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Kris and Kate

It started in November 2006, when we quit our jobs, rented out our house, sold our belongings and set off in search of adventure in South East Asia.

Backpacking around SE Asia followed, along with working with elephants in Pattaya, a TEFL course in Thailand, teaching in Bangkok, Madrid, Bournemouth....

"Where next?" you might ask.

Well, the pull of the East was too great, so we hot-footed back to Thailand, and then onto Vietnam.

We spent a year teaching in a language centre in Haiphong in the North of Vietnam. Then we went searching for the bright lights of the big city and taught academic English in Ho Chi Minh City. Six months became three and a half years (as they do) when we decided it was time for a different experience.

We're off to teach academic English in Shanghai, China. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa July 5th 2014

So we've been in Odessa for about five months now. We arrived to deep snow and a frozen sea, and now the sun has most definitely got his hat on, the beach bars and restaurants are open and buzzing and the city centre is packed with street bars. The situation the east of Ukraine remains violent with constant deadly clashes between the separatists and the government troops, but bar the tragic events of 2nd May, Odessa remains peaceful. Locals here of both sides seem genuinely horrified by what happened on 2nd May and just want to get on with enjoying the summer. But this is not to be a blog about politics. Not because we feel it is not important, but because it is not part of our day to day life here. We follow the ... read more
Grassland at the Spit

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa April 6th 2014

Almost exactly two months ago, we moved here, to Odessa, a city in the south of Ukraine on the Black Sea. It's quite a small city, although the residential areas sprawl. Our school provided us with an apartment in an old courtyard near the centre. You can see our street on the Lonely Planet map of Odessa! We've never lived so close to the 'action' before. No longer do we have to deal with taxis home from the pub at night, trying to communicate our address to the driver and then watch like a hawk to check that he isn't driving us all around the houses (which means not falling asleep in the back) and then check he gives us the right change- we can now stagger back in 15 minutes! The centre is quite touristy ... read more
Opera house
Locks on Mother in Law bridge
A heart full of locks

Asia » China » Shanghai January 23rd 2014

The title of this blog will probably only make sense to anyone who went to school with Kris. Qibao (chibow) is another old water town, similar to Suzhou but much smaller. It has the advantage of being on Line 9 of the metro, so no high speed yet complicated train journey needed. It's now part of Shanghai, and seems to have been preserved purely for tourists so people advice not to go as it can be incredibly busy. However, as we said in the Suzhou blog, if you are going to explore China, you have to work around the tourists. We went on a cold Saturday in December and although the main food street was absolutely packed, the side streets were very quiet. The 'town' itself is a couple of main streets next to and crossing ... read more
meat kebabs
Tofu and chips
Little prawn things

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong January 14th 2014

After a mere four months living in Shanghai, it's time to move on again. The reasons for our departure are not going to be publicised on the internet but for any of you who gave us advice on moving here, it isn't because we don't like Shanghai or China. However, a new job awaits us in a whole new country and it's time to say goodbye to Shanghai. Here are your best bits...... motorbikes held together with sellotape..... brown furry dogs (are they poodles?)....... *hurrrrockkk......* (the noise and pregnant pause before someone spits in the street)....... several small toffee apples on sticks....... babies in split crotch trousers so they can pee on the floor...... brown furry dogs in clothes...... old people shoving you out of the way on the metro...... electric bikes silently appearing behind you ... read more
Motorbike held together with sellotape
Small toffee apples on sticks
Dog dressed as a pand

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Suzhou January 9th 2014

One of the surprising benefits of Shanghai is its efficient transport links. In Vietnam, the roads and railways are so poor that it takes an age to get anywhere. It's less than 80km from Saigon to Mui Ne, the nearest 'nice' beach resort, yet it takes over 5 hours by bus and a similar time by train to the nearest station - Phan Thiet. It's even about 3 hours by private car/taxi. Shanghai has a metro running in the city - now the biggest in the world apparently, and to many places in the suburbs and high speed rail links to the surrounding towns and cities. You can even travel the 1,500 km journey to Beijing in five hours. Can you imagine how long that would take on Vietnamese rail? Our first sightseeing trip out of ... read more
Suzhou canals
artisan streets

Asia » China » Shanghai January 8th 2014

Having spent the last 4 months in Shanghai, it seems an appropriate time to write a general blog on the city and how we found it. This isn't a chronological 'and then we went here and did this' blog. It's just a look at some characteristics of the city of Shanghai, both positive and negative, from the perspective of 2 English people who like wandering around cities in various countries. Look below and marvel at some of Shanghai's standout features. According to us.... 1. There are lots of people (and models of people) Shanghai is a big city. Like, really big. See the title of this blog for one estimate of the population - though these numbers vary depending on how you measure it, it gives you some idea as to the sheer numbers of people ... read more
Shanghai skyline by day
East Nanjing Road

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong December 12th 2013

This is quite a belated blog, as we've been in China for three months now. You know how things are when you are starting a new job and moving to a new country, and then getting addicted to games like Candy Crush Saga and reading The Daily Mash?..... No? .....Just us then? Hitting the Chinese ground running We landed at Pudong airport in Shanghai early on a Tuesday morning back in September and were picked up by the very efficient and chirpy English assistant from our university department. She drove us to Shanghai Ocean University and dropped us at the campus hotel, where we were to stay for the first three nights. "You must be tired, so you should have a rest" she said perceptively. Noone looks good after an 11 hour flight, especially on top ... read more
Our apartment
Lingang from Dishui Lake
The edge of the city.

If you've been paying a attention, you'll remember that one of the bucket list reasons for coming to South Africa was to go on safari. I'm pretty sure it's the dream of anyone who's studied zoology or ecology and I spent many years drooling over photos and presentations by fellow PhDers and academics who studied baboons in Ethiopia or merecats in the Kalahari while I spent cold winter months watching goats in Scotland. Since I studied ungulates (mammals with hooves for those of you not in the know) I had stacks of papers on kudu and impala and other strange named species, and while I knew a lot about their mating behaviour and who they liked to hang out with, I couldn't have recognised one if it had wandered across the road. We had a taster ... read more
Picnic site in the park
Li-oning around in the road

We arrived at the gate to Addo Elephant Park in the afternoon and signed in. We had a room booked at the guest enclosure at the other end of the park and after registering with the main gate we were directed to drive through the park and be sure to get to the other side by 6 because that's when they close the other gate. When we laughingly asked what would happen if we didn't make it in time, the woman at the desk told us some elephants would probably destroy our car overnight. Nice. So we set off into the park. Our first safari experience unfolded on the sandy tracks of Addo surrounded on either side by scrub and bushes...where anything could be lurking. Indeed, according to the website , there are.. 'over 550 elephants, ... read more
Looking for animals
Not crossing

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Plettenberg Bay July 30th 2013

Cage diving with sharks - check Whale watching - check = two bucket list items ticked off. Now what else was there.... Ah yes, the road trip. Hire car - check Kate's parents with us - check Let's go..... On Kris' 34th birthday, we set off on our road trip along the Garden Route. This stretch of road goes along the south coast of South Africa and is a very popular trip. It's about 600km long, and you can do it in a couple of days, or a couple of weeks. We chose five days - which wasn't long enough in the end, but you live and learn. While my mum and I were planning this part of the holiday, we used all kinds of websites and guidebooks to try and find the best routes and ... read more
Road stretching out ahead
In the little pub at Gumtree Lodge
Cango caves

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