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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow January 3rd 2006

Also ich bin wie erwartet sehr gut eingetroffen. Ich wohne und arbeite jetzt also in der deutschen Botschaft in Moskau. Für die nächsten zwei Monate. Was ich mir vor allem vorgenommen habe ist mein Russisch zu verbessern (mit Sprachkurs diesmal) und natürlich ein wenig in die Arbeitswelt des Auswärtigen Amtes hineinzuschnuppern. Daneben werde ich soviel mitnehmen wie nur irgendwie möglich. Aber dies trifft nicht nur für Moskau zu… Also, ich wohne in einem Kurierzimmer auf dem Gelände der deutschen Botschaft. Hier gibt es eine ganze Menge. So zum Beispiel neben den Wohnungen eine eigene Turnhalle und Schwimmhalle, ein Restaurant, und einen Arzt. Rundherum sind verschiedene andere Botschaften (z.B. Schweden), und hier gibt es ab und zu internationale Fussballturniere… Arbeitstechnisch bin ich in der Wirtschaftsabteilung, wie es genau weitergeht kann ich noch nicht sagen da... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow January 3rd 2006

The end of the transsiberian journey was a fun few days and a great way to finish. Russia was occasionaly unfriendly, often confusing and always bitterly cold so to come home was not a massive wrench. If we'd been laying on a beach in a deserted island paradise the day before hometime it may have been a little harder. The final train of the trip was one of the most luxurious on the entire network and yet again we were lucky enough to have a 4-berth cabin to ourselves. There are distance markers every 100m along the entire 9200km of the transsiberian route and, after having past every single one of them, it was a odd feeling watching the last few kilometers click by. The Russia we'd seen in the previous 2 weeks had zero glammer, ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow January 2nd 2006

С НОЫМ ГОДОМ! Happy New Year in Russian… pronounced: Snobum Godom Temperatue: -5C Snow Cover: 40cm Privet (informal hello in Russian), I am writing this on the eve of mounting the TransSiberian railway. I will be traveling from Moscow to Irkutsk through 5 time zones. This is like going from Vancouver to Halifax and back to Toronto in one train journey with no stop lasting more than 25 minutes! It will be a 5 day journey. I have a first class berth which means I share the space with one other as opposed to second class (4 to a berth) or 3rd class (chicken coup style). This ticket cost $500CAD which I thought was quite reasonable. If the train is anything like the ones I’ve recently taken, I’m sure it will be a pleasant journey. Holiday ... read more
Nutcracker at the Bolshoy
Supplies... check!
New Year's Eve

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 27th 2005

Date: Dec 27, 2005 Christmas, St. P to Moscow Temperature: -10C Snow Cover: 20cm (35cm in Moscow) I trust this finds you all well. I spent Christmas with two of my new Russian friends: Sasha and Andrei… there was no turkey or lamb to be found so I pulled off my tried and tested chicken penne. We also feasted on lemon sardines, red fish, chocolate and of course vodka. We then met up with Andrei’s sister Nastya and her friend Gunya and headed out for some reveling. We wound up in a VERY dingy smoke filled bar with a bunch of ex-pats from New Zealand and the US which was fun. All in all it was a great Christmas and it snowed ALL day! I spent Boxing Day doing laundry and tidying up the apartment which ... read more
Christmas Dinner in St. P
Meal on Train
Sun Setting en route to Moscow

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 26th 2005

My train to Kiev was at half past 4 in the afternoon. Before I said goodbye to the others there was time to go inside the Cathedral of St. Vasili for half an hour. It is majestic from the outside, but cramped and full of souvenir stalls inside. I made my way from Red Square to Kievskii vokzal with a lot of trouble. I had never used the metro on my own before, and finding the connections I needed to make was even harder because there was such a scrum of people on each platform. Once I got to the train station I had an argument with a horrible man at the luggage storage office which made me late, so I couldn't buy most of the things I wanted to take with me. I will have ... read more


Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 25th 2005

The plan was to have another lie-in but I had to get up early. As soon as I woke up I remembered that on my 'secret' santa present to Clare I had written 'love Jon xxxx' so I had to guiltily sneak into the boys' room and tear the label off before anyone noticed! It was snowing when we all got up. Moscow skyscrapers aren't a traditional Christmas scene but for us today was about doing something different, not trying to recreate what we were missing at home. We had breakfast in our room at 10, Buck's Fizz and sandwiches of ciabatta bread with spanish sausage and russkii mayonez. Then we opened our present. I think Clare liked her DVD from me. Chris W bought me a hip-flask with the Russian eagle on it - which ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 24th 2005

If you can't have a lie-in on the first day of the holidays, in a comfortable hotel bed, on Christmas Eve, when can you? Some of us went down to breakfast but we were only ready to leave the hotel at 1. I made a table reservation at an Ethiopian restaurant for 8 o'clock, which was the most confusing phone call I have ever made. The man's accent was much stronger than mine; as I was about to hang up he said "do you know about....", and then something that I didn't understand. I said that we did, hoping I wouldn't regret it when we arrived! We took the metro to the Lyubyanka area. Clare needed to buy a balalaika case from a music shop and Chris J wanted a case for Rodney his guitar, so ... read more
River Moskva.

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 23rd 2005

I got up at 7. After a quick shower I left the flat as soon as possible, after a polite, insincere thankyou to Marina Ivanovna. It was still dark outside, and a very cold minus 12. I arrived at Yartek at 8, half an hour before Clare, Michael, Chris J, Chris W, Emma and Chiara who were saying real goodbyes to their hozyaikas. Our minibus left at 9. Viktor, Olga, Nina the art teacher and Natasha came to wave us off. The five hour journey to Moscow was boring, and the heating was turned up so it was also uncomfortable. When we got to the south-west Emma left to go to the airport for her flight home and the rest of us were dropped off at the hotel, which is irritatingly named 'The Central House of ... read more
On Red Square.

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 21st 2005

This morning i went back to the Red Square to see it in a bit more depth. Went to the historical muesum which was pretty cool, they had some amazing exhibits with many artifacts dating back as far as 30,000 years ago. One of the best exhibits included two skeletons believed to have been that of teenagers who were presumed to have been buried some 25,000 years ago and still pretty much fully intact! Then went to Basil Cathedral which is made up of 10 churches and walked around inside in between all the towers, wasn't much to see inside but its always funny how peaceful it feels to walk inside a church of any kind. Took lots of pics and bought my ushunka (russian fur hat) then made my way back to the hotel to ... read more
Me looking very russian like

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 20th 2005

I arrived into Moscow early afternoon and had to endure a crammed 2 hour bus ride to the Renaissance Hotel. I couldn't get over how cold it was, especially after coming from winter in Dubai which is usually around 30 degrees to winter in Moscow where it was about minus 10 degrees! It was a bit of a shock to the system! Moscow seems like a really big city, i couldn't believe how grey everything was. The sky was grey, the buildings were grey, even the snow looked grey. Ventured off into town with one of the other cabin crew, poor wee thing could not handle the cold at all, she didn't last long before she had to go back to the hotel. The traffic in town was unbelieveble, we were crawling along at a snails ... read more
Christmas lights
Voskresenskiye Gate

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