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Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw September 5th 2010

I took a couple pictures on Friday when we were waiting for the next train in Wroclaw. Today I took a bunch of Sycow (the town we live in) on our way back from eating some odd pizza for lunch.... read more
Elf statue on stairs
a University in Wroclaw
University entrance and Des

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw September 4th 2010

So Thursday was our first day teaching students. We had 5 classes each, 1 class of 17 yr olds and 4 of 16 year olds. All we did was introductions pretty much so it went fine. Most of the students speak good enough English for me to understand but a few are almost complete beginners. Either way, I will have 20 classes each week, with all different students each class. I only teach each student once a week. Its great because I only have to plan out 1 lesson per week. Friday morning we had to get up early to catch the 8:45 bus to arrive in Wroclaw at 9:55, then take a train from there leaving at 10:08 to Opole, where our boss lives. (The train and bus station are right next to each other) ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw September 1st 2010

Today Des and I went to the opening ceremonies at the Sycow school we'll be teaching at. Everyone was dressed sooo nicely and alllll of the show was in Polish. The headmistress announces us as the new native speaker teachers and we stood, everyone clapped. I don't know what she was saying about us but it went on for like 5 minutes. Met some of the teachers, everyone was really nice, walked around the town a little, saw the bus stops and schedules, ate a dessert at a cafe, got a bunch of groceries (super cheap), came home, lesson planned for our first day teaching tomorrow, ate polish kielbasa and potatoes (yum), saw the most incredible rainbow and sunset after a rain shower passed (once again).... read more

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw August 31st 2010

Finally made it to Poland. Left the hotel yesterday morning at 7:30am (cheaper to split a cab with Jess because her flight left at 10:30 yesterday morning. So I slept on the seats in the airport until my 1:10 flight (also got all my luggage on the plane for free some how. It should have been over 100$!). 3 hours to Munich, 2 hour layover there, 1 hour flight to Wroclaw. Mr. Sawicki was there waiting for me with Desiree. They are both verrrry nice and I think we'll be fine working/living together. He helped me with my bags (which is saying something cause they were over 100lbs total). Drove through the city of Wroclaw (which is where we'll take a bus into on the weekends to shop/sightsee/wander.) Its a pretty big city, kind of like ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw August 31st 2010

It is really beautiful here. The town Sycow is very small, lots of farmland, green, trees, Polish style houses. I took some pictures from outside our kitchen window in our apartment before a storm came through. Also, the pictures from mine and Jess's last night in Athens and the Parthenon all lit up.... read more
after the storm
before the storm


Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw April 16th 2010

Some pictures over the last few months. Visiting Sandy, Matt and Alison in Germany; Kasia's wedding; memorials for Lech Kaczynski.... read more
Church of the Rock
Hot wine with friends
German street

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw September 29th 2009

So I am sure most of you know that for the past two summers I've worked in the Outer Banks, NC at the beach.. A lot of Eastern and Central Europeans go there for work during the touristy season to make money, go to the States, and travel.. So I met a lot of Russians and Polish kids which has been a lot of fun! We take turns having parties, they cook polish/russian food for us, they make us drink their vodka, etc.. So now I am lucky to have friends in Poland and Russia! So, Tomek picked me up at the bus station in Wroclaw at 2:00am (I felt bad). At first I didn't recognize him because I hadn't seen him in two years.. he had dread locks then, but now they are pretty long! ... read more
Wroclaw Town Square
Wroclaw Town Square
Tomek, Magda, and Tomek (Rasta)

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw September 9th 2009

We went to Legnica, Wrocław and Kraków. 3rd September, 2009. We went to Legnica, part of Dolnoslaskie. This city is my husband home town and it takes about 1hour from Wrocław by car. 5th September, 2009. I tried to make polish traditional food 'Pierogi' with my husband family. Even though I have eaten pierogi quite often in Poland and Englnad but I have never made it myself! It was my fantastic experience :) ... read more
Photo 2

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw August 22nd 2009

It was early morning, but the traffic was already rushing. Me and Edita met at the hitchhiking point in one end of Warsaw. She said she hasn't slept all night - Erasmus party. - Have you hitchhiked before? - I asked her. - No. - Have you couchsurfed before? - No, - she smiled. So it was going to be a double adventure for her. It was not my first time hitchhiking, nor couchsurfing, but still I had an up mood for traveling and adventures. A mood for the road. So I raised a sign and Edita raised a thumb. People around, as usual, looked at us as aliens (and there were quite a lot of people as this was bus stop). Were were not very lucky, as around an hour had to pass until a ... read more
Street musician with electric guitar
Highest church tower
Naked guy statue

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw July 31st 2009

Częstochowa, Wrocław, Karpacz, Kamiena Góra - Poland, July 20th-30th, 2009 After leaving Krakow, we began our journey to my hometown of Wroclaw. We stopped along the way in the pilgrimage town of Czestochowa for a brief two night stay. Czestochowa is one of many major pilgrimage sites for Christians around the world. This particular place is a pilgrimage site because of the painting of the Black Madonna which resides there. The painting is believed to have started bleeding when it was cut by invading Hussites in 1430, who after seeing the bleeding retreated in fear. This was percieved as a miracle of God, so to this day, hundreds of people from all over Europe gather for mass in the chapel that holds the painting. Two days later we were finally in Wroclaw... or more specifically ... read more
Ratusz (Town Hall) in Wroclaw
Pierogi Monster

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