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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 15th 2010

After breakfast we walk to Stanley Park with the intention of going for a ride around. We see heaps of people riding hire bikes but don’t see anywhere to get them. Finally we get to an information point and discover the bike hire places are back in town. So we do a quick u-turn and look for the shop. They’re not too far, so we don’t feel like complete idiots. There are two places right across the road from each other, talk about competition! So we get our coolio bikes, mine comes complete with a basket. After Tim stops laughing because I have to wear a toddlers bike helmet we head off back to the park. It’s a huge park, about 10km around, the main path runs around the edge next to the water. There are ... read more
2. On our way to Stanley Park #2
3. The park is so much better than what looking at the Welcome sign leads you to believe
4. Very strict rules in the park about which direction to go on the main path and which side of the path you belong

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 14th 2010

After breakfast we walk to Green Park Station, carry our bags back down the two flights of stairs, London is not very well geared towards people who can’t manage stairs or travelers who have luggage. They have some accessible stations marked on the map and I guess over time they will all be upgraded. Train ride takes about 45 minutes to Heathrow Airport. It’s a huge airport. We get upgraded to Premium Economy, our first free upgrade! Economy there is a lot more legroom and the cabin is only about 10 rows long. Everyone closes their windows so it’s real cosy in there. I went back to the economy section to use the bathroom and was nearly blinded by all the windows open it was so bright! It’s a long flight but there’s a lot to ... read more
2. Magical view of Canada from the plane
3. Our first free upgrade to Premium Economy. The couple next to us are from Israel celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary
4. Skytrain from the airport to downtown Vancouver

Europe » United Kingdom » England » London July 13th 2010

After a sleep in we go to post office then head to London Eye. Caught the tube and stopped outside the House of Parliament to see Big Ben (the clock) and was amazed by the size of it. One section had scaffolding around it as it was getting refurbished. It’s a short walk over the bridge to get to the London Eye and there are heaps of souvenier stands on the way, competition is rife - but the prices (and goods) are exactly the same at each one. We stop at one to buy me a replacement umbrella, which should guarantee us sunshine for the rest of the day! Even though we pre-ordered our tickets we still have to join a long, long queue to exchange then for usable tickets then we have to queue again ... read more
2. The Underground Tube's version of our DAVS
3. Big Ben #1
4. Big Ben #2

Europe » United Kingdom » England » London July 12th 2010

CHANGING OF THE GUARD This morning we are watching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. It’s a beautiful building with so much history. We get there at 10ish and even though it starts just after 11 and people are already getting there. Met Michael who is 60 plus years old, he gave us lots of tips on where to stand as he comes to watch the ceremony at least once a fortnight. He is a proud member of the monarchy association and loves all things to do with the queen. He has met the queen and also the queen mother. While we were waiting we were lucky enough to see the horse guards go passed while they were doing there change over as well. The beautiful horses were huge and in superb condition, especially ... read more
2. Our first guard #2
3. Our first guard #3
4. Our first guard #4

Europe » United Kingdom » England » London July 11th 2010

Woke up so excited to see Anna and Jon today!! They arrived at 9:30 in their chariot (a Nissan Note) to pick us up to take us into the English countryside! Will start on the monument to Anna straight away as she brought along my new credit card, so glad to be back in the 20th century. On the way we pass Windsor Castle in the distance. Drove to country pub for lunch in Turville Village - this is where the Vicor of Dibley is set and some movies including 101 Dalmations and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were filmed. Lunch was great, a full Sunday Roast dinner, Pork for Tim and Anna and Fish for Jon and I. Surprisingly (for England, haha) it’s really sunny and we sit outside. Everything is so green here in the ... read more
2. Out and about with Anna and Jon
3. Nice countryside #1
4. Nice countryside #2 - Everythikng is so green compared to the city

