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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan February 17th 2009

karen is delighted and thrilled to spread the good news that her beautiful daughter Joanne has become engaged to the almost equally gorgious Nick !!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoo hoooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan February 16th 2009

oh my god like i say - today i found paradise !!!! we went on a boat safari - there were 12 of us - brits, german, and Ozzies - all a good bunch first stop an elephant ride - Ange was so excited i thought she might pee her pants !!! we fed them bananas then off we went riding on our little seat ......... we really enjoyed it - but our mahoot was the most miserable Thai ever :( but our elephant was gorgious then we saw a monkey climb up a coconut tree and drop the ripe ones to the ground - watch your heads please !!!!! Then off to a chinese temple that was beautifully decorated with lots of bright colours, and amongst the most beautiful countryside. Then on a long tail ... read more
waterfall fun
2 very shy girls !!!
my toes in paradise !!!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui February 13th 2009

hi there sorry its been so long since ive been blogging but the internet isnt as reliable in Samui they keep in having power cuts !! and yesterday i tried to download some of our pics on the owners laptop but as i was doing so i stumbled upon some of his photos (honest a god they just popped up as soon as i clicked picture file) and lets just say - very explicit adult porn!!!! I nearly died .. so i logged off straight away and made my excuses and left !!!! eeeeekkkkkk so 3 days ago we did a whilstle stoptour of Bangkok with our tour guide Jerry, great guy with a really good sence of humour. we did the grand palace, which had the most fabulaous architecture, a mixture of Thai, and chinese ... read more
longboat - only ours was just for us !!!
swing baby swing!!!
this backpacking lark is a breaze

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 11th 2009

so today i was leaving Chiang Mai and flying to Bangkok to meet Ange, but b4 i did this i went down for breakfast and Ping Pong was there already tucking into her left overs from last night - pork and cabbage soup. I was offered some but felt my fresh fruit with yoghurt and musili was far more appealing. I then went up the mountain and visited the most famous temple in Chiang Mai, Dio Suthep - its really beautiful with 306 steps leading up to it !!! lots to see in and around it. it was the first temple that didnt have dogs running around inside, i guess theyre too lazy to climb up ! one and a half hours of wlking around and a glass of refreshing jasmin tea later, and it was ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand February 11th 2009

i know you'll all appreciate this, ive just checked in for my flight to Bangkok with Bangkok airways and they have their own lounge .... with drinks, sandwiches, drinks and internet all free. Its really swish and i couldnt help thinking of Chandler and Monica on their honeymoon trying to get into one of these .....ive just turned around and there arent an oranges on the counter but bananas instead !!!! anyway must go theres drinks and nibbles to be had !!! love you love you love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand February 10th 2009

ive been here 2 weeks today and it feels like ive been here for ages, moving arround makes is feel like youve been away longer rather than shorter - win win situation i say !!! today i went to Thai cookery school and learnt to prepare and cook 6 dishes - so be prepared you will all be invited to a Thai evening with lots of yummy yummy food !!! The day started with a visit to the fresh food market to look at all the different ingedients needed - there were loads that i hadnt heard of so i must find out where i can buy them, Tesco prob sell most of them but theryre the stuff that i dont recognsie so i just keep walking by !!! no longer will that be the case ... read more
any one fancy a spring roll ???
dont know if its evidence based !!!
poolside ... its a hard life this travelling lark

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand February 9th 2009

well today was the day ive been waiting for all my life i recon - "own an elephant for a day" as soon as we arrived we were given a really interesting talk on the history of the elephant, why theyre in decline and how they are very eco friendly. For example when they tread in the mud they form natural little pools that fill up with water that are then inhabilted by insects and plants. They live for about 80 years, and one bull will service several females, they come into season every 4 months and the gestation will be 18-20 months if the baby is female and 20-22 months if its male ( lazy sods even in the animal world) there were 7 of us altogher, 3 couples and me - all very nice ... read more
and were off
cuddles from karen
i'm actually swimming with an elephant !

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai February 8th 2009

well today i had my forst lay in till 9.30 and god i needed it ! then i went downstairs for breakfast and met Ping Pong the taxi lady and she invited me to sit and have some of her breakfast she'd just made, it was fried cabbage and beansprouts with a side of kale and rice and it was delicious but felt weird eating it at 10am !!! So off i went for a walk to the park, it takes about 30 - 40 mins to get to, and it was still buzzing after the flower show, a million stalls selling everything from knickers to fried insects ..... and there lies a tale. I had just walked past the fried insect stall when i saw 2 teenagers (westerners) peering into a small plastic bag that ... read more
mummy always said chew my food
all gone !!!
pretty park

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand February 7th 2009

Today was the annual Chiang Mai flower festival, with lots of floats all completely covered in flowers as you can see they were amazing - a bit like the Bridgewater carnival except with flowers instead of lightbulbs ! i went with Fab from France and Mareika from Holland, 3 girls having fun. then it was dinner time .... today was mango with sticky rice .. oh god it was sooooo good. I havent mentioned the food much which is really odd because the Thai's eat ALL day long !!! every 10 yards there is another food stall selling the most amazing and varied food, i dont think they cook at home much, as everyone is always eating in the street, there are little plastic chairs to sit on everywhere, and thats just what you do .... ... read more
another float
yes its another float
at least i chose a chair that matched my crocks !!!

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand February 6th 2009

So off I went backpack stuffed with clean clothes and toilteries for my 2 day 1 night trek in the jungle, there were 12 of us all together - french, dutch, german, slovacian .... and me. 6 of us were lone travellers the rest were in couples. They were all in their late 20's or early 30's except for one guy who was older but didn't really talk to anyone. Anyway, off we trucked in a big jeep type van on the rockiest road ever. Our first port of call was the local police station to give in photocopies of our pasports, in case we got lost or worse they'd know who to contact !!! After about an hour we got out and suitably applied out suntan cream and insect repelant and started our first treck ... read more
wee wee anyone !!
villages hut
always smiling !!

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