cold, tired and hungry. We had to step around strange pools of blood to get to the chairs. Whwn we found two open seats we sat there for almost 4 hours verociously reading our guidebooks - waiting for first light and the metro to open. ... read more
on the way to Moscow
Karen and I in the metro
The view from our hostel

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow November 6th 2005

I took the metro with Ana to the station and we said goodbye. Moscow is an amazing city. I hope I will be able to see more of it (the Kremlin, museums, shops) but next time I will take the easy route: I had a lot more unhappy moments than I planned for my week away. When I got back to Yaroslavl I realised I had barely spoken English for a week. Perhaps 100 words in 7 days. I bumped into Chiara, Clare and Ellie at the station and it transpired that they were on the same train as me on their way back from Novgorod. They had as much of an adventure as me. When I gave Tamara Aleksandrovna her postcards I didn't expect her to give me anything in return. She presented me with ... read more


Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow November 5th 2005

'Leningrad' is one of the biggest nightclubs in the city. The music was a lot better than Joy Party and the people are in a much better mood. Every hour or so the DJ would stop the music and six people would come up on stage for a 'konkurs', more often than not a game of strip musical chairs. I almost went up myself - I didn't quite understand what Anya was inviting me to do! Myself and Ana stayed on the dancefloor until half past 3, then left her to her crazy dancing and found a sofa to collapse on. When we weren't dancing it was interesting to see how differently young Moscow people act and dress. They (especially Anya) have a lot of energy and smile more. She found us at 4 to bring ... read more
Red Square.

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow November 4th 2005

I woke up to the sound of Anya making animal noises. When I opened my eyes I saw a child looking down on me, not quite knowing what to do. Alissa is about eighteen months old and looks a lot like her mum and her grandmother. I entertained her for the morning in the universal language of silly faces and piggy-backs, then went for a walk around the neighbourhood with Ana and Anya. It was a bleak experience. In the afternoon Ana and I went back to the 'Koffye Haus' where we had eaten two days before. We had ice creams and drank coffee for hours. As spoiled as it sounds, there is nowhere in Yaroslavl that serves good coffee and western food and I missed it. That was all I wanted to do with my ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow November 3rd 2005

I woke up at ten and had breakfast with Ana, Lena and Valera. I was nervous talking to Valera to begin with because I have almost never had a conversation with a Russian man. All my teachers apart from one are women, all of my friends are girls and in general there are much fewer men than women in Russia. He drew us a map of how to find things in Moscow, wrote down his mobile number for us if we needed his help and he talked to me about his work. He's quite a successful businessman, and wanted to know how I was planning my career. We ate biscuits in the kitchen while Lena and Ana put on their make-up, and he told me jokes. He and Lena are in their early thirties and have ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow November 2nd 2005

The journey to Moscow took four and a quarter hours. My train was almost luxurious; soft maroon sofa-style chairs, a green marble design table and cream silk curtains that matched the carpet. If Elton John designed Russian first class train compartments they would look something like this. Because it was so early I slept for most of the way but I woke up for a cup of coffee - which a girl took through the carriages in an urn, with the rest of the refreshments in a supermarket trolley. I got to Moscow Yaroslavskaya station at half past eleven. I had agreed to meet my pen-pal, Anastasiya, there. She is an English student from Ukraine, who had helped me with my Russian before I moved to Yaroslavl. We agreed to meet when I arrived in Russia: ... read more
The Museum of Russian History.

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow September 28th 2005

This is another try at adding some photos. They will include shots from Moscow where we visited Bea (a former student) and her husband Vasily. There will be a few from Meteora, Greece. This is the site of many 17th century monasteries. Our trip concluded in Switzerland and you will see some of our favorite mountain locations.... read more
Moscow River, the endless traffic, and the Kremlin
Onion domes on the Monastery in Sergei Posad.
Lennin's Mansion outside of Moscow.

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