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February 13th 2010
Published: February 13th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

The last couple of days have been very chilled.

We went to Doctor's Cave, a beach on the Hip Strip for an afternoon with a couple of neighbours from where we're staying. Two German student doctors who are working in the Mobay hospital and our room mate, Jon from Canada. The Docs had some interesting facts, the most crazy being that the most common cause of burns in Jamaica are acid burns. Women who are fighting over a man will throw acid in the other's face to disfigure them so that they're not attractive anymore.

I've gradually started to notice over the past week that women are not considered equals. I am ignored by Jamaican men in conversations in taxis and on excursions. For someone like me who is used to talking, some might say a lot, it's been a bit wearing on occasion. It does come in handy though when trying to avoid hagglers and saying 'I'll talk to the boss'. The women hagglers understand and leave me alone.

The rest of the days have been filled with books, games and a wee spot of rum.

We're leaving Mobay today for Discovery Bay where Maranatha Villa is. We had an email a couple of weeks ago confirming that we're being picked up by Junior at 11am, but we've not been able to call him this week. So fingers crossed he turns up.

I've not got a camera at the mo but will purchase one soon, but I'll post one photo of my polka dot leg. The doctors said to rub new mosquito bites with an onion, that will take the poison out. I tried that last night, it doesn't work! A bit like the time someone told me you can taste an onion if you rub it on your feet. Again, I can say that it doesn't work. Note to self, must ignore all onion facts in future.



14th February 2010

Hi Sheryl, The acid story is horrible; be careful that no-one fancies Steve! Again a question, who are your house guests? I love the villa you are going to next, have a wonderful time there. Love, Joan
15th February 2010

Don't put onions next to eggs in the fridge it makes them taste rank. Oh, and don't feed chickens onions for the same reason.
18th February 2010

Try garlic - the Italians swear by it :O) Seriously, Michelle passed me your blog link today so thought I'd say hi and hope youre both well - guess there's no interweb in Discovery Bay - what have "they" discovered in the bay? Hopefully a better cure than onions! Your trip to date sounds / looks amazing - Willy seems to be in his element albeit very quiet on the blog front....maybe as time goes by he will gain more confidence. Look forward to your news to come Love and hugs Jo X

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