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Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Ephesus September 22nd 2010

Merhaba from Selçuk! I am waıtıng for the group at the hotel and am breakıng my no ınternet goal! Just wanted to say that all ıs well. The trıp has been great so far - we have been to the WWI battlefıelds at Galıpolı, the ruıns of Troy (complete wıth horse), and Ephesus was even better than I hoped! Amazıng what ıs left and almost ımpossıble to ımagıne ıt as ıt was. We had a free mornıng today so I was up early and off to the House of the Vırgın Mary (where she ıs saıd to have dıed, although she ıs not burıed here), the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, the Isma Bey mosque (buılt ın 1375), the Basılıca of St. John the Baptıst (where ıs ıs saıd to be burıed), and the Ephesus Museum. ... read more

So, my Grand Gorilla Adventure turned out to be pretty much a bust! It was 10 minutes of “Gorillas in the Mist” followed by 30 minutes of “Gorillas in the Torrential Downpour”. I didn’t get many good photos at all and not a single photo of me with a gorilla in the background. The more evolved, philosophical, Buddish side of me says “that’s the way it goes”, “who can predict nature?”, “at least I saw 10 good minutes of Rwandan mountain gorillas which is more than most people ever get”. The other 70% of me (it’s a tight contest for control on most days and today it's fairly lopsided) says “what the &^%*#? I paid $500 @%*!&ing dollars for a gorilla permit, got 10 good minutes, then got soaking wet and muddy!” Let me start from ... read more
Scenery on the way to the park boundary wall
Scenery on the way to the park boundary wall
Sabyino Volcano

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali November 12th 2009

Greetings from Rwanda! All is well here and I am fine. My work is going well and I am actually ahead of schedule. I’ve had some great meetings so far with another one scheduled for Friday afternoon. Friday evening there’s a dinner party at Jennifer’s house. There are five Americans visiting Rwanda at the moment so we’re having a get together. I’ll meet more co-workers from North Carolina that I haven’t yet met there here. My first day here, I gave three bags of candy to the receptionist. They are big fans of chocolate here and all US visitors bring different selections. Taking advantage of post-Halloween sales, I brought big bags of M&Ms, Hershey bars, and Snickers. Not long after I gave the candy to the receptionist, one of the house staff brought around a neatly ... read more
H1N1 Warning Poster
Hotel Room
View from Hotel Balcony

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali November 7th 2009

I'm here! I safely arrived in one piece with all my luggage right on schedule! I cleared Immigration, the Swine Flu Inspectors, and Customs with no problem. There was a driver waiting for me with another woman from my office whom I had never met, but who was on all of my same flights (except she flew business class). She's very nice and I should see her at the office here during the next week. This is my second trip to Rwanda and the second time I have met someone from the North Carolina office here that I had not yet met back home. I am now settled in my hotel room - yes, you read that correctly! I have a hotel room with a large balcony and high speed internet! There's not a cat in ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 20th 2009

I have spent a month in Rwanda and have enjoyed the experience, although I’m now ready to go home. I have finished everything I needed to do for work, including a three hour training presentation this morning. My flight out is at 7:45pm this evening. I'm just wrapping a few things up here at the office and will then walk home, get some lunch, take a shower, finish packing, and head to the airport at 5:00pm. Just four flights later (three in business class so I can't really complain too much), I'll be back in NC! I’ve seen quite a bit of the country and enjoyed that, especially the safari in Akagera National Park. I wish I had seen the gorillas and I thought I had a permit for a day before finding out that what ... read more
Best Meal in Rwanda
Favorite Place in Rwanda
Favorite Pet

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest August 16th 2009

Another day, another adventure! My goal today was to see Lake Kivu and I accomplished that. The lake is 100 km long and covers 2,200 km2 and it’s among the 20 deepest and 20 most voluminous freshwater bodies in the world. I took the 8:10am bus from Kigali to Kibuye, a two to three hour trip depending on traffic. I was a bit unsure about the bus since all of the ones I usually see are very crowded, but the ticket cost $8 round trip vs $150-$250 to hire a car for the day so I decided to give it a try. I got to the bus station area early since I wasn’t quite sure how I’d find my bus. All of the bus company run out of the same area and it’s often chaotic. I ... read more
Lake Kivu in Kibuye
Lake Kivu in Kibuye
Lake Kivu in Kibuye

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali August 15th 2009

On Friday afternoon I walked to Camp Kigali, the military school and barracks where 10 Belgian UN Peacekeepers were killed at the beginning of the genocide. Part of the base is now a memorial with 10 pillars arranged in a circle, one of each of the soldiers killed. Each pillar has notches in it representing the age of the soldier killed which ranged from 25-32. The school room where they took shelter and defended themselves for a few hours is still standing and marked with bullet and grenade damage. Inside the room where they ultimately died is a plaque with each of their names and a photo. People come and leave flowers in their memory. Brief history lesson: On April 6, 1994, the airplane carrying Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana, and Cyprien Ntaryamira, the Hutu president of ... read more
Memorial to the Fallen Belgian Peacekeepers
Dr. Kandt's House
View from Dr. Kandt's Terrace

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 14th 2009

Monday: I woke up very sore this morning, a bit bruised and battered from bouncing around in a 4x4 for two days. The roads in the park are bumpy and when you stand up with your head through the roof opening, you really need to brace with your legs and your arms. The walk to work was a good way to loosen up and it's down hill or flat the whole way. The walk home was tougher as it's up hill for quite a ways! My backpack seemed much heavier at 5:30pm than it did at 8:00am! There are quite a few guys selling newspapers and magazines on the streets of Kigali. As I walk to and from work, they first try and sell me a newspaper, usually published in French. When I reply "No, thank ... read more
Former American Embassy
A tree full of fruit bats
Fruit bat close-up

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Est August 9th 2009

I am back from an amazing two day trip to Akagera National Park in eastern Rwanda! Brief history of the park: The park was created in 1934 by the Belgians as a nature reserve and was originally 2,500 square kilometers in size. The park borders Tanzania to the east with the Akagera River the natural boundary. During the 1994 civil war in Rwanda, many people fled to Tanzania and as they started to return, they were resettled on park land so that only 1,085 km2 now remain in the park. Akagera is similar in landscape to the famous savannahs of Kenya and Tanzania and there is plenty of wildlife to be seen. Six giraffes and 26 elephants were brought in and have done well - there are now 80 giraffes and over 100 elephants! My tour ... read more
Nice Stripes!

Africa » Rwanda August 7th 2009

Monday: Another good day at work! There's another woman from FHI-NC here this week so there are dinners planned at different people's houses for Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. I finally caught Lizzie the Lizard tonight and set her free. She ventured out of the bathroom and into the hallway so she had no corner to hide in. I do miss her - the bathroom seems lonley without her there. I tried a new restaurant tonight and mt stomach is starting to suggest that it was not a good idea. I was trying to expand my list, but I think I'll cross The Sierra off my list. I'm reading Jospeh Conrad's "The Heart of Darkness" as a follow up to "King Leopold's Ghost". It's interesting, but slow going and I have to remind myself when it was ... read more
Pear Tree at FHI
FHI Muhanga Office

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