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Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Lienz April 13th 2014

They let the cows out for the first time this season and even took the new bull for his first walk outside. He is just 6 months old so has only known winter and has been in the stable the whole time. Peter had a job keeping him under control with a rope bridle as he already weighs more than 300kg and he liked the sunshine and freedom! Em stood up on the woodpile with Myriam to keep out of the way of all the cows. Especially the big 3 year old bull who weighs over 1000kg! On the car front, Renault have decided they need to take ours to a Renault dealer to fix it and will give us a hire car until it is ready – about a week or two. As we can’t ... read more
The cows are free!

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Lienz April 12th 2014

This morning Peter and Miriam invited us into Lienz to the local Saturday markets. We wandered through the stalls while Peter and Myriam shopped for some farm fresh vegies. Myriam met Michele in town, one of her friends from Paris and it was such a beautiful day that we all went to a café for morning tea. Peter wanted icecream so he shouted Em to one too – shaped like a snowman! Walking back through the markets, we bought some fresh bread and fruit and Myriam convinced us to buy some of the local pasta for tea – tortellini filled with garlic, herbs and mashed potato. Back to the farm for a late lunch and a bit of down time before Peter’s sister came over for afternoon tea and we were introduced. Em played for a ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Lienz April 11th 2014

This morning we were back in the barn at about 7:30 feeding the cows and collecting eggs from the chickens. Em has a ball with a small pitchfork just right for her. Outside, they are just starting to collect some of the early grass for next season by mowing the lawn with a mower attachment for a small excavator. It made me nostalgic for a bit as it looked like great fun. Last night there was a small incident with our car – one of the ladies leaving the house reversed into it and damaged the front wheel and suspension. It didn’t look too bad but it would need repair before getting back under way. It is very fortunate that Myriam is French and also speaks German and English as this made communications with Renault (back ... read more
The Cowshed

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Lienz April 10th 2014

The weather this morning has turned atrocious so no mountain rides today. Em was NOT happy. Anyway, we set off to find our farmstay near Lienz which is on the other side of the Alps. The SatNav took us off the motorway around one of the major mountain tunnels (as there is an additional toll on top of the vignette we already bought) and up the mountain pass. It got colder and colder, closer and closer to the snow line until it began to snow. The weather was getting even worse so we stopped at the mandatory snow chain installation area for a quick play in the new snow for Em. Then we had to turn around as we are not prepared for driving in those conditions. Back to motorway to pay the toll and through ... read more
Into the mountain tunnel
Out the other side of the tunnel

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Mondsee April 9th 2014

Today we went up to Mondsee to find the church used in the movie. It was a lovely church but had a service running so we were a bit limited in our ability to explore. The large building beside the church was a monastery built in the 11th century and it has now been restored and converted into a hotel. After wandering around for a while, we went down to the lakeside where we found a large playground for Em. She loved it and we played for quite a while. We walked along the lake where the swans were very friendly, looking for a free lunch. It was absolutely beautiful with views across lake to the surrounding mountains. This whole area is covered with mountain lakes and the scenery is just breathtaking. We had lunch in ... read more


Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg April 8th 2014

Today Mel wanted to see some of the locations from The Sound of Music movie as it was filmed in and around Salzburg. We figured out the buses and got our tickets from hotel (and they weren’t even marked up!) We caught the bus to the city centre and took a guess at the right stop. Why would any city have electric busses? They blot out the sky with a bird’s nest of messy wires and they are still just busses not trams! Ok rant over... First stop was Mirabell gardens and palace where the song Doh, Ray, Me is performed in the movie. The first thing we came to was a playground which Em did NOT want to leave, then we walked through the gardens which are beautiful. We found the fountain and steps from ... read more
Mirabell Palace

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg April 7th 2014

Em did not want to leave the sheep but we had to say goodbye and move on to Salzburg. A quick stop at the tourist bureau to confirm the rules for Austrian roads and we were on our way. Most websites were telling us that we needed snow tyres and had to carry chains (neither of which we had) up until 15thof April and that we also needed a sticker to travel on the motorways. Apparently, the snow tyres thing is only for when the roads are actually snowy or icy so we should be fine and the sticker was easy to get at a petrol station – 10 days, 8.50 euro, all roads – better than individual road tolls which can really add up fast. Before heading to Salzburg, we made a stop at Ehrenberg ... read more
Medieval time out

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte April 6th 2014

Today we crossed the border back into Germany to visit Neuschweinstein Castle which was the inspiration for the Disney castle. Built in late 1800’s by King Ludwig II, it is all in renaissance style but with every modern convenience of the day including electric lighting, running water and flush toilets. It was a steep walk up the hill but Em managed it all the way with the promise of a horse drawn carriage ride back down. Masses of tourists and tour buses mean that they have to have a rigorous system to get everyone through the castle. Entry is by guided tour only in groups of about 30 and the tour lasts 1/2 an hour. Tickets are only available at the bottom of the hill and you are allocated a time for your tour. Show up ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte April 5th 2014

First thing this morning we went squirrel hunting in the forest again. Although it was very cold, this time we were more successful and Em had fun shelling the peanuts and leaving them dotted around the forest. The rest of today was just a driving day to Fussen so we could go to Neuschweinstein castle. We actually stayed in Reutte which is over the border in Austria and about 10 km from Fussen. Although there was a nice section of driving along one of the large lakes in southern Germany we mostly stuck to the motorway. Arriving at our apartment, it is enormous! 2 bed, 1 ½ bath and bigger than our house in Australia! Spotlessly clean and very well appointed, there were even sheep to feed every afternoon in the back shed so Em had ... read more
The sheep shed

Europe » Austria » Carinthia » Villach March 28th 2014

So, from Slovenia we drove to Austria. When we were going to Austria we went through a very LONG tunnel. And the start of that very long tunnel, my dad told me to hold my breath but I could not and I did not try. So we got to Austria I was very happy, do you know why? It was my 60th country and it was very pretty. Then we went to an outdoor restaurant which was very good. We ordered Schnitzel, Sausage, and after that we ordered Strudel(for me). Hey guess what? They all start with an 's'. My absolute favorite was the strudel because it had a side of whoop cream. (I know it is whipped cream, but I say whoop) LOL. Then we checked out a cool church and took a couple selfiies. ... read more
Proscuitto and more Proscuitto

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