Raymond Cruz and Monte Cielo Costa Rica

Published: January 9th 2013EDIT THIS ENTRY

So I am back on the road again meaning I am back in Costa Rica for a week and then I'll be going down to Panama and then off to Madrid. I haven't blogged here in a while because real life caught up to me and I had to settle down and work like the rest of the world.

So I came back to Escazu to check out my place and visit some old friends. So for new year's eve, I went to this party when I was introduced to this guy Raymond Cruz of Monte Cielo, Costa Rica and his family. A very funny but coarse man and somehow, we got to talking as to which place has the best ocean view in Costa Rica.

Of course, that is a very opinionated topic and as the discussion got heated, he told me to come visit his gated community project he is a part of so he could prove me wrong.

Since I had nothing better to do, I went along with it and next thing you know, I am visiting the quaint town of Tarcoles in Puntarenas .

After a nice 45 minute drive up the mountains, we finally arrived at our destination with a quick stop on the way at a soda close to Athenas for a quick coffee break we finally arrived at Monte Cielo.

So I was totally blown away by the view and if Ihadnt already bought a place in Escazu and had a car in Costa Rica, I would be all over it.


22nd April 2013

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