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October 22nd 2008
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Private War Museum AskifouPrivate War Museum AskifouPrivate War Museum Askifou

Gord visited this very interesting museum, set in a private house and surrounding. It was filled with items collected by one man, after the German defeat on Crete. The location of this house was just a very short distance from the landing area of the German stormtroopers

We continue on here in Paleohora, and are really loving it here. Rented scooters yesterday and were out and about on the wld roads until the wind nearly blew us over when we rounded one curve so we made our way home. Heard this morning when I was out walking that the ferry is cancelled today due to high winds so we will return our scoots and explore a few more roads in the car.
I am on a poor internet connection so will use pics to tell you about our last few days, and I do mean our LAST few days. I will do a separate entry for my trek through the Samaria Gorge.

Additional photos below
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In this area of Crete, our Salads are erved with this kind of olive. Haven't been able to get the name, but I call is a raisin olive.
where we didn't gowhere we didn't go
where we didn't go

Someone recommended we see Elafonisi...we thought we'd go there on scooters but the road eventually petered out into a goat path more or less!
Gord want a scooterGord want a scooter
Gord want a scooter

We have really enjoyed sseing the country via scooters. They don't go very fast so you see a lot more I think.

Our home away from home. After moving around so much we have thoroughly enjoyed spending our last days here. It's really nice to get to know one town relatively well. When we were out scootin', we passed a guy with a bunch of sheep in the back of his truck heading for town, when we got back we watched him unloading them near the restaurant we ate in the night before. Then the sheep trotted off down the street. Not sure where they we off to.
Paleohora from EastPaleohora from East
Paleohora from East

Great spot for a town!
Paleohora from WestPaleohora from West
Paleohora from West

This pic really shows what a narrow little penninsula this town is on
heading out for a little shopping and dinnerheading out for a little shopping and dinner
heading out for a little shopping and dinner

This pic was taken the day after I did Samaria Gorge...My quads protested going down anymore stairs! I think I was sposed to keep my knees a bit flexed on that looong decent down into the Gorge. I actually backed down the stairs when I went out for my morning walk earlier on this day, so the hobble side step is an improvement! This pic is taken from the courtyard
Spiro & family RestaurantSpiro & family Restaurant
Spiro & family Restaurant

Cuz sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name....and eat your dinner in the middle of the road! Spiro told us that next year this area of the town will be closed to traffic except for 1 hour a day for deliveries.

We had lunch here our first day and Spiro wasn't very friendly...then he went nextdoor for his coffee and perked up a bit...turns out the guy is much more of an evening rather than daytime kinda guy. The people here work so hard. Spiro also works his family greenhouse where they grow tomatoes.
Evening on the main streetEvening on the main street
Evening on the main street

We have now got with the tour and set out for dinner just before 8 pm!!
Sunrise WedSunrise Wed
Sunrise Wed

I had met a Brit woman in a shop Tues evening and she told me about a mini gorge I could hike...I stopped to watch the sun rise on my way to finding the trail.
Beginning of trail near Andiri BeachBeginning of trail near Andiri Beach
Beginning of trail near Andiri Beach

This vehicle and camper(?) was from France...have seen only a few camping vans. I walked up the trail until I hit the first pile of boulders I had to scramble over and decided I better wait to do it when Gord knows where I am and where I am going to end up!
Later the same dayLater the same day
Later the same day

Trail from Andiri Beach through a little gorge up to the town of Andiri. I was very excited to find out about this wee walk up this "mini" gorge. When I returned home after scoping the trail out earlier, I met a couple that did Samaria the same day as I did. The woman suggested I should start this walk from the top because there is a lot of climbing...funny how I can hardly walk down stairs but going up doesn't bother me a bit! I started this walk about 5pm cuz it had been too hot to do it any earlier.
The trail?The trail?
The trail?

This was pretty well what the trail was like the whole way...nice path then a big pile of boulders to clamber up and over
Goat trailGoat trail
Goat trail

I could hear these goats' bells from quite far down the I got closer to them I could smell them too! They were very skittish which I was glad of...we all kept our distance
Go left hereGo left here
Go left here

I didn't see any sort of trail markings until I was within sight of the town at the top. About 3/4 of the way up I came to an impasse with the trail, couldn't tell which pile of rocks to go over when along came two people and showed me the way up and over...I saw no one else but them the whole walk...I was glad they came along because I thought I was going to have to turn back because I couldn't see a path anywhere.
Well look at that...Well look at that...
Well look at that...

a nice red rope just when you need it!
Good Night PaleohoraGood Night Paleohora
Good Night Paleohora

Our last sunset...we leave here today (Thurs) and go to Hania. Fly to Athens tonight and home tomorrow.
We're here for a good time, not a long time, so have a good time, the sun can't shine every day.We're here for a good time, not a long time, so have a good time, the sun can't shine every day.
We're here for a good time, not a long time, so have a good time, the sun can't shine every day.

but really it did shine every single day of this most excellent Grand Adventure!

23rd October 2008

wooo nice picks....I will have to ask Matteo what kind of Olives those are...... Your pics are stunning.....really reminds me a lot of Sardenia....kind of dry but so beautiful! all is good here in Van....the weather was beautiful today and the fall colors are so favorite time of year!! Ciao for now you two.....waiting for your next blog!!!! Love Janice
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23rd October 2008

Hey Jan!
Guess what I am having with my yogurt and honey this morning??? One of those lovely pears from Italy that I liked so much when I was at your place. Talk to ya soon, love, B
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