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Europe » Austria » Vienna July 29th 2014

Thought about going on the Vienna bus tour this morning, but decided to just walk about on our own in the vicinity of the ship. Everyone else left bright and early on the buses, leaving an eerie quiet about the ship, except for a heavy thrumming sound, which I tracked down to a tanker beside us refueling the ship. The staff also took the opportunity to do some housekeeping, bringing in stacks and stacks of bar stock and kitchen provisions from the quay. A short walk took us to the nearby Mexican Church. It's an amazing building to look at on the outside (see photo), but big and dull on the inside. Nearby was a monument on which I was able to exercise my schoolboy German. It was thanking the Mexican people for being the only ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg July 18th 2014

After saying goodbye to Csaba we set off for several long driving days. Our first stop was Budapest (not such a long drive). We had an afternoon and evening in Budapest (pronounced Budapesht), it's a pretty city perched on the river Danube. After checking into our hotel (this hotel room has been the smallest room so far, only a little bigger than a cupboard) we set off walking to see the city sites, first up the central area of the city, old old buildings, combined with modern architecture which just seems to work. After lunch we crossed the river on one of the city's historic bridges to see the castle on top of the hill of course, we had a great view of the city, the river and the Budapest Houses of Parliament. Next morning we ... read more
Neuschwanstein castle
Our tour group

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Zell am See July 15th 2014

These beds are soooo comfy legs a little better this morning but still hurt . Breakfast is served 7.30 - 9.30 so youve guessed it 9.25 arrival for the fennas . Buffet but lady running b and b who doesnt speak much english was as steve calls it faffing what she was really doing was ensuring she provided excellent customer service. Barbara the lady obviously in charge also turned up to issue our zell am see cards these give us free access to a number of attractions today and tommorrow hence the reason we have 2 nights here as it will save us £100 ish. Just chilling now for a bit waiting for more blue sky before cable car up another mountain . waited till 1 but no better weather so off we went . only ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 12th 2014

In the midst of this sophisticated, stylish, polished city there are stand up sausage and beer bars. The bratwurst sausages and local steigl beer were so good, we ate lunch there two days in a row! We had two days to explore Wien (Vienna) a beautiful, historic city. We spent an afternoon with Fred and Trudy, a beautiful Viennese couple, who now call Canberra their home, and return to Vienna for a few months each year, probably to escape the Canberra winter. Fred and Trudy are friends of George and Jen. They took us to a fair ground that they went to as a young couple growing up in Vienna, the fairground will be 250 years old in 2016. The baby of the group, George, could not wait to ride the roller coasters! Fred handed his ... read more
George and Fred
Enjoying pork knuckle with Fred and Trudy
Tichy Ice Cream Salon

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 10th 2014

Donau er en kjent elv som renner gjennom flere store byer i Europa, blant annet gjennom Wien. Vi hadde en litt merkelig togtur til Wien. For det første var det sykt mange folk som skulle på toget, og heldigvis var det få som hadde reservert seter, så det var om å gjøre og komme seg inn på toget først og få en god sitteplass. På selve toget var det som sagt masse folk, og rett foran oss satt den seks høylytte spanjoler. Og han ene gikk kompisene sine, og alle andre på toget, på nervene. I tillegg var det en som drev og snorket så høyt at han vekket seg selv. I wien har vi tatt det helt rolig. Egentlig skulle vi også legge oss tidlig den første kvelden, men så kom vi i snakk med ... read more
Cecilie i parken
Fisken vi tegnet
Beste frokost på lenge!!


Europe » Austria » Vienna July 4th 2014

Great thing that today was warm, 80’s, and sunny. We had to check out of our apt by 11 and no one wanted to wake up. Dale and I walked to the store for bread, pastries and coffee. We got back and food was devoured. We took Bekki and all to the old city for 1 quick look as we all had to go our way. We showed them the fortress, the egg shop where I bought some eggs and then stopped to have a dessert at the Furst. Bekki went on to Tobias’ and we went onto Vienna. We had a concert to attend. I’d bought tickets to hear the Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” at the St Stephen’s Church. This church is huge, a main feature of Vienna. We went to the church and picked up ... read more
Inside the St. Stephens
St Stephens at night

Europe » Austria » Salzburg July 4th 2014

On thursday we took a day trip to Salzburg. The train ride was pretty boring, but as we drew closer to the city the beautiful mountains came into view. After closely examining our maps we set of on a long walk to Getreidegasse, which (in addition to having lots of wonderful shops) is the street on which Mozart was born. We were able to hit some of the shops for a few hours before we ventured the rest of the way up to the castle. We all took a lift to the top. We were presented with a beautiful view of the mountains where many photos were taken. Some of us took an audio tour of the castle, while others just explored. The Getreidegasse had many awesome places to go, even a torture chamber. After the ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg July 3rd 2014

As the weather was forecast to be sunny we’d planned to go up to the Fortress/castle today. Dale and I were there 3 years ago and thought that the kids would enjoy it. Bel and I took the Funicular up while Dale and Elias walked. The walk was very steep, in some places one must use the strips of wood laid into the ground as to not slide down the hill. It must have been very difficult to haul the stones and wood up in order to build the fortress. The Funicular is like a gondola which rides on rails and goes straight up the cliff. At the top we found the museum. This is really a self-led tour of the fortress. We’d taken a tour before but couldn’t find it so we just did the ... read more
View from the Rear of the Fortress
A Birthday Celebration

Europe » Austria July 2nd 2014

Today was our only full day in the Austrian city of Graz, or it would have been except Lizzie didn't wake up until the afternoon. I woke up at 11 but it gave me time to research the next few places we're going. The weather was a bit dodgy so after some faffing about trying to decide on suitable attire, we left and had breakfast/lunch at a cute little cafe called the Granola Company. This included 'breakfast in a jar', which is yoghurt, blackberry jam, granola pieces and fruit in a massive jar; we shared one and we still couldn't finish it although it was really nice. Afterwards we wondered into the centre and found a bridge with the padlocks of lovers on it, like the one in Paris. It was very cute. Then we found ... read more

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg July 2nd 2014

It was raining today, pouring at times. It was a good day to visit the indoor museums. We took the kids to Mozart’s birthplace. That seemed to be a good place to start. This is a small, 1 bedroom house. There are few original furnishings however, there is a collection of personal items. After the birth house we went to the house Mozart grew up in. The house he grew up in has the audio tour, it is much larger and contains many items from Mozart’s personal contents. There are also letters to and from his sister, some original and original works of music. Christabel was interested in seeing where some of the “Sound of Music” was filmed so we had to visit the Mirabel Gardens. Sidestepping mud puddles, dodging umbrellas, we found the sites of ... read more
The Performance

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