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Trinidad & Tobago are the home Islands of Brian Lara and Dwight Yorke respectively. Two world famous sportsmen are proud to call these Caribbean Islands home, so if it's good enough for them it's certainly good enough for me! T&T is actually a big hitter in the Caribbean thanks to their extensive oil and gas reserves, and a lot of the banking and finance throughout the West Indies now emanates out of the capital Port of Spain. Trinidad plays host to the Carnivale in February each year, where revellers flock from all around to enjoy the boisterous street dancing, calypso and steel drums. However, aside from this once a year event the Islands are not that well known as tourist destinations. As such I was curious to begin my travels on the fifth and final destination ... read more
Surf rescue hut in Maracas Bay
Boat at Maracas Bay
The beach at Maracas Bay

We are now in Trinidad for the hurricane season, having cruised the coast of Brazil, the Amazon River, French Guyana and Grenada.... read more
P8310075 Pequeta

Jan 27, 2012. I booked a flight from Guadeloupe to Trinidad and my ticket showed a stopover in Dominica. I ended up changing planes in Barbados and taking off and landing 4 times (Dominica, Barbados, Grenada, Port of Spain). Apparently, if the plane is not entirely full, they will make an unscheduled stop at Grenada if there are people who want to get on. Does that mean you can just show up at the airport in Grenada and try your luck? The planes were small, about 100-seaters, and would buzz rhythmically, a noise that made me really uncomfortable. Each landing was worse than the one before. There were some seriously bad landings. I wondered what the accident rate was with airlines in the Caribbean. In between all the taking off and landing, I met a guy ... read more

We all want to thank all of you who have posted comments. Each of us enjoys all of them and we always get excited to see who has commented and what they have had to say. Also, always scroll down the page for more pics. If you could only do 1,000 things before you die, the New York Times bestseller by that name thinks eating at Veni Mange is one of them. Good call. Chock full of art and personality, it is the place in Port of Spain where local food and creative cooking come together. “Not just a meal, but an experience” says Will. “An interesting taste of Trinidad” says Marika. We shared Will’s oxtail stew, Marika’s grilled red snapper fish with tamarind sauce, Kim’s fish broth and yam cheese balls, and my curried pork. ... read more
Veni Mange
Cuddly silky anteater
Will and guide Shawn Madoo

Harry picked us up at 7:00 and whisked us centimeter by centimeter through Port of Spain’s morning traffic jam. Then up through the mountains. The rainforest gets lots of, well… rain. This causes frequent landslides as mud and rock wash out the roads. This in turn causes lots of the guard rails to be missing in action. All this to say that the roads were so narrow, full of potholes, bumpy, twisty and downright scary (Disneyworld’s Rock ‘n Roller coaster has nothing on these roads) that I closed my eyes when we were driving beside cliffs that fell away from the mountain all the way down to theTrinidadian valley far below. When chatty “Brother Harry” our born-again evangelical cab driver told us that there are buses that race daily through this mountain road it didn’t help ... read more
Will on liana vine
Wasp condos
Will and Marika in rainforest


Who knew a flight attendant could be funny? Our Irish Westjet host punctuated our cross-oceanic fitful snoozing with cracks like “And if your lifevest fails, WestJet will let you keep it as a complimentary gift.” He was fun and helpful, trying to figure out which islands we were flying over through the dark. Harry met us at the airport at dawn with a sign with our name at it and we drove to the Hyatt and checked in right away to a room that looks like it is floating on the Caribbean Sea. We hung out in the infinity pool, wondering if the distant coastline was Venezuela. A long walk through Port of Spain to Queen Savannah Park where we drank iced coconut water after Tony, a coconut street vendor lopped the top off (of the ... read more
Cooper's Hawk
Infinity pool ahead, Caribbean behind
Southern Lapwings

Today I found myself taking that two hour drive to Galera Point just north east of Toco. First of all I must say the scenery was incredible. There were so many coconut vendors, cucumber stalls and different shops along the way. One particular site that really made me stop in my tracks was this house that had these interesting and beautiful pieces of wooden art hanging in front it. I stopped and enquired as to what they were and who was making it and was greeted by a colourful individual named Marcus Frection. His art as well as his character is unique as each piece is significant. im... read more

Everyday as a little girl my parents would take the same route to drop me to school; over the Lady Young road, around the Savannah and down Victoria Avenue. Just before we would hit Frederick street I would see a great big park on my left with towering trees and freshly cut green grass and wonder to myself "Why couldn't we stop there and play?" After almost 18 years of wondering I have finally got my answer; the grounds of the Memorial park were to be paid tribute to and not trampled on. Situated in what could be seen as the recreational centre of Port of Spain, the Memorial p... read more

I have lived D'abadie for the past twenty years and never once have I looked at the Arima Borough as a place of beauty and significance in Trinidad and Tobago. Arima is literally a five minute drive away from my home in D'Abadie so hence the term "my backyard". I have always attended the Borough day celebrations and Carnival in Arima but never have I given it a second thought as a place of great historical significance. Doing research for this project has really opened up my eyes to some of the beautiful and historical places that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer. I took my five minute drive in to Arima this afternoon with the intention of making the Arima Dial my third must see destination in ... read more

img= center Whoever said that you should not mix business with pleasure never visited Maracas Bay on an assignment like mine. Today was like a long awaited mini vacation even though I went to "work". Maracas Bay is one of the unique beaches located on the Northern coast of Trinidad and Tobago. Though the weather was not that of the typical "beach day" it was good enough for me to enjoy the time with my family and friends. The Sun Sand and Sea came up short on the Sun but it was still a day to remember. The scenery heading through the northern hills to Maracas Bay was breathtaking. We were surrounded by sights, sounds and smells that you could not find in the bustling towns of Trinidad. Adorning the hillsides is the Balisier, this co ... read more

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