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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Alimos October 8th 2011

Tarikh Lawatan : 19-22 March 2011 Destinasi: Athens, Greece Greece? It was never came across into my mind to visit this country before. Why? Hurmm…may be sbb aku tak byk tahu psl negara ni, plus takde direct air connection pun dari KL and even from Ashgabat kan.…btw the only thing I heard abt the country was they were struggling due to economic recession since the last 2-3 years. Mmg tak la rasa nak pegikan…dah2 tentu rega brg2 kat sana mahal and kos transportation jugak pasti mahal. But things changed lps aku disogok oleh kwn2 sekerja kat Ashgabat (ASB) ni, aku cair jugak akhirnya and then we planned the trip since ada cuti tambahan 2 hari, there was a team member yg sgt baik hati nak merancang segala jadual and activity kami kt sana. Aku ape lg, ... read more
The Parthenon
The Panathiniakon
Temple of Olympian Zeus

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Glyfa October 8th 2011

Throughout the city of Athens and all of the archeological sites, many stray animals are present. The mayor of Athens actually provides food and collars for some of the stray dogs in the city. Stray cats are more prominent in the rural country settings, such as Delphi and Mycenae. Some of the strays appear to be healthy though, kind of like they belong to a town or city; they seem like the collective responsibility of everyone who comes in contact. Since most of these places are heavily visited by tourists as well as having a regular staff, these animals seem to have found the proper place to scavenge for food. Others, however, are not as lucky but seem get along. If you are friends with me on Facebook, this is why I have so many random ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens October 5th 2011

Tuesday (20-09-’11) First day on our own without anything being organized through ESN. So what do girls do? Shopping! I went with Helene to Syntagma, there is one big shopping street. I bought 2 shirts, a pants, nailpolish and lipstick for those of you who are interested :p At night, we had a little party on the Balcony at Lora’s place which was a lot of fun. On my walk there however I fell into a hole on the sidewalk (a combination of no streetlights, a lid being gone and my clumsiness :p). It hurt really bad in the beginning but I’m fine now, there is a large bruise though. Thursday (22-09-’11) I spent my day with Helene, the metros, taxis and trams were striking so we couldn’t go far. First, we went Omonia square and ... read more
Dinner at the hotel
My parents at Acropolis
The Olympic site

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Glyfa September 23rd 2011

Yia su! Usually there is some sort of demonstration going on in Athens due to the current nature of current economic policy in Greece, but today was the first day the demonstrations affected how I spent my day. All of the public transportation workers went on strike, causing the metro, bus lines and trams to shut down; bright yellow taxi cabs were also nonexistent in the daily traffic. The police force was out with shields, tear gas, and machine guns, but most of this is strictly precautionary. Greeks usually (almost always) protest with nonviolence. Even though a chunk of the population owns automobiles, much of the population is dependent on public transportation, causing people to be late/unable to get to work/school, etc. This strike is a result of the austerity measures put into place by the ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Glyfa September 23rd 2011

Kalimera! Friday I was finally able to be a tourist (even though I do technically live in Greece) and visit the antiquities of the ancient agora and Acropolis in Athens. Words or pictures cannot really describe what it is like to view the remains of the beginning of civilizations. The buildings and temples are of a much larger magnitude than I have ever imagined...I felt small in comparison. I stood in awe of these buildings as I tried to envision the ancient civilization in its glory. I wondered just who stood in the same places I did many centuries ago. Saturday I got to visit Dephi, and the antiquities relating to the Oracle of Delphi and Apollo's temple. The landscape was absolutely breathtaking. It actually was so beautiful I almost teared up. I think it is ... read more


Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Kallithea September 22nd 2011

The first day here our program coordinator thought it would be cool to give us the lowdown on Athenians. We were told to basically never trust any of them. Ever. For anything, forever. Apparently everyone from Athens is trying to scam us, scare us, steal from us, or steal us. Our coordinator really made it sound like there was going to be stranglers around every corner waiting to strike. I was so ready to see some stranglers, I bought new batteries for my camera and everything. So far, no stranglers. However, there are many extremely intimidating little old ladies. Maybe it's a trap, and they'll shed their skin and become stranglers and strangle us or do something else that's equally as traumatic and horrible and violent. At this point, I almost hope so. I mean, I ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Glyfa September 21st 2011

Herete! (Hello) Today I had my first Greek lesson! I'm glad I finally learned some manners because I felt very ignorant walking around speaking in English and asking for things...the Greeks are much more helpful when one at least tries to use their language. Here is a short list of manners/phrases which are necessary: KalimEra: good day KalispAra: good afternoon KalinIKHta: good night (sounds kind of German...) HeREte: hi, hello, good bye Yia sou: hello (familiar) Yia sas: hello (formal) AdiO sas: good bye Ti kanEte: How are you? (formal) POli kAla: very well Eucaristw (ef-kal-ri-STOL) thank you Ke sas: And you? Pos sas lanEy: What's your name? Me lanEy: My name is... Para kalO: please/you're welcome Oxi: no nE :yes * Don't quote my spelling...most of it is phonetic, with the capital letter being the ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 21st 2011

ACROPOLIS Today we left our Hotel early and headed for the Acropolis. We need to be there as early as possible because they attract massive crowds every day. Also Greece appears to be heading for a meltdown – today all taxis and public transport were on strike which would mean more cars on the road. Our local guide explained a bit about Greece’s economic woes on the way to the Acropolis –they are pretty much a basket case! The entry to the Acropolis is by way of the Propylaea a building that was erected in the years 437-432 BC –it set the scene perfectly. As usual our local guide was a fountain of knowledge and explained in great detail about all the buildings. Walking around the site is awe inspiring. The small iconic temple of Athena ... read more
Welcome to Greece-we're having a few issues!
Weirdest March Ever

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 20th 2011

Saturday (17-09-‘11) Not an interesting day at all, I just worked on my thesis and watched some series:) The other Erasmus people went to visit the Acropolis museum but they said they couldn’t hear the guide very well so I’ll do that another time. In the evening they went to Lycabettus Hill, I should certainly go back there, they say the view was amazing with all the lights of the city. Sunday (18-09-‘11) We went to Acropolis to visit the Parthenon and The Dionysus theater. They told us it was going to be a difficult long walk but we were there in 15minutes so it wasn’t that bad… The view from the top is amazing, and the Parthenon itself is too. It’s hard to imagine that they build such a huge monument without any machinery. I ... read more
Temple of Olympic Zeus (view from Acropolis)
Me, Helene and Tanais at the traffic light party
the beach, jealous? still pretty white tho:(

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Glyfa September 20th 2011

Hello! After a day of flying, I was finally able to land in Athens at approximately 9 am. It was crazy to leave at 4 pm one day and show up somewhere else at 9 am the next day, with a loss of 7 hours. Also, jet lag is terrible. Every time I sit for more than 10 minutes, I start to doze off...that's not very polite to do during an instructional lecture in a foreign city whose native language sounds like gibberish. My survival Greek classes are later this week, but hopefully I pick up some manners beforehand, so I can at least be polite about my American ignorance. The sights, sounds, and smells of Athens are typical of any major city--some are pleasant, some are questionable, and others make you want to walk with ... read more

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