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January 6th 2006
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Akshay, playing World of Warcraft as usual...
Here are the house pics I promised a few days ago...

Turns out double A batteries here are 1.2V, whereas the ones I need for my camera are 1.5V. So I get to keep looking for more batteries I guess. I'm sure I'll find some somewhere.

I went to market today, but my camera was not working due to the battery problem. I accidentally slept in today, and then found out that the market is only open until 1pm! So I went down as fast as I could, and got to wander around for a while. My first time wandering Maastricht by myself! And they were not kidding, I cannot get lost here. It's a straight line from the house to the station to the bridge that takes you to the square. If you wander enough in that direction you find the square pretty easily, then to get back all I have to do is head in the direction of the river, then wherever I end up at the river I walk towards the bridge that is in the straight line with the station and the house. Easy peasy.

At the market they have lots
Stairs of DeathStairs of DeathStairs of Death

This is from the top floor of the house, looking down at the Stairs of Death. Even Bruce Lee does not walk the Stairs... He stands watch and laughs if you fall.
of food stands, some with fruit and veggies then some with yummy looking dessert type stuff. I only bought some fruit (yummy pears) but next week I'm going to try one of the pastry thingys they had there. They had these things that looked like waffles with chocolate and icing on them... mmmmmm. And I bought a scarf!! It's sooo pretty, rusty orange kind of colour. And then I bought some fries from the fry place to bring home to share, mmm fries and mayonnaise. And apparently the Dutch think you're crazy if you put vinegar on your fries. It's just not done, but you should see the list of crazy stuff you can put on your fries at the shop! I will have to write some of them down next time because I can't remember them right now.

I know this is a lot of blogs in a short period of time, but it's just so neat here! I wish I could have all of you here to see it too. It was sunny out today so it's too bad my camera was down. I will have to take more pics when it's sunny because it seems
Stairs of DeathStairs of DeathStairs of Death

I am standing in the middle of the Stairs of Death, between the 2nd and 3rd floors, the most treacherous of its diabolical tracks...
to be usually overcast here, and it's just so beautiful and bright when the clouds are gone.

I think I should go wander a little bit every day, there is just so much to see and so many shops and a million things to wonder at. It's just a very comfortable place to wander, too. It's very different here. The streets are very clean, but people use them so much more. People don't need to wear helmets when they bike, but people are so much more aquiainted with the rules and ettiquette of biking in the city. There is really not that many cars on the roads, but everything is so easy to get to without a car and it's so pleasant to walk around here that it's not a big surprise. I also noticed that 95% of the cars that you DO see are very nice; you don't see many crappy cars, lots of bmw's and newer models. Gas is very expensive; at least 1.20 or so in euros, so far as I've noticed.

Everything is closed early around here. Most shops close around 6 or 7, very few are open til 9, almost nothing
Stairs of DeathStairs of DeathStairs of Death

You KNOW there is something wrong when your stairs have holy-shit handles, like in a car. Theres something very very darkly wrong. This is one of THREE on this one treacherous flight. TRIPLE wrong.
is open after that. Even gas stations aren't open 24 hours a day. 24/7 is not a big thing here, apparently.

That's all for now, I really just wanted to put house pictures up. Talk to you all soon!

being a shutterbug,

Additional photos below
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Stairs of DeathStairs of Death
Stairs of Death

This is the stairs leading up to the second floor. This flight of Stairs gives you a taste of the diabolical evilness of the Stairs to Come. See the shine from the flash? Shiny stairs = BAD

Heres Mariska looking at one of the shelves in the kitchen. Lots of yummy food comes from this kitchen.
Comfy RoomComfy Room
Comfy Room

This is the living room, from about where Mariska was standing in the last picture. Comfy couches!
House viewHouse view
House view

If you were this house, this is what you would see to your left.
House viewHouse view
House view

If you were this house, this is what you would see to your right.
House viewHouse view
House view

If you were this house, this is what you would see to your straight across from you. YES that is a FINDING NEMO circley-thingy in the window!!
House viewHouse view
House view

If you were this house, this is what you wouldn't see, because it would be behind you! Unless you were a house with eyes on the back of its head. Or a house with a head, even.
For my benefitFor my benefit
For my benefit

Mariska wrote this out for me. Circled names are people who live here. George II lives in a drawer in the kitchen, and Ed is a decapitated hamster chalk bag. There is a story that goes with both.
The Meal HornThe Meal Horn
The Meal Horn

This is the meal horn. If you don't recognise it, it is a conch shell, and if you saw off the tip of the top end and blow into it, it makes a loud horn-like sound. When you hear it you know dinners ready!
On the FridgeOn the Fridge
On the Fridge

Need I say more?

This is where Sidewalk Entertainment happens.
Computer ViewComputer View
Computer View

My view when I'm at Joel's computer.

6th January 2006

The stairs must be stopped! I will gather reinforcements if neccessary (provided the plane ticket is pre paid :) ) I'm glad you're having fun, enjoy the yummy cheese for me too! Keep up the pics. *hugz*
6th January 2006

hey from edmonton!
Hey Bev! Looks like you're having a great time. I love all of your pics! I have to say you are long winded :). Keep the blogs coming cuz they are so much fun to read! Have lotsa fun! Love, Kayda
6th January 2006

bev...if you wanna get me a present steal me that chocolate fridge sign (just kidding) but seriously DUDE that's an awesome sign...glad to see you're having fun. *hugs*

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