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April 15th 2009
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Just a nip will doJust a nip will doJust a nip will do

A little grappa goes a long way…it’s a health digestive after all!
4th day -Tuesday
We slept in until noon; apparently there is such a thing as too much wine and good food, but we are on vacation so no harm, no foul.
We headed out to one of the local malls to shop for some essentials. It became readily apparent that the color purple was the new black of the season. Virtually every display window had their mannequins swathed in that color. Many of the locals could be seen wearing varying shades of purple.
I didn’t find anything in purple that suited me and I couldn’t talk Sam into any purple pants or shirts. I figured that he could be a trendsetter back in Boise, but he was having none of that. We did stop by at Decathalon to look for a fleece layer for Beth. This is a sporting goods store and has some good stuff for excellent prices. I found a windbreaker for 13 euro and Beth bought a light fleece jacket.
Sam was very impressed by the availability of some kinds of soccer supplies that aren’t as readily available in Boise. I was impressed with a pair of very electric lime green soccer shoes. I thought that Sam ought
Now, this is good hooch!Now, this is good hooch!Now, this is good hooch!

Vincenzo praising the quality of his good taste and mine.
to buy a pair so as to cut the bella figura in his soccer league. Sam demurred.
We had started out so late in the morning that when we finished our shopping it was time to head to Sara & Vincenzo's for an early supper. On the way to their place I stopped by at our favorite salumeria and surprised our old friend Luigi. His place wasn't actually open and was only half-lit. He didn't recognize me initially as I walked in and said "Sera! Vorrei una buona grappa, che mi consiglia?” (“I would like a good grappa, what do you recommend?") I could tell he was a bit annoyed that a customer was already in the shop as it clearly wasn't open.
As he neared me it dawned on him who I was...I laughed and asked him if he remembered me. It was an excellent surprise. As usual, Luigi was his modest self about his wares and prices. And as usual, he picked out a great bottle for me. I told him that we would come back for a meal and a chance to chat.
As we were standing there, a couple came walking in and after a few
A health digestive, huh?A health digestive, huh?A health digestive, huh?

Sam checking out the bottle.
uncomfortable minutes the husband looked first at me then at Luigi and tried a few halting words in Italian. The pained expression on his face was a bit humorous as he tried to get some words out. They both nearly jumped out of their skins when I suddenly started speaking to them in English; Luigi and I were both amused by it.
We then headed to Sara & Vincenzo for a fab meal of spaghetti alla genovese. We headed downtown afterwards for the evening passegiatta, but because of the weather (cold and windy) there were very few folks out and about.
It was late and we didn't want to keep Vincenzo up late; we headed home but not before making the next day's dinner plan...of course!
Note: Sara is not only a great cook, but she is also an artist. She does some really cool batik work. You can see her work at her website: www.batikbooth.com

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A little here, a little sip thereA little here, a little sip there
A little here, a little sip there

Yummm…says Sara to a hesitant Sam. Grappa…it’s an Italian thing…you might not understand
Pose for mePose for me
Pose for me

Goofing with the cameras

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