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Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur September 9th 2013

An Italian out-door club coming to Iceland end of April and are doing a tour around the country before joining a ski-weekend in Isafjordur. The bus was playing tricks on us just before the tour started so had to be fixed the day before. One thing off the check-list. My driver broke his leg a week before the tour, another driver hired on the last minute – one more thing off the check-list. We, thirty five people, set off in the morning, all skis fitted into the bus and the group was hoping there would be snow somewhere in the hills on our way so they could do some walks. No snow on the southern part except the glaciers that were all white and pretty, but too far away. The first day was good, the weather ... read more
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Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 30th 2013

The snow covered tops of the mountains seemed close enough to touch as we flew past. They rose around our plane on all sides, our shadow showed up clearly on the snow below. The pilot turned sharply and we suddenly entered an opening, blue water and a little town at our feet. Following the sharp turn was a sudden descent onto a short air-strip, I didn’t think we were going to make it. But our teeny little plane touched down without a hitch and we were in Isafordur, Westfjords. We stayed one more night in Reykjavik after exploring the South Coast. We spent a lovely evening with Hofi, a friend of Pete’s who lives in Reykjavik with her partner and their new baby April. We had an amazing vegan feast prepared by Hofi’s mum that blew ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 28th 2012

One of the many things we have observed to this point is that there does not appear to be many trees here. The relative youth of the nation geologically precludes their growth. To this point, our guide asked if we knew what to do if we got lost in an Icelandic forest. After a few seconds of thought on our part, she told us “you stand up!” Okay then…. Visitors to Iceland usually attempt one or both of the familiar routes when exploring this unique land. One is the Golden Circle, which can be seen in one day or the Ring Road, which we’re told can be done in as little as five days (although that is certainly rushing it). This will normally satisfy the average traveler and they are able to return home safe in ... read more
Dynjandi Waterfall
Breathtaking scenery

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 6th 2012

The ceiling of the turf-roofed Litlibær, or Little Farm, was so low my hair brushed against it. But when I sat down in the drawing room, sipping a hot cup of coffee and looking out the small, multi-paned window to the fjord and snow-flecked mountains beyond, I felt quite at home. I chatted with the sixteen-year old great-great grandson of the man who had built the original farm, and who now helped greet visitors from far flung corners of the globe curious to see what an old Icelandic farmhouse, built on an isolated fjord in an isolated corner of an isolated country, was like. I smiled as he explained his plans to travel the world – Canada to the US and down through Latin America, then over to South Africa and northwards; what a much more ... read more
Iceland's President, Olafur!
My Trusty Steed
Waterfalls, Everywhere

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur June 20th 2012

Our days are so busy that time for blogging is little. Right now (June 19) we are at a guesthouse in the middle of nowhere near a the cliffs of Latrabjarg. The beach is shell-sand, almost white. The arctic terns nest outside our windows, the plovers can be heard, the wagtails twitter, nature and hardly anything but nature. Yesterday was full of activities. First we went to a museum on fishing in Osvor. Then to have view over Isafjordur at the old ski-restaurant, that is not in use any more after the avalanche back 1994. The holiday home area suffered from that when quite many little cottages where completely destroyed one night in April. Now for a hike up to the waterfall and the forest where you can almost get lost. Lunch is at our little ... read more
Our ride
Hot tub


Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur June 20th 2012

And some more photos... read more
Rest and eat
Piece of art by the sea

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur June 17th 2012

Hello again. Two days have passed. The 16th was a day of touring Borgarfjordur. In the morning we droveto Paradise . . . Yes you read this correct - paradise. That is a little dent in the ground where trees grow and a stream flows. Peace and quiet. Water you can drink. The Lava watwefalls were our next place to visit. Cascading down the slope, water coming out of the groung and no lake above. And now Husafell where the artist lives and has carved into most of the rocks in the gorge. Tired we were and time to go to our hotel. Some went golfing, others got into the hot tub, some just relaxed. Good dinner was the closure of the day.... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur June 17th 2012

Westfjords today. It was snowing in the mountains last night, but sunny as we woke up. Now we are heading to the mountains, through the Valleys. One of the Sagas took place here. We spotted lots of seals as we got into the fjords. Seven fjords we had to drive before we finally got to our resting place for the night - Isafjordur. Today is Icelands National Independence Day so we manage to get to the celebration downtown.... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 1st 2009

We had a great day in Isafjordur Iceland on Fri. Mom and I were up early in the Lido for juice and to watch the scenic cruising of isafjardaandjup and Jokulfirdir. It was a bit cloudy but very pretty. We then headed to mass, breakfast in the Dining Room, and a port talk on Isafjordur and Reykjavik. It was then time to grab a quick lunch in the Lido before heading down for our Fjords and Flowers tour. We drove quickly thru town (not hard since it was a small town) and then headed towards a tunnel. I know you’re thinking how could a tunnel be so interesting but it actually was. This tunnel is about 6 miles long and links the fjord to two other fjord towns. It’s a one way tunnel so on the ... read more
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Whale bone Arch
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Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 7th 2008

Avui és dijous, dia 7 d'agost, i és el sisé dia de viatge. Aquests dos últims dies hem estat a la zona est de l'illa. A partir de dema ens dirigirem cap a la zona nord, la qual, a priori, sembla ser una de les zones més interessants de l'illa. El paissatge continua essent espectacular, i el temps sembla que millora poc a poc, tot i que les temperatures continuen sent més baixes del previst. El que continua sent un misteri és la poca vida que transmeten els pobles de l'illa. Són pobles inospits, i en els que practicament no es veu gent pel carrer, i on, fins i tot, és difícil trobar un lloc per poder prendre un café. Tot i aixo, el viatge continua sent molt complert. I aixo que encara ens queden tres ... read more
Cascada de Hengisfoss

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