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Tuesday, June 3, 2014 Today is a day of rest and relaxation for us, it is a day at sea. Although the Breton’s don’t normally relax on our sea days, we do take things a little slower, like sleep in a bit, except for Todd. We had an enjoyable breakfast in the dining room. We met a couple from Belgium. The gentlemen retired at 51 and sold his jewelry business to his brother. He and his wife now travel for fun. Another couple at the table lived in New Hampshire. Quite a diverse groups of passengers our ship. This is one exciting part of traveling is that people we meet on our journey’s. This morning we decided to play trivia this morning. We normally participate in this activity multiple times, however the scheduled sessions have been ... read more
One of the four paintings were purchased, artist Anatole Krasnyansky
One of the four paintings were purchased, artist Anatole Krasnyansky
One of the four paintings were purchased, artist Anatole Krasnyansky

Sunday, June 1, 2014 Today we are visiting the island of St. Thomas. When visiting this island in December 2013, we have vivid memories of all the mega yachts lining the harbor, however this time, there were very few yachts. I suspect most of them headed to the east coast for the summer. Cindy and I had a late tour this morning; however Jenny and Marcus needed to get off the ship early, 8:15 am. There tour was swimming with sea lions, this sounds really fun. Michael and Brian’s tour was with Cindy and I along with Brian’s family, Charles and Cathy. Our tour started at 9:30 am. Cindy and I ate breakfast in the dining room. We really enjoy eating breakfast in the dining room. We meet a really nice family from the Boston area, ... read more
St. Thomas port
Jenny and Marcus - Swimming with the Sea Lions
Jenny and Marcus - Swimming with the Sea Lions

Years ago we heard the phrase, “Cruising plans are made of Jello”. How true! We never made it to Coral Bay last week, instead, we sailed 32 miles south to St. Croix. And what a nice sail it was. Winds were mainly less than 20 knots, and on the beam. For non-sailors, winds that are perpendicular to the boat are ‘on the beam’. For Whisper, and most boats, it’s the best point of sail. We were easily cruising at 6-8 knots with both sails reefed. We had to endure a couple of squalls, but we could see them coming and shortened sail until they passed. During one squall, a rainbow formed and could be seen in the sky, on the water surface, and, the end of the rainbow was at our boat! Never found the pot ... read more
Drunk Bay
Drunk Bay stone graffiti
Salt Pond

We stayed at Christmas Cove a few more days and enjoyed watching the daytripper snorkeling boats, the sailing classes from the yacht club across the bay, and the sunsets. The snorkeling had been pretty good when my sister and her friend was with us, so I decided to jump in again, alone this time. I kayaked in to the beach – the boat was a bit far from shore – donned my gear and swam along the shore. I soon saw why the tour boats stopped here. There were fish everywhere. Hiding in the rock ledges, camouflaged above the sand and grasses, swimming around boulders, swimming at the surface. I’m still not great at identifying the fish and other sea life, but know a few such as the Blue Tang, Parrot Fish, Sergeant Majors, and Angelfishes. ... read more
m/v Cinnamon Bay
Sailing lessons
Whisper Little Lameshur Bay

We’re back at Christmas Cove relaxing after a busy week with guests aboard. After our last post, we sailed to Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke (British Virgin Islands) and hung out there for a while. It was great to be back – according to our passports, the last time we were in the BVI was in 2009. During our 5-day stay, we visited with the owners of several local businesses, chatted with other cruisers and vacationers, walked the streets, and even took a taxi ride over the hill to White Bay for lunch one day. Would have liked to stay longer, but we had an appointment on Tortola to have our autopilot fixed. In brisk winds, we beat up the Sir Francis Drake Channel to Nanny Cay Marina. This was a new marina for us ... read more
Foxy's sign
Ceiling at Foxy's
Ali Baba's sign


Finally unpacked the computer so it’s time for an update. We are currently on a mooring at Christmas Cove on Great St. James Island, which is between St. Thomas and St. John. We arrived here on the 29th and will hang out till Friday if the weather forecast holds. Our journey began back in early November when Jon drove to Florida to oversee the preparation of Whisper for this trip. Thought we would be underway by Thanksgiving, but engine problems and other necessary fixes delayed our departure until the afternoon of December 11th. Our last part was delivered late on the 10th; Jon and my brother Bob installed it the next morning. We hired a captain for the passage to St. Thomas, USVI, and soon after Capn Derek arrived, we were underway. Sort of. We needed ... read more
Derek and Jon
Bahama bank
Bob & Kathy

This writing business is not working. We have been in St. Thomas for a week and just moved to Christmas Cove on Great St. James Island and still no inspiration. The 5th version of this blog is the one I’m going with. We hired a delivery captain for this passage and it proved to be a smart decision. Derek Jarvis is a Canadian who has extensive sailing experience in the Atlantic and Pacific and has been delivering yachts for the last 40 years. His knowledge of the Bahamas and Caribbean was better than the charts and guide books we were carrying. But it all comes down to sailing in different conditions and his calmness and professionalism put us at ease. At least some of us. Kathy’s brother Bob signed on as crew probably thinking this would ... read more
Jon & Bob
Refueling at sea
Adjusting lines

Friday, December 27, 2013 (At Sea) An exciting day today, we are at sea so nothing organized for the day, just do what we want. As usual, I am up super early, even on vacation, at 5:00 am. The upside, I am able to work on my blog and respond to emails before everyone else is up. Everyone else was up at 7:45 am this morning. Instead of eating in the buffet in Horizon Court, we decided to eat in the Concerta dining room, the same dining room for dinner. We like eating here because the food is made to order and fresh. First thing this morning Michael and I went to the 17th deck and entered a putt putt golf tournament. Michael played well, Todd not so much. Michael played in three sudden death playoff ... read more
Jennifer, Michael, and Todd playing in a Putt Putt golf competition
Michael posing at a piano decorated with Michael Goddard art work
Cindy and Todd at our second formal evening

Saturday 16th – Saturday 30th November Including Thanksgiving holiday week Norwegian Epic - Eastern Caribbean cruises Two weeks of mostly fine and sunny with some rain – averaging 29c The colossal Epic has been our home for two weeks. The first week was spent with friends from New Zealand and the second on our own. We had a balcony cabin and experienced the unusual curved walls and bed for the first time. Also, the bathroom configuration is different to the typical ship cabin. On entry into the room the shower is on the left behind a glass sliding door and the toilet on the right behind another glass sliding door. The small basin is positioned on the counter top within the main bedroom. A curved couch is between the bed and the balcony. The wardrobe space ... read more
Passing South Beach Miami
Epics pool complex
Blue Man Group

U. S. Virgin Island: U. S. bought the island from Denmark in 1917 for $25 million.... read more
U.S. Virgin Island
U.S. Virgin Island
U.S. Virgin Island

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