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Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Lofer June 11th 2014

Hi again From Lake Constance, we then drove The Alpine Road......It was very steep indeed and made my stomach churn at times! The brakes were smoking come the end and I was pleased it was finally over, despite the amazing views. There were many keen cyclist on this road. One for you, TS? Our next stop was Austria, again, another very stunning part of the world. There was still snow on the mountains, but again it was about 34 degrees where we were. The campsite was amazing, with the best showers i have ever seen (including hotels). We attempted to climb one of the smaller mountains, but I found it a struggle in the heat, altitude and sheer height, so we beetled back down rather slowly. That said, with every footstep you took, there was flurry ... read more
German Alps - The Alpine Road
Dramatic cloud in Austria

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna June 9th 2014

David finally landed on Friday (June 6th). I wouldn't let him sleep and took him golfing with my grandfather. Although he fell asleep every time we sat down and lost more balls than there were holes he made it through the outing. After that we walked around Guntramsdorf and went to dinner with my grandparents and some friends at a local authentic Austrian restaurant. After eating our wienerschnitzel, we went home, topped the night of with a grappa (night cap) and finally let David go to bed. On Saturday we went and checked into our first hostel (Westend City Hostel) and spent the day with my brother visiting the major tourist sights in the center of Vienna. David was still pretty jet lagged so we took it easy and went home to rest a little before ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Mondsee June 8th 2014

The last day in Austria causes us to reflect on our favorites of this area. The pristine alpine lakes The stunning vistas particularly from They actually wear lederhosen and alpine hats Dumpling soup Pancake soup Lemon beer (Jan not Jerry) Apple struedel (five stars!) We both love it here and wish we could stay longer but tomorrow we are off to Munich.... read more
Swan family on the lake
Another view from Zwalferhorn
Farmers gathering in town

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Mondsee June 7th 2014

Today we road the bus to the town of St. Gilgen where we rode a gondola to a summit which is 1522 meters high. There are no words to describe the beauty. The hymn "How Great Thou Art" comes to mind. This is a case of pictures being worth a thousand words. ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Mondsee June 6th 2014

We are loving our time in Austria. It is incredibly beautiful. Today we went for a cruise around the lake. And then one more church which is in Mondsee's town square. But this church is special. It is THE church in Sound of Music where the wedding took place. Now that is very cool!... read more
Boats on the lake
More boats on the lake
The Church


Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Mondsee June 5th 2014

We spent the day with Wolfgang and Annette again. This is their last day here so we made the most of it. We toured a farming museum which was quite interesting. The big chalet style Austrian homes were actually home and barn combined. The animals lived in the back of the structure, except for the chickens who lived in a cage under a bench in the living room. Between the animals and living quarters was where the hay and feed was stored. The a section for the farm tools. Then the house which was a main room, one bedroom for all and a room for the grandparents. The camera was not working si we may have to go back to get some photos. After the museum it was off for a hike. We drove to Wolfgangsee ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Mondsee June 4th 2014

We have arrived in Austria and it is spectacular. The scenery is breathtaking. We are staying at a lakeside community called Mondsee just outside of Salzburg. We met up with the people who we will be doing a home exchange with from Frankfurt. They will be in our house for a month starting June 21. We will get to Franfurt in their house in July. Wolfgang and Annette took us to a castle call3d Burg-Hohenwerfen. So we are done with cathedrals and on to castles. There are castles everwhere! The one we toured was actually more of a fortress than a castle. The views from the bell tower were stunning. This area feels more like home. In fact I feel like I am in Leavenworth Washington. We got along very well with our new friends. And ... read more
The Alps
Tram leading to Castle

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna June 4th 2014

Wednesday 4th June 2014 We were down at the port by 0930 and sat around for a while in the nearby park before going down to the pier where the ferry was to come in. It seemed that it would be late as it hadn't arrived when scheduled. We stood on the pier and started a conversation with tow American ladies - mother and daughter who were traveling together. The time soon went and just in time, the ferry pulled up, took all of about 20 passengers on board and left exactly on 1030 as scheduled. The 90 min trip up the Danube River, against a strong current, went smoothly, the big diesel engines driving the water jets had the boat travelling at about 25 knots. There wasn't much scenery, mainly forest which grew to the ... read more
Devin, with the Devin castle on the hill.

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna May 18th 2014

A quiet day today as it is pouring with rain, so we slept in and then later caught the train to Schönbrunn Palace, the summer palace of the royal family from around 1700 until the very late 1800. Again it’s an enormous complex with gardens stretching for literally miles in three directions, we saw the large statue of Neptune where the sea goddess Thesis is pleading with Neptune to bless Hercules with a safe sea journey in his attack of Troy. We got absolutely soaked today and being Sunday much was closed so back to the hotel and out later for dinner.... read more
Neptune Fountain

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna May 17th 2014

After breakfast we set off back to Hertz to see if they had my phone, the very helpful young fellow said he would find out and we had to come back between 1200 and 2pm, not feeling very hopeful we had no choice but to go see the sights of Vienna. This is a great city with a huge amount of classic buildings built circa 1800 with so much fine detail and stunning designs, adorned with statues and fret work close the French penchant for over doing the detail. Austria dates back to Roman times with a garrison built around 100ad driving the current celtic inhabitants north, a small settlement was started adjacent the garrison area began. Around the 10th century the turk Emperor Otto 1 started an outer eastern province called Osterick, Vienna and was ... read more
St Pauls Vienna
St. Stephen's Cathedral Reflection
Vienna - Police Waiting For The Protest March

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