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Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest August 10th 2013

Next top, Bucharest, north of Sofia. I took the train leaving Sofia at 7pm. Very different story already...backpackers have gone, we are not anymore on the main Wien-Athens axis...this time, it's a little different. I'm in a 4 berths cabin...and the train is on it's way to Kiev...not for me yet. The train is pretty comfortable, and half empty. I'm sharing the cabin with a Russian age...who speaks...Russian! At 1am the train stop at the border. Do not forget, Romania and Bulgaria are both members of the EU since 2007...6 years already...and it takes us...4 hours to clear the two controls! They didn't get much involved into our cabin...they took our passport...and return them to us...4 hours later...crazy isn't it! We reached Bucharest by 7.30am...should have been 2 hours earlier, but I don't mind, I'm ... read more
Vlad....aka Count Dracula...
Revolution Square...yes...back in 1989...
Old Town

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest June 17th 2013

I am on the train heading north out of Bucharest. At first it was farmland but now it is turning into rolling foothills. I am going to a town in the mountains called Brasov. There is a ski resort nearby so it is likely to have a decent incline. Dracula's Castle is near there. I have decided I want to live off the blood of women for eternity, so I am trying to find a vampire who can get that done for me. I hear that three bites of my neck is all it takes to make me into a vampire. Apparently, you have to find an honest vampire, because they can just kill you if they want. Maybe if I hang out in the pubs around Brasov, I can find a vampire that looks like ... read more

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest June 15th 2013

Today was always going to be one of the bigger challenges for the BBA V2 if only for what we have read about Bucharest and the perils tourists can face when visiting the city with scams,gypsies and roaming dogs.! The weather promises to be fine and the temperature projected to hit 30C+ but has dawned cloudy which might actually be better especially if we clock up a few kilometres touring the city. The hotel served up an expresso coffee with a croissant and we substituted that for the instant Nescafe as we felt it would give us a buzz enough to keep us going all day. The reception didn't know anything about a bus to the city and suggested a taxi at between RON 100 to 200 max or about €45 to €90 to get to ... read more
The Arc de Triumpf
Lovely park for the people
Home of Romanian rugby

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest June 14th 2013

We left Tulcea with a mix of feelings regarding the Danube and its delta.We had come here because we wanted to experience the delta and its wildlife but had failed because we couldn't arrange a boat trip that we were happy with both from a cost point of view and a boat owner that we felt would give us what we were looking for in a boat that we felt safe in. However all was not lost as far as the Danube was concerned for us but more about that later. With a big day of travel ahead of us we got ourselves organised early and on the road to Bucharest. Vicky wanted to take us south on the E87,the road we had arrived into Tulcea on from Mamaia, and then west on the A2,the main ... read more
Romania in the foreground,then the Danube and in the distance, Ukraine
Loaded onto the barge
Incoming barge from Braila

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest September 23rd 2012

The entire team rolled into Romania from various parts of the US and a few from Brussels (early travelers)! We enjoyed each other's company last night at Carul cu Bere which seemed to be the most popular place in town. The waitor put together a spread of appetizers including traditional mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, eggplant, various cheese (sheep, head, cream) and meats (liverwurst, sausage, raw bacon). Paul found it challenging to try everything while others grimaced. Once to the main courses, we saw a mix of stuffed squash, cabbage leaves, and wine leaves with mincemeat, while others select various sausages or chicken dishes. Compliments included 'baked potato', beans, or palenta. Most of us tried the local beer as well as 'Carlsburg' -- a beer from Denmark. Don and Britt were pressured into dancing ... read more


Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest August 1st 2012

De ce? Pentru ca vreau sa imi amintesc toate locurile in care am fost. Stiu ca este tarziu, ca nu voi apuca sa scriu despre Paris, Londra, Cehia, Croatia...dar mai bine mai tarziu decat niciodata.... read more

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest July 1st 2012

Friday 29th June 2012 Mostly a smooth day, we had our breakfast, checked out of the hotel, walked to the bus terminal in town where we caught a bus to the station. When we went to buy our ticket we found our desired train was full! Woops, should have bought the ticket yesterday. Never mind the next train was only an hour later. We found a quite spot upstairs where Rags read and Judy perused some student drafts and wrote some feedback to be posted when she was next online. Then at 12.35pm it was on the train and back to Bucharest. We arrived at about 1500. So that we wouldn't need a large meal back at the apartment we had a late lunch/early dinner at Central station before catching the Metro and local bus. By ... read more
Work time
The Palace
The Balcony

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest July 1st 2012

For today we had the plan to go to a festival we had spotted staring bands as Within Temptation, Evanesence and Guns n' Roses. We were also interested in watching the final in the European football championships, and had looked that we might be able to see the end of the game if Guns n' Roses had a good gig, and the complete game if Guns n' Roses sucked. We had been up quite late last evening enjoying our terrace, so we slept late and after that we went to the same beerhall as yesterday for lunch. We had a sausage plate for two as main course, a little bit too much and a little bit to heavy for us, but we were able to go the whole day on that meal. We then had a ... read more
The drummer of Evanesence, doesn't he look like Animal from the Muppets?
Axl Rose, older but still going strong
The light show of Gn'R was spectacular

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest June 30th 2012

Today was basically the only day we had to look around in Bucharest. It was enough to change my images of the city (and country) completely. Kind of embarrassing to admit, but I had images that the city would be full of Roma beggars, stray dogs running around and pick pockets...Sure, the city has lots and lots of ugly Soviet style grey block houses even in the very center, but it has also friendly and relaxed athmosphere (we have again had several encounters with very friendly and helpful locals that would be unlikely to happen back home), excellent quality for the price at restaurants and cafés, good shopping (many international chains which are not available in Helsinki), and also parts of the beautiful old center still exist today. I also find cities like this, which have ... read more
The fancy beer house
Leo walking around Bucharest historic center
Piata Unirii

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest June 29th 2012

We ended our stay in Turkey with an early wake up, çay and an airport shuttle tour from Göreme to Kayseri airport. Johanna managed to get our luggage booked all the way to Bucharest, effectly blocking the queue for 15 minutes when mr. Slowmotion in the check-in typed in all the info with his one-finger method typing technique. But we still had no problem making it to the plane even though the shuttlebus arrived only 50 minutes before the plane left, the Kayseri airport only consists of check-in, security and one gate so everything went quickly after the check-in. After an hour up in the air we arrived back to square one, Istanbul. There we then sat reading books and writing on our blog for three hours before taking off for Bucharest, again about one hour ... read more
The styles of the buildings were very mixed
The Parliament building by night

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