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Wandering around the streets of A'Dam, one inadvertantly notices the doors in the Jordaan and downtown districts: how each one is specialized, individualized, to express the personality of those living inside: from beautiful 100 year old porcelain to wood and rosebush, one meets such an amazing array of varieties, colours, styles. Heres a little gallery of about 40 doors, taken mostly in Jordaan district, February-March, 2014. Enjoy!... read more
Modern, de berakasos kapu
korives, fabol

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam March 21st 2014

Today we went to find some of the iconic Dutch windmills but the GPS told us "Destination in permit area"... hmmm. Instead we continued north to Volendam which is a small-ish fishing town on a large bay (that they call a lake) off the North Sea. It also happens to be the name of the cruise ship we went on last year. We found the local tourist office and dashed in through the steady drizzle. Finding a few cheese-makers around, we thought that might be a good use of the day instead so we picked one and set off. There was a small clog making workshop which was very quiet - I think they only demonstrate for the tour buses - and a cheese shop. We tried about 15 cheeses and ended up buying one - ... read more

Saying goodbye to the beautiful city of Bruges, we set out for Amsterdam. We only had a few hours so rather than driving the whole time, we used the motorways to get to Antwerp for lunch at a large park called Rivierenhof. It has a great little playground and a series of lakes and forest areas to wander around and even a little farm for the kids to meet the animals. Em had a great time on the playground and after lunch, we had a walk around the lakes watching the ducks and geese. We spent a bit longer than planned there so we were a bit rushed getting to Amsterdam but it was reasonably smooth on the motorway with only a couple of roadwork areas to contend with. The volume of trucks on the motorway ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam March 15th 2014

So landed back from my trip to Korea and finished at 3pm. Then had to run to another terminal to meet my friend for our little holiday to Rotterdam at 3.30pm. What a rush, don't know why I do this to myself! I was off to Rotterdam for 2 nights to stay with one of my Dutch friends, called Michelle, that I had lived with in a hostel in Sydney when I was travelling Australia 3 years ago. Was meant to be a sort of big reunion with more people but only me and one of my friends from London could make it. We have had a few reunions in London, and Amsterdam couple of years ago. Just so nice that most of us still keep in touch. So anyways, we had a fun girls weekend. ... read more
Tastiest kebab ever
Graffiti in Perron nightclub

Hello, bello, gyors helyzetjelentes Amszterdambol, vilagviszonylatban is a diszes teherfelvonohorgok kozpontjabol: a finom tavaszi hangulat aranyozta be az elozo 2 hetet, franko napsutes, viragok tomkelege, viragzo fak. Jomagam egy hetet toltottem Brusszelben, Marc 9.kozt, errol nemsokara egy rovid bejegyzest csi. Elozetesben legyen annyi eleg, hogy alig lattam ott teherfelvonohorgot.... Visszaterve mindent rendben talaltam, Flo elmelyulten a Ghanai-Suriname-i eredetu csintalan pok, Anansie meseit feldolgozva, meselok interjuvolasaban van napkozben, este meg a kismama joga tanfolyamhoz vannak tanitvanyai, akiken a kotelezo gyakorlatot letanitja. Jomagam a horgoktol eltekintve, a gasztronomia muveszetebe vetettem bele magam, napkozben bringazok, majd bevasarlas, es uj receptek kifejlesztese-kiprobalasa a projektem. Foztem carbonara szeruseget mar 4-5 szor, a publikaloja ugy hivja: Gy... read more
Komor kontrasztos Horog


If we had our time over again, we may have chosen to go to Munich rather then Berlin. It was good timing for us to need some rest time as we were both a bit sick, but if we were well it would have felt a bit of a waste. We spent our first day in Berlin wandering around and went to the Pergamon Museum. All the reviews on trip advisor said this museum was absolutely excellent but we both looked at each other halfway through and were both thinking the same thing - boring! We haven't been to a museum since. We also tried to go to the Cathedral but for 7euro we decided we'd seen enough churches and were satisfied with just visiting the outside! We had some crepes for lunch sitting outside the ... read more
Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust MemoriL

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch March 4th 2014

***VERSION EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO*** This week it has been all about carnival. The city goes wild during this week. Carnival has its origins in the Catholic holiday celebrating the days before Lent. Nowadays, however just like Halloween, it is celebrated by many and the religious association is often forgotten. What did we do during all this? We bought and wore the official scarves, we went to a costume party on Saturday with some of Dan’s co-workers, and we witnessed the official beginning of carnival with the unveiling of the “doll.” Ana also had a chance to see the city’s parade on Monday while Dan was at work. Oh and we also bought ear plugs to make sure we were able to sleep since the bands kept playing all night and people kept partying until the ... read more
Carnival is here!
Red, white & yellow
People out on Sunday!

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam » Amsterdam Zuidoost February 26th 2014

Hello, hello, udvozlet Amsterdambol, ahol lassan a masodik hetet huzzuk nagy duzzogva. Nagyon nem bloggoltam eddig, mert tatottam a szamat, egy jo kis 6 hetes ittletet gondoltam csak meg kell alapozni nemi helyismerettel, szoval nagy erokkel zajlott a kivancsi varosfelderites, megismeres es eletfeltetelek kialakitrasa celjabol. A bazisunk a nyugis kozeposztaly altal frekventalt Jordaan negyed (rogton a Belvaros mellett, 5 perc gyalog Amsterdam szivetol: nyugodtan hivhatjuk ezt a csatornakkal atszott kis lakonegyedet a varos aortajanak. Kicsit a 9.ker hez hasonlit, csak itt 1800 as evekbol megmaradt teglahazak sorakoznak a kanalisok partjain. Rengeteg apro utca, kis hidak, minden haz pontosan ugyanolyan teglabol, ugyanugy 4 emelket magas, es ugyanolyan keskeny.) Az elso 4 nap Floraval gyalog jarkaltuk be a kornyeket. Gasztrocapital? Facsart grapefruitle! Eljutottunk a jo oreg Ten... read more
Buszbol, odafele
Keskeny lepcsonk
De jo itt a kanalis

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch February 24th 2014

***VERSION EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO*** On Saturday we finally made it to Amsterdam!!! " This week we did quite a bit more exploring. We spent some time in Amsterdam and Eindhoven – two very different if not opposite cities. But before we get there, let’s do a recap. We met some new friends this week, Nina from Indonesia, Sally from Argentina, and Henneke and Rick from the Netherlands. We also had a nice at home dinner with Dan’s Dutch co-worker Jorte and Sushi night with Dan’s team from work. In addition to all the fun, Ana has been looking for jobs and had a job interview to teach at a language center. Unfortunately, not knowing Dutch is the biggest challenge to finding a job, especially as a language instructor. But regardless, she is keeping herself plenty ... read more
Rembrandt monument - Where is Waldo? I mean Dan!
Old portal in Amsterdam
More Amsterdam with sunshine!

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Den Bosch February 17th 2014

The highlight of the week was going to the final for the ABN AMRO Tennis Tournament.” ***VERSION EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO*** We continue to enjoy the Netherlands. On Monday Ana went to visit Dan at his office once again and they had lunch together. This time she biked there with her “new” old bike. On Friday we spent Shabbat at Chabad in Nijmegen where we continued to meet new people, especially Israelis. We are doing significantly more cooking here than in Madison and enjoying the fresh food we get from the local market. With the Kosher meat Ana made a nice stew and with some fresh tuna steaks we got, we also made a delicious and healthy meal (see pictures below). Thanks mom (Sandra) for all the tips and recipes! This weekend, we also tried an ... read more
Dinner at Afghni restaurant
Den Bosch
Banner about Queen Maxima

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