Europe » United Kingdom » England » London July 10th 2010

So this morning we check out, catch a taxi to the train station and bid France farewell. It’s a huge train station, we check in and go through security and Customs. We finally get our passports stamped again, no stamps when we went to Holland or France, damn them! UK passport control is done here as well. Then we just wait… Catch Eurostar train to London. It’s a nice train, complete with meals, power points and internet! We go under English Channel - Tim slept through it and was upset that I didn’t wake him up for it, wasn’t anything to see anyway - it was a tunnel! It’s another nice speedy train that goes along at 300kph; my 130kph to Mandurah doesn’t seem as exciting now! An announcement is made that someone has stolen cable ... read more
2. Tim missed the Chanel Tunnel, I'll have to take him to the Esplanade when we get home
3. The Hard Rock Cafe London queue
4. Hard Rock Cafe London

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo July 9th 2010

Today we have a full day trip and fortunately Tim feels good again so I don’t have to go stag. Catch a taxi to the train station (sounds odd I know, catching a taxi to catch a train, unfortunately to catch a train from near the hotel we have to switch a trains a couple of times and we just don’t have that kind of time - Tim is not a morning person!) After finding our train we discover our seats are facing backwards. Now anyone who knows me knows I get train sick in about 5 minutes facing the wrong way (that’s why I drive them, always guaranteed to be facing the right way, hahaha!), so since the seats are really big, I swivel around in my seat so my back is leaning on the ... read more
2. Seats facing wrong way, must improvise
3. The trains are all nice inside
4. Le Mans is on the way - broom broom

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 8th 2010

LOUVRE MUSEUM V’S LAUNDRY Tim doesn’t feel much like going to the Louvre Museum and has a sleep in. So for me, I head across the road for breakfast and then hunt about for a Laundromat. After asking lots of people and being directed to three different Dry Cleaners I finally find someone who understands exactly what I want and I find a Laundromat. Then I have to ask a random stranger walking along the street to come in and translate all the signs for me! So for the next three hours I listen to music and do laundry. Even doing laundry is more exciting in a different country! After my exciting morning of domesticity, Tim and I buy quiche and a baguette and have lunch on lawn in front of Eiffel Tower. We get hassled ... read more
2. Laundry wins out - how  exotic in Paris. Nah doesn't matter how I spin it, I'm still doing laundry!
3. A bagel for lunch at the base of the Eiffel Tower - nice!
4. Sammie - The pidgeon whisperer

Europe » France » Lower Normandy July 7th 2010

**WARNING** THE PHOTO’S FROM NUMBER 4 TO 53 MAY BE UPSETTING AS THEY ARE WAR TIME PICTURES FROM THE MUSEUM AND MAY BE UPSETTING TO SOME. This morning we are catching the train to Caen for a tour of some of the D-Day locations in Normandy. Tim woke up not well but gets in the taxi to come along but not far from the hotel he gets out of the cab and walks back to the hotel and stays there for the day. It’s one of the speedy trains and the trip takes 2 hours. Countryside is really nice, very green. All the houses are picture perfect and I can’t imagine a seeing brick and tile house like we have at home anywhere here. At Caen there is a lady guide waiting and in our group ... read more
2. Our tour group at lunch. The guide is sitting next to me
3. Our tour group at lunch #2
4. Canadian infrantrymen

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 6th 2010

We don’t have breakfast included with our room here, at 22 Euros each there is no way to justify spending about $80 Australian on a couple of bits of toast for Tim and an egg for me! But we have heaps of cafes across the road leading up to the Eiffel Tower, so it’s not hard to find one. It ends up costing 11.60 Euros between us - big difference! SEGWAY TOUR We head to the Eiffel Tower where we are to meet our group for our Segway tour of Paris. Even though it is only 9am there are already long queues for the Tower. I ask someone about 30 metres along the queue for the stairs what time they got there, 8:30am! And that was just for the stairs, if you want to go in ... read more
2. Escargots (snails) for breakfast, mmmm
3. Our breakfast cafe
4. One of the many free bike hire locations

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