Movie Stars and Yachts

Published: May 18th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Red CarpetRed CarpetRed Carpet

Cannes Film Festival
Well, guess what? We landed in Cannes right in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival. Beautiful people everywhere and as we came into the docks there was the Lady Moura. This is a huge yacht with real gold lettering everywhere and we were told it is owned by a Saudi who is the 7th richest man in the world ;-) As soon as we get less expensive internet we'll try to look her up!

On to a walking tour and up the hill (of course at least a zillion steps) to THE church where the monks would have look outs to fend off the "pirates". There were baptisms going on with little children looking beautiful all in white. Flowers blooming everywhere. Although this was nice, everyone wanted to see movie stars, so down the hill and into town to the actual festival area along the beach and to go in search of the "red carpet". Throngs of movie people from all over the world in fabulous clothes. Models and wanna be actresses everywhere but alas, we did not spot anyone we knew. Sharon and Dave did spot "Shreck"... does that count??

Had a lovely baguette on the sidewalk and just sat and people watched. Did find the official red carpet where in the evening, we were told all the "important people" would be

But for us it was off to find an internet cafe where I had the most stress of the trip... a French keyboard... the keys are just enough out of order to drive you nuts. Kept hitting the q for the a...grrrr.... ;-) Next stop...the land of Jean's ancestor's, Italy!


18th May 2010

Son Geoff will be in Cannes next week
Hi you guys. My son Geoff will be in Cannes working for his company next week during the festival. Wish it would have been a week earlier. Enjoying your commentary! r
18th May 2010

Red Carpet
Hey, Jeannie! I like the pic of the red carpet -- who is the gorgeous star in the picture??

